Spur of the Moment

Our first story comes from one of our biggest authors. She's written quite a few books, and we will gladly share her stories with you guys and gals on here.

Our first story comes from one of our biggest authors, Ivy Palmer. She's written quite a few books, and we will gladly share her stories with you guys and gals on here. Hope you enjoy the story!

Spur of the Moment

“Piece of shit!”

Jessie kicked her car, knowing that it would do no good. The steam pouring out of the hood was enough evidence that she was not going anywhere for a while.

What a way for spring break to start.

She had been driving to Corpus Christi to meet some friends, and the damn heap of junk started spewing and sputtering like there was no tomorrow. She had to pull over to the side of the road and turned it off, which seemed to have been an even bigger mistake, as she could not get it to turn back on afterward.

For the past half hour, Jessie was left sitting at the road, growing even more frustrated and it was with excitement that she finally spotted and waved down a dark green pickup truck with an elderly man at the wheel.

“What seems to be the problem miss?” he asked her gently with smiling old eyes.

The words fell over her and she accepted them gratefully after the day she had. “I think it overheated. I've been driving the piece of junk for a while and believed it was good for a trip,” Jessie answered.

The old man smiled and scratched a bald spot at the back of his head.

“I know it is a lot to ask, sir, but do you think you could tow me to the nearest gas station where I can call a mechanic or something? I don't have much but when we get there I could get money out of an ATM to pay you?”

“I wish that I could tow you, missy. But I'm afraid I don't have any of my tools with me,” the old man answered.

Jessie's heart sank, thinking that she might be stranded out here again until someone else was nice enough to stop by. Which could make this a very, long, night.

Not to mention a girl alone at night.

“Please sir,” she started again but he waved her off smiling.

“I said I couldn't tow your vehicle. But I can give you a lift back to town. I know a guy that runs a machine shop that could probably fix you right up.”

“Oh thank you very much!” Jessie responded, sighing in relief. She grabbed her purse and locked her car up before clambering into the old pickup. She could tell the old man took pride in it and tried to keep it clean, but there was no mistaking it for anything other than the work-truck it was.

As he pulled away and started to leave her little car behind, she thought she might as well spark a little conversation with him.

“So, what is it that you do, mister....?”

“Brown. Edward Brown. And I run a cattle ranch a few miles north of town.”

His words were short, but not in a rude way. His eyes invited her to ask whatever else she liked. The conversation went from his youth to his fifty-year marriage and ended with his hopes and dreams. He was an interesting man and someone Jessie instantly felt a connection with.

Jessie did not notice when the truck suddenly halted.

“Now, Michael is a good hand and can get almost anything fixed. But on the off chance that he's closed or can't do anything about your car tonight since it's a Friday afternoon, I'll send my grandson along here in a bit to come and check on you. If you'd like, you're more than welcome to spend the night at the ranch. It's a bit crowded because my son and his family are visiting, but we have an extra guest room apartment that's out near the barn. It would be more comfortable than spending the night in your car,” Then he lowered his voice and whispered conspiratorially to her.

“And between me and you, the motel overcharges.” He smiled as though they were old friends and then winked at her as he leaned back upright.

She smiled at him. “Thank you very much. Hopefully, this mechanic can work his magic but if not, I would love to have somewhere to spend the night.” Jessie said with a sense of relief.

He nodded and then allowed her to shut the door.

Jessie waved as his truck drove-off across the gravel yard. He really was a nice man and he hadn't even asked for any money for bringing her here.

When the truck vanished around a bend, she turned away from the road and walked towards the shop, which looked somewhere between an auto shop and a hardware store. It looked deserted, but the door opened easily and the bell clanged loudly as it shut behind her.

“Hello?” she called. She felt tense and nervous. The air here felt different. Whereas just a moment ago she had felt so comfortable and almost at home, now she felt as though she was somewhere she should not be.

“Whossair?” A grunting came from the shop part on the other side of the office wall.

“Uh, my name is Jessica Morgan. Edward Brown told me you could help me out? My car is stuck out on the side of the highway,” she trailed off as the man made his appearance into the office. He looked as though he hadn't shaven in at least a week, and she could smell the stale bite of alcohol coming in waves off of him all the way from where he stood. The feeling that she should not be here intensified and she involuntarily took a step back towards the door.

