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Soft Lips

A College Experimentation

I was standing at the sink in the bathroom, grasping the sides with both hands as I leaned down to drink some water from the faucet. I had gone to the party with some girl who lived in the same dorm, but she quickly left me to fend for myself even though I didn’t know anyone there. I made a friend with some guy in the corner who shared his bottle of vodka with me. The last shot I had taken didn’t sit well and I hurried into the bathroom before I fell to my knees and puked. I leaned down to take another drink and try to wash the taste from my mouth when a girl opened the door.

“Oh hi,” she said, “Do you mind if I come in to pee?”

I moved so that the door opened wider and she could slide in. “Thanks, I’m Brianna by the way,” she said as she sat down on the toilet. “Are you doing ok?” she continued.

“Yeah,” I paused, “I’m just a little drunk.” She stood up, flushed the toilet and made her way in front of me to wash her hands as she replied, “Well hey, my Lyft just got here, are you at the dorm?”

“I am,” I said, “Garrison Hall.”

“Well come share my ride then, I want to get out of here," she smirked.

She grabbed my hand, and held it tightly, as we made our way through the crowded house. She stopped several times to say goodbye to her friends and I stood awkwardly behind her smiling. She was funny and incredibly gorgeous and I kind of felt special for being her new friend.

To our surprise, we opened the front door to find it had started to rain. We stood on the porch for a second before making our break for the car. We jumped in, giggling but as the car started to pull away from the house, we settled on opposite ends of the back seat. I cracked the window and let small drops of rain mark my face as I rested my forehead up against the cold glass. My hand laid on the seat between us.

I closed my eyes and took in the fresh air that smelt of water and freshly cut grass. I tried to focus on its scent instead of the spinning that coursed through me. I felt a light touch on the hand that laid on the seat and for a second I thought I had imagined it, but I let my eyes flutter open just enough to see that it was Brianna.

I blinked a few times to clear my view and there she sat, staring down at me with her golden eyes and soft plump pink lips. Her dusty blonde hair fell from her shoulder and in front of her face as she took her hand and started to run it up my leg.

She made me nervous and I could feel my heart stop inside my chest as I watched her fingers tickle the inside of my thigh, but I didn’t want her to stop. I could feel my panties growing wet in between my legs as I watched her and I started to wonder if she’d think I looked sexy in the pink and white striped bootie shorts I hide beneath my tight torn jeans.

My mind started to filter through every pair of underwear I had. What I should have worn. That silky smooth black thong that clings to me in all the right areas. Or that new dark purple lacy cheekster that hugged my ass and made my cheeks look full and round.

A part of me wanted to take my hand and put it on hers and guide her down over my pussy and help her rub me over my jeans but I couldn’t move. The more her fingers played against my legs the more I wanted her, but I sat frozen unsure of what to do.

The car came to a stop outside our dorm and Brianna opened her door and said, “Come on,” as she grabbed my hand and pulled my head off its spot on the glass. I stood up and looked at her with one eye closed as I tried to steady myself.

“What room are you in?” she said as she chuckled, “We need to get you some water.”

I answer with a wide smile as I get both eyes open and focused on her, “223.”

“Well let’s go then," she said and I followed behind her.

“Who’s your roommate?” she asked.

“Oh, just some girl name Kelley, she’s never around. She stays at her boyfriend’s house all the time, but she makes a killer mac and cheese.” I’m sure I was slurring my words because Brianna was just laughing in front of me, but hey, I wasn’t lying. The mac and cheese was top notch.

When we got into the room I sat down on my office chair and watched Brianna as she grabbed me a bottle of water and walked it over to me. She was wearing light colored jean shorts that loosely sat around her trimmed figure. Her white V-neck t shirt hugged her tiny breasts and I could see the outline of her cotton bra beneath it.

She leaned up against my raised bed, her elbows resting on top the mattress as she faced the wall and looked up at my posters. Her legs were toned and long and I could see the bottom of her ass peeping out from under her torn shorts.

She looked back at me, smiling with her perfectly straight white teeth and said, “Are you feeling better?”

“Yeah, much better. Can you just crack that window?” I replied. 

“Sure,” she said, and I watched as she used her arms to lift her chest up on top of my bed and reach across it to get to the window. I took a large gulp of the water as I watched her porcelain legs float in the air before she finally fluttered back down. The cool September air felt nice as it pulsed in through the window screen and cooled my heated body.

I could feel the tension building in the room and I talked nervously to try to break it. I asked where she was from, what she wanted to study, and what room she was in. She answered my question with ease, clearly not affected by my rambling. In fact, she didn’t look nervous at all. Maybe I was thinking too much into this, I thought. Maybe she wasn’t into me after all. Maybe I was just losing it and I did imagine the whole thing in the car. I’d never even hooked up with a girl before! How much vodka did I actually have, I wondered.

