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WatchMojo 8 days ago
Another Top 10 Hilarious Movie Sex Scenes
A comedy of sexual errors. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for "Another Top 10 Hilarious Movie Sex Scenes." For this list, we’re choosing big screen sex scenes that i...
Art Sanchez20 days ago
Top Porn Parodies of All Time
Like sex? Like to laugh? Then porn parodies might be for you. As the name suggests, these are porned-up remakes of TV shows, movies, books and comic books. And they're quite popular today. Porn studie...
Edward Andersona month ago
Dick Pic Etiquette
“Can you believe he sent me this?” Girls will often ask, thrusting their phone in the faces of their gay friends. Most of the time it is a picture of a man’s penis. More often than not, the man sendin...
Samantha Bentleya month ago
So, What Kind of Porn Do Pornstars Watch?
When I originally had the idea to write this piece, my plan was to hit up all my friends and ask what kind of porn they were into and why. But, upon doing so I realised that ALL of them are just like ...
Casey Evans2 months ago
Ties That Bind: Getting the Most out of Kink as a Couple
If the title to this post caught your eye than you've probably got a thirst for the not-so-basic side of sex. Believe it or not, a lot of people fall into our group to one degree or another. The truth...
Dale Hurst2 months ago
5 Men of Instagram You Didn't Know You Should Love
Whether we need someone to motivate us in terms of body confidence or lifestyle, or we just enjoy a good ogle on Instagram (deny it if you will, we know you do it...), but either way, if you're going ...
Dr. R.Y. Langham2 months ago
Things You May Be Doing Wrong When It Comes to Sex
While sex offers some pretty fantastic "wonderfulness," there can also be some pretty unpleasant "drawbacks." For instance, it can be "messy" and stinky, because, let's face it, you never know exactly...
Lizzie Boudoir3 months ago
How to Master the Art of Spanking
Should you spank your partner? If you catch yourself staring at your girlfriend and imagining her over your knee, if hearing phrases like "Daddy, I've been a bad girl..." makes your hands tingle with ...
Ossiana Tepfenhart3 months ago
Here Are All the Best LELO Amazon Prime Day Deals
It’s getting close to Amazon Prime Day, and that means that it’s time to scour the net for the best Prime Day deals being offered by their favorite companies. There are splurge-worthy deals for just a...