“Brown huh? He drop you off here?” The man, who she assumed was Michael, asked her.

“He said he would come back in a little while to check on me,” she whispered quietly.

Michael rubbed the stubble on his chin.

“Where'd you say your car was?”

She didn't want to say anything else. She would not trust this man to drive to go get her car, much less work on it in the state he was in.

“It's okay. I doubt there is much you could do tonight anyway,” Jessie said and realized how accusing her words sounded. She quickly tried to cover. “Since it's getting dark I mean. I'll just wait here until Mr. Brown comes back for me.” She motioned towards the old, uncomfortable looking chairs that were in the corner of the office.

Michael moved towards her. “I haven't seen you before.”

Jessie ebbed closer to the door.

“I'm not from here,” she replied hesitantly and didn't know why this man seemed so hostile towards her, but she could feel it in every ounce of her being. He was much too close to her now.

“You know it's people like you that just make me sick!”

“Excuse me?” Jessie protested.

“I am not finished!” His eyes were glazed over, and he seemed to be having trouble focusing on Jessie. This did not stop him from still moving closer to her.

She kept backing away thinking that if only she should reach the door. However, when she did make contact with something, it was to her disappointment a wall. She must have been walking backward in a diagonal way instead of directly towards the door. Pearls of sweat started to trickle down her short black hair. She could try to talk her way out of whatever this man was planning on doing.

“I don't think that I am whoever you're thinking of. You don't know me at all Mr. Michael,” she said, trying to speak in a low, calm voice. “I'm not from here like I told you, I'm a junior at a college, and I don't think I've done anything that would...”

“Shut up bitch!” Apparently, Michael had enough of her speaking because just when he finished the words, he suddenly lashed out and smacked her in the mouth.

Jessie felt as though she might have bitten her tongue in half. In a state of shock, tears filled her eyes. But they had no time to trample down her cheeks because the next blow smacked her square across the chin. Energy left her legs as she buckled down towards the floor.

“That’s right, lay down bitch!” Michael howled and fumbled with the belt that held up oversized jeans.

“What? Please!” Jessie protested. Then the strength returned in her body as adrenaline pumped through her veins. She was not about to stand around and take abuse from a man who should have had no qualm with her. She turned and bolted for the door. For one millisecond, she thought she would make it.

But then, Michael grabbed her ankle, causing her to fall and bust her nose on the dusty hardwood floors. She started to scream as she felt his grip tighten on her, but before she could gather enough air he hit the back of her head causing her to knock her face into the floor again. Tears started pouring down her face as she tried to plead and beg of him to stop.

“What did I do?” Jessie screamed at him. “Why are you doing this to me?”

Whatever pent up anger Michael had been holding in kept him from answering her as he repeatedly did everything he could to make her shut up and apparently try to rearrange her face and several of her organs.

“Stupid bitch!” he yelled again as she, in a desperate attempt to get away from him, she bit down hard on his arm. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Jessie just dug in deeper with her teeth and used her free hand to try and scratch whatever body part of his that she could reach. His boot crushed her other hand underneath the sole and he grunted as she finally made contact with his skin with her other hand.

That only infuriated her attacker more. He got hold of her belt and dragged her over the floor towards him. Jessie felt her nails scraping over the floor as she desperately tried to get away.

“Stop it!” Jessie shouted when the full body of Michael was all over her. Through his jeans, she could feel the massive bulge in his pants pressing up against her butt and over towards her lower back. When his warm, horrible breath blew up in her neck she started kicking again. However, her small petite frame was nothing for the massive man to control and with every movement, his cock grew larger, ready to rip her flesh apart.

“Please!” she begged when the realization set in that she was not strong enough to fight him off.

“Please stop!” Her words barely left her dry mouth when she felt him ripping down her pants with one forceful pull. In the same motion, he pinned her down with his knees and she could feel him slipping out of his jeans.

“Now you are going to take it all!” he howled as she felt the tip of his manhood pressing past her behind and onto her back.

Jessie waited for the worst. How could this be happening? Not to her, she always read about girls being raped, but it didn't feel real now that it was happening to her.

Suddenly all pressure was gone from her. She did not dare to look up.

“Get off her, you filthy bastard!”

When Jessie turned around, Michael flew through the air and landed out cold against a steel locker.

