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Sofia: Part 8

Silk and Leather Series

Photo by Jasper Graetsch on Unsplash

Her entire body felt like it was floating on water, weightless, no burden anchoring her down. Or at least, that's what she wished was happening. When she'd woken up from her 16 hour sleep marathon, she felt as if all the pain in the world was infused into every nerve ending of her body. Salt in the deepest of cuts was nothing compared to how miserable she had felt. 

Sofia had stayed in bed, on doctor's orders. A different doctor. Not Andy, the nurse. She didn't trust him. Not with this. Not with something she struggled with her entire life. Drugs were a way of life around the island. It's what made it prosper, it's what kept things as livable as possible. People had no idea what it took to run an entire country, the lives her family had to take so no one would have to starve or be left out on the streets.

Their home had no natural resources. It was either tourism or drugs. Those were the only options they had left. Even more so when the hurricane came and destroyed what was left of their deteriorating island, causing America to dismiss her people, and leave the island to rot all on its own. Puerto Rico was in serious debt, drowning in it. Before Sofia took action from prison that is. 

She called in all the favors that were owed to her parents, and managed to slowly but surely get the island running again. From reconstructing the roads and bridges and air fields, to making sure the schools and the hospitals were in top shape for all the children and elderly. Her family's wealth had been kept under an encrypted account in the Cayman Islands, and she was the only one who'd been granted access to it. 

Most of the money had been spent during the duration of her prison sentence, and all of her people thought the money came from an anonymous donation, or just God blessing them for their perseverance. Either way, she preferred to keep the secret until she found the rat on her side of the island. She had a suspect. And the thought of what she would be forced to do to this person made her shake her head in disappointment. She'd give this person a fate worse than the one she'd given her mother's rapist, who had ultimately been moved to the dungeon on the east wing of the estate as of two days ago. She'd grown tired of his whining, as if he had the right to complain after the devastation he'd caused. 

"You're awake," the voice came from Daviel and she sighed heavily as she moved to sit up on her bed. He emerged from the chair in the corner of her room to sit by her. Although she appreciated that he cared this much about her, she didn't feel like being reprimanded for doing something so stupid. Taking the drug herself, instead of giving it to someone at the bottom of the food chain instead, had been an extremely stupid move and she was now paying for it. 

"If you're here to yell at me—" she started, but a cough attack plagued her before she could finish. He handed her a cup of water that had already been waiting for her on her nightstand and she downed the contents in a single gulp. Her body was definitely dehydrated and sluggish. But she couldn't let it stop her. She had so much shit to do, and she didn't have time to get the rest she needed.

"I'm just glad you're still fucking breathing, Sofia. That's all." Daviel countered in frustration, as he pulled away from her and rubbed the back of his neck. She was wearing him down again, she could tell. However, she never asked him to stay by her side while she recovered. It wasn't her fault he insisted on being her punching bag. 

"Okay well, you can get the hell out then. I have shit I need to do," she claimed as she managed to swing her legs and place her feet onto the carpet. Her head was still swimming from the side-effects of the drug, but she couldn't let anyone know. She couldn't afford to be a damn mess in front of her people. Leaders didn't have that luxury. 

"The nurse said—" Daviel began, but she raised herself up from the bed and raised a hand to stop him. 

"I don't care what Andy said. He's not my fucking keeper," Sofia answered and she watched his expression change to pure curiosity before he looked away.

"Is there something going on between the two of you that I should know about?" he asked, crossing his arms and waiting as if she owed him any kind of explanation. How many times had she caught him with other girls when they were younger? It didn't bother her then, and it certainly didn't bother her now. She only wished he felt the same. 

"He's a hired nurse. Who I fired right before the drugs kicked in. So you can relax now." she continued and tried to make her way towards her master bathroom, but her legs were still wobbling and she had to brace her hands onto her dresser to gain her equilibrium back. 

"You're fucking frustrating, you know that?" Daviel mentioned, as he stood behind her and helped her get to where she needed to go. His hands held her steady as he helped her get undressed and into her bathtub as he turned on the water for her. Once the water began to cover her body, she reached for her favorite cinnamon scented bath bombs to throw into the tub and closed her eyes as her body began to relax. 

"Reach into a bag underneath the sink." Sofia ordered as she rubbed her warm skin with the soapy water, scrubbing her body. As soon as Daviel found the special treat she'd been saving for a special occasion, he shook his head and smirked as he handed her the joint, and raised his lighter to the tip, lighting it up for her. While her lungs swam in the smoke and she released the smoke into the air in front of her, she watched Daviel as he rubbed his face in his hands. He was stressed, probably more than she was. She'd fix that for him, if she thought it was a good idea to fuck him right now. And if she knew him like she claimed, they'd end up doing it anyway.

"Here. You need this," Sofia offered him a puff from her joint, and he gladly took it. He aimed the smoke away from her and inhaled deeply before he turned to look at her again. 