I got up and went over to the mirror that hung on my closet door. My eyeliner was starting to smudge, my red lipstick now almost gone. I grabbed a hair tie and put my hair in a messy bun that sat high up on my head and then wiped beneath my eyes with my finger before I turned around and walked back over to my chair.

“I like when your hair is down,” Brianna said as she walked over next to where I was seated. She took her fingers and grabbed a strand from my bun and said, “it’s so dark and shiny.” I tensed just slightly as her fingers fell to the back of my head and grazed my ear as she walked around in front of me.

And before I could reply she straddled me, her palm now securely on the back of my head, and then she lowered her ass down onto my lap. I looked down and saw that my hands had found their place on her thighs. It was weird how natural it felt to slide my hands around her thin soft legs and hold then tightly around my waist. I looked up her body, as she nestled in on top of me. Her chest was spotted with light brown freckles that danced up onto her petite breast and down into her cleavage. A small tattoo lined her collar bone and was just barely peaking out from beneath her shirt. Her lips were plump and parted. Her nose delicate and cute. Our eyes met just briefly before her eyelids fell and she brought her soft lips gently to mine.  I slid my hands up around her waist as her peppermint tongue found its way into my mouth.

I felt like I was holding my breath as my chest stiffened from the nerves that gushed through me. There was no denying that I liked what was happening and I didn’t want it to stop, I just didn’t know what to do. I secretly prayed that she would continue to take the lead and I’d follow her willingly.

Our mouths twisted together, our tongues played in rhythm with one another and her fingers found their place woven into my hair. She pulled ever so gently on it as she placed my bottom lip in between her teeth and bit down. My lip slowly escaped her grasp as she pulled away from me and sat back up right. She lifted her t-shirt over her head and let the white t-shirt fall to the floor and then she took her hand and reached behind her to unclasp her bra.

Her breast fit perfectly in the palms of my hands as I kissed down her neck and onto her chest. Her small light nipples became hard which I could only assume was from a mixture of the cool air and her excitement. I lowered my head down so that I could lick the tops of them with my wet tongue before letting my lips fall around them. Her head rolled back as I sucked and nibbled on them, and small faint moans slipped out of her mouth.

She stood up, biting her own lip and grabbed my hands to help me up. I stood facing her as she took the ends of my tank top and lifted it over my head. She pushed me up against my bed as she took my neck in her mouth. I could feel the adrenaline and alcohol pumping through me as I focused on the pleasure of her lips pressing down on my sensitive skin. The straps of my bra fell off my shoulders as she pulled it down and made her way straight to my nipples. The walls of my pussy tightened with every lick she placed on them.

I didn’t think that she could get any sexier at that point but then she lowered herself onto her knees. Confidence was flooding out of her as she calmly unbuckled my jeans and slid them down my legs. It was at that point that I became very aware of how wet she was making me, and I became embarrassed of how wet my panties felt. Brianna then took her tongue and licked my pussy over top my cotton panties and then lowered them to the ground.

There I stood, eyes forward, staring at the blank wall in front of me, naked, as she slipped her tongue inside the lips of my pussy. She wiggled her tongue over my clit, letting her spit drip off of me onto the floor. My hips pushed forward to greet each lick as she ran her hand over my thighs and ass.

I finally looked down to watch as her tongue danced around my clit teasing me but never letting it venture down to my vagina. The view of her pink tongue pushing my lips aside as she licked and sucked on me made the pleasure build heavier inside. I wanted her so badly. I grabbed her head and held it against my pussy as she played. My moans grew louder, my mouth seemingly wide open as I watched in awe.

Waves of pleasure reached every limb of my body. Each muscle twitching and stiffening as I got closer to my orgasm. I leaned on my bed, my weight now resting on my tippy toes as my ass clenched. It was then that she slid her finger inside my dripping wet pussy and started to stroke my throbbing g spot. She looked up at me and I let out a cry as the pleasure melted from my head down my body, to my toes. I grabbed her head again and held it firmly against me, her tongue glued to my clit as I shook against her.

I lifted my leg and set it on her shoulder as she pushed deeper into my vagina with another finger. The walls of my pussy contracted around them as she caressed my g spot with more force. Her other hand reached up and held my breast while both mine got tangled in her hair.

I closed my eyes and held my head back as I focused on the feeling of her tongue on me. “Don’t move,” I whispered, “stay right there.” I needed her to keep stroking the same spot. I needed her to not let up. And then when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, a scream came barreling out of me and all the waves of pleasure I was feeling crashed down on my pussy and I could finally relax.

My legs continued to shake and I couldn’t seem to hold myself up anymore so I slinked down on the floor in front of Brianna. I leaned in for a kiss and I could taste myself on her tongue which made me want her even more.

Briana lowered her back down onto the carpet and looked at me with a smirk, “It’s my turn.”