Soon she was staring into the eyes of a young man, probably one that was close to her own age. She shied away from him. Was he here to hurt her too? Had this all been some kind of setup? He reached out to touch her face in the same gentle way he might if he were dealing with a skittish colt.

“Are you okay?” he asked her.

She scrambled further away from him, “Don't touch me!” she shouted.

“I won’t hurt you. I'm Edward's grandson, Christopher. He told you I would come looking for you?”

The name rang a bell. But Jessie was so scared and confused that she didn't know what to believe.

“And him?” she asked finally while scrambling herself into her clothes.

Christopher strolled over to Michael with a pair of cable ties. 

“Knocked out. He knows he shouldn't drink, he turns into a real ass when he does. I'll call the Sheriff to come and deal with him. I always had a hunch Mike would be capable of stooping this low,” he said. “Good thing I checked up on you when I did, or else this could have turned out a whole lot worse.”

Jessie had the feeling that he was only talking to keep her calm, and she wasn't complaining. She finally allowed him to help haul her off the floor. She noticed Michael's form slumped against the floor and she shuddered.

“Please, let's leave,” she mumbled nearly incoherently. Christopher seemed to understand and led her gently from the office.

“I promise, Gramps would have never left you here if he knew Michael was in that state. He hasn't touched a drink in years; I don't know what got into him.”

Jessie just nodded as she tried to climb into the Chevy. She yelped as her ribs moved. Something was definitely wrong. She would probably have to see a doctor and to think that only a few hours ago her biggest worry was making it to her friends on time to enjoy her spring break.

Christopher heard the sound that she made and gently helped her in the vehicle. He didn't say anything else to her, but she could tell he was trying to drive the rest of the way to what she assumed was the ranch his grandfather had mentioned earlier. He slowed for every little bump in the road and tried to miss every pothole. She appreciated the gesture but it still felt like every little bounce of the seat brought a new fiery sensation to her ribs.

Michael must have broken one of them. The mere thought of the man and what could have happened suddenly chocked Jessie up. No longer could she hold back and tears streamed out of her eyes.

“I am sorry,” she said between sobs when Christopher immediately pulled over.

“No need to be, what you have just been through,” he said and folded his arms around her.

Jessie took in his full embrace and never felt so safe in any man's arms. He was broad shouldered and muscular above all he carried a manly musk. Almost sad, he let go of her after a while and she immediately felt some excitement brew in her when he smiled shyly at her.

“Let’s get to the ranch before it gets too dark,” he said.

She was so happy to see the welcoming ranch house with its bright lights. When they stopped in- front of the neat main house, wonderful cooking smells filled the air.

Edward's wife was just as nice as he was. While Edward was on his way to deal with Michael she fussed over Jessie’s injuries like a concerned mother, even though they barely knew her.

A few hours later Edward arrived. “I cannot believe I left you there. I should have walked in with you, I am terribly sorry.”

“It is okay, sir, I am okay. If it wasn’t for your grandson,” Jessie waved off his apologies and said simply that she would like to go to bed; after the day she'd had, she needed a good night's rest. Christopher offered to show her where she would be sleeping. They left the bigger part of the house and headed towards the barn.

“It used to be a sort of loft. Then, back when business was really booming Gramps had it turned into a sort of livable office. You have running water, electricity and everything you need. I’m afraid you'll have to come in though if you get hungry,” he explained to her as they walked.

The tiny room was cozy, but Jessie felt the need for someone to stay with her. 

“Will you stay for a while?” she asked him. He agreed and sat down in a chair across the room. She couldn't help but notice how incredibly handsome he was. He definitely had that rugged cowboy look going for him. 

“Thank you for saving me,” she told him genuinely.

“You shouldn't have needed saving,” he responded back. “I can't believe Michael did that to you.”

“Well, like I said, I'm glad you were there,” she said and turned to the sink that hung on the wall. Soon she finished dabbing at the wounds on her face that Christopher's grandmother had tried to take care of in the kitchen.

Tingles of excitement ran down her spine as she became aware that his presence felt closer to her. She could feel his warm breath on her neck.

“I'm sorry,” he told her, brushing his hands gently across her neck. “It just looks like it really hurts.”

“It's not as bad as it looks,” Jessie said, trying not to shiver at the chills his gentle touch was sending down her back. She glanced up at him, and noticed that his blue eyes were beautiful and gentle, caressing her as no man's touch ever had.