"Why'd you fire him?" he asked and Sofia smirked as he passed her the joint and began to undress himself. Apparently sharing the weed wasn't going to satisfy his cravings. He needed to be inside her first. 

"I don't want to talk about him. Tell me how it went with your wife's fake death. Did everyone buy it?" she changed the subject as he finished undressing himself and joined her inside of the bathtub, cradling her body from behind. 

"She's on her way to Europe. No one will find her there," Daviel replied and he almost sounded relieved as he spoke. Not that she was surprised. Daviel had never been the husband type. He enjoyed the company of women too much to settle for just one. Or overindulged himself with them in order to forget he could never pin Sofia down. Either way, he was screwed and he knew it. It was something they both had in common. 

"Good. Now you can grieve in peace." Sofia teased, as she rubbed her ass onto his dick and he let out a noise as he held her hips steady with his hands. 

"I don't want to fuck you, Sofia," he lied, while he bit her earlobe and she took another puff from her blunt. She continued to tease him, baiting him to bend at her will once again. He'd give in of course. It was the foundation of their never ending game. 

"Could've fooled me," Sofia responded sultrily, as she craned her neck to kiss him, her tongue colliding with his as he groaned into her mouth and his fingers made their way in between her legs. She bit his lower lip as she felt his fingertips rub at her clit. Water splashed onto the marble floor of her bathroom as she turned and straddled his waist with her legs and handed him the rest of the joint they shared together. She laughed as he blew smoke into her mouth as he kissed her. Sofia moaned as his cock rubbed up against her opening and she immediately placed it inside of her. Sinking onto him, they both gasped and she began to ride him. Her tits jumped and he was more than happy to suck on them, making her clit throb even more.

She tugged on his hair as he took his last puff and licked his lips before he pulled on her waist hard and increased his pace. Their hips crashed and their mouths push and pulled with every thrust they made. Daviel's impatience had gotten to him. Enough to push her up against the tub wall, so he could fuck her as hard as he wanted to. She had no reservations about it. She needed the release as much as he did. Especially after that hallucination she had with Andy before she passed out. 

Just the thought of him sent her over the edge and she moaned louder than she should've as Daviel pumped into her, while he pulled and twisted her nipples. He took each of them into his mouth, biting down hard on them until she cried out his name as she came. He spilled every last drop he had inside of her, still grinding into her as he kissed his way up to her lips and devoured them. 

"Sofia? Are you—" the question came from Andy as he quickly opened the door to her master bathroom, interrupting her time with Daviel. He stood there, in shock or in quiet rage, she wasn't sure. All she knew was she didn't like how it made her feel, which was guilty. She had no reason to be. She was a single woman who could do whatever she pleased with whomever she pleased. Andy's presence shouldn't effect anything. But apparently it did. 

"Does he normally barge into your room like that?" Daviel asked in her ear as she pulled him closer when he tried to pull away.

"He cares about his patients. That's all. Right, Andy?" Sofia continued, holding his gaze as he continued to stand there, not saying a word. He simply nodded and looked away. 

"If you're okay, I'd like to leave now," Andy finally spoke and the fury in his eyes only entertained her more. She was finally getting to him, just like he'd been getting to her since the moment they met. He wanted to know what it was like falling for a woman like her? Well then she'd have no other choice than to use Daviel to show him. 

"If you want to get your job back, I suggest you stand there until I give you permission to leave," she ordered and Andy finally turned to look at her, sending sharp looks of disgust her way. 

"Of course," he replied, through gritted teeth. Sofia laughed as she began to glide her walls against Daviel's stiff cock. He was hard enough to fuck her again. Which only worked in her favor. If she was going to teach Andy a lesson, she wanted it to look as real as possible. 

"You don't have to prove anything to me," Daviel whispered into her ear as he started to thrust into her again. He was right. She didn't. But he wasn't the one she was trying to prove something to. 

"Don't hold back," she demanded, before she kissed him and her nails began to dig into his back as he plunged in and out of her. Her back arched the moment the tip of his cock hit her g-spot and she gasped for more. As Daviel fucked her again, she held onto him as he buried his face against her neck and she kept her eyes on Andy. He watched the both of them as his fists turned into tight balls, probably tighter than the ones turning blue in his pants. 

She could see his erection from there, and he took notice, blocking it from view by crossing his fists over the front of his pants. Sofia grinned before she closed her eyes and opened her legs further, giving Daviel more access. And he definitely took it. He rammed into her core hard and fast, causing her to whimper from the overwhelming sensation of pleasure washing over her body. She screamed his name again when they both came. But this time, she screamed it as she looked at Andy, who's torment was evident in his eyes as he finally looked away. 

Sofia should've felt relieved at her revenge. She should've been basking in the waves of pleasure Daviel had given her. But all she could think about was the look of excruciating pain Andy had given her before he decided to disobey her orders, and march out of her bathroom. 

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Sofia: Part 8
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