Taken by a sudden impulse, she kissed him full on the mouth.

“Jessie,” he whispered against her open mouth.

“You just went through something horrific...this has to be the last thing on your mind,” he said and started to pull away. Although Jessie was beyond grateful that he was being such a gentleman, in this moment, this was what she wanted.

“It's taking my mind off everything,” she said into his neck. She was afraid she would start blushing and back down when she looked into those gorgeous intense eyes of his. “Just please...enjoy this?”

Christopher seemed to hesitate before giving in to what had already started building between them. He kissed her with intense passion and it literally took Jessie's breathe away. He held her head gently but firm in his hands as he kissed her, brushing her sensitive lips with his tongue, asking permission to proceed further. She sighed into him and opened herself willingly, melting into his arms. He held them gently, supporting all of their weight for a moment, and then allowed their bodies to sink to the floor, holding her above him.

He held her to him, and although it should have been killing her ribs, Jessie could not see or feel or think about anything that wasn't Christopher. Heat radiated from both of them, and it felt like it was so intense that it should have fused their bodies together.

His hands made their way up to her chest, undoing her shirt and sliding it skillfully off of her shoulders. He didn't stop kissing her as his hands skimmed her breasts, rubbing slightly against her nipple. It instantly became hard, and she involuntarily let out a moan of pleasure. It had been a long time since someone took the energy and effort to make sure that she enjoyed herself.

Her bra and other clothing did not last much longer, nor did his. In just a few short minutes they had cleared away all of the pesky barriers that shielded their naked bodies from the other.

She gazed at his massive elongated shaft, admiring the hardness and for a moment wondered if he would be able to fit inside her. His chest was muscular and broad, which she imagined was from days spent working long hours on his grandfather's farm. The arms that held her were also muscular and defined so precisely that statues of Greek gods would have been jealous to look at them.

Christopher looked unsure of himself for a moment, “Do you want to stop?”

“No!” Jessie said, “I was just thinking about how wonderful you are...”

He started to respond to her, but as she rubbed her hand along the length of him, he seemed to forget his words. A low moan escaped him as she rubbed him again, harder this time. She enjoyed watching him, and knowing that she was giving him the pleasure that made him tremble. She continued until the tip of him was gleaming with moisture.

Jessie wanted nothing more than to feel him thrusting inside of her, claiming her, making her insides melt because of his touch. She allowed herself to daydream for the moment as she took care of him, rubbing continuously faster and harder. She didn't know how much longer she could stand it; she could already feel the heat between her legs turning to moisture, begging to have him inside of her. He must have felt it too, because suddenly his eyes flew open, and he turned her over to where she was lying underneath him.

There was no question in his eyes this time, just a determination and fierceness that Jessie couldn't wait to feel as he plunged into her.

Christopher didn't disappoint. His length went deep inside of her, so deep that she didn't know where his body ended and her own began. She shuddered as he slowly slid from her, readying himself to thrust again.

“More, please,” she said, begging him.

He kissed her deep and hard as he forced his length into her again. Her walls tightened around him, clenching him, soaking him in their warmth and wetness.

“You feel so good,” he told her, kissing along her ear and neck.

Jessie didn't know if she could speak in the moment, so she simply kissed him with as much enthusiasm as she could muster. She gripped him tightly around the shoulders, silently begging him to go faster. After he had picked up a steady rhythm, she rocked her hips to meet every single thrust of his, encouraging his shaft to enter her twice as deep as it had previously.

She could feel her orgasm building within her, and each movement brought her closer and closer to the edge. Her mind spun as the rest of her body began to feel like molten lava: hot and gushing and completely unrestrained. She gasped as he pulled and pushed, trying to push harder and deeper to satisfy her need.

It was the most intoxicating feeling that she had ever encountered; from the first thrust to the last earth shattering one, she felt breathless and hot and in so much ecstasy that she couldn't contain it. He made her orgasm at least twice more before finally releasing himself.

When he finally collapsed, taking care not to lean on top of her, she couldn't move. So much pleasure was coursing through her veins that she didn't want any of it to go away. She could still feel him, throbbing inside of her, and she thought that she had never felt anything more wonderful in her life.

But as she looked into his eyes, heat in her core started to bloom all over again, and she knew that, at least for tonight, she would not have to give up this feeling.

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