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Sofia: Part 3

Silk and Leather Series

Photo by Max Rovensky on Unsplash

Eddie Colon, the chief of police on the island, exited the interrogation room and Sofia braced herself for his infamous disapproving glare. He'd be smart to be nice to her. Considering the only reason he even had a job here was all her doing. He had an excellent arrest record in New York, which had housed most of the people on the island until the roads and the tarmac, and the houses were rebuilt. He made sure everyone had been accounted for and the ones who weren't he offered fundraisers to help with funeral costs. Eddie Colon was a patriot to the island, just like she was, despite them being on the opposite sides of the law.  

"Sofia Guerrera. I should've known you had something to do with this," Eddie commented in a harsh tone, as he crossed his arms and gave her a piercing glare. 

"Nice to see you too, chief. But I was the one who turned her in," Sofia corrected him, and watched his expression change briefly with surprise before returning to his usual frown. 

"Come into my office," he ordered, and held the door open with for her, while Sofia made eye contact with Daviel, who just arrived at the police station to claim his wife. There was fury in his eyes. Directed at her of course. She was the only one who could ever make him that angry. 

Sofia shot a quick text to Natalie and Jade, letting them know she was going to be at the station for a while longer, and to make sure things were in order in the village until she got back. The party hadn't gone exactly as planned, but she wanted people to enjoy themselves regardless. 

"You've been in and out of police stations all of your life. Aren't you sick of it? Because I fucking am," Eddie started his scolding as soon as Sofia sat on an empty chair in front of his desk. She rolled her eyes and slouched into the chair before he began to take her statement. She had always felt like a five year old in his presence, and it hadn't faded any less since her first trip to prison. 

"I have shit to do, Eddie. Let's get this over with," she answered and heard him curse underneath his breath as she looked around the modernized office design she helped create in prison. Although she had an estranged relationship with the police, there were some good cops out there who were stuck with shady reputations due to crooked cops within their units. She spent enough time with them in prison to know the difference. 

"You didn't pull the trigger. That much I know. What were you three doing in that alley?" he began his questioning, and while the crime had only been committed seven hours ago, it was still fresh in her mind. 

"I was having some fun, of the sexual kind with Julian, the victim, before this woman showed up and pointed a gun at him. I shielded him as much as I could while I tried to talk her down, but Julian panicked. He ran, and she shot him in the back. If it's any consolation, her aim was pretty spot on," Sofia explained, ending with a humorous grin. Which didn't do her any favors with Eddie at all apparently. 

"You think this is a joke? He was in his twenties, with his whole life ahead of him and you seem to think it was okay that he was killed?" he continued his lecturing, his bushy eyebrows following every syllable that escaped his mouth.

"Of course not. I want her to pay as much as his parents do. But they don't have the resources to make sure she gets the proper punishment. I do," she added, and hoped he caught on to what she was saying. 

Julian's family was living in the streets before she came into the picture. Sofia made sure all the homeless people on the island were transferred immediately once her off-shore accounts were cleared by an inside man she paid. She put them into temporary housing within the new buildings she had coughed up the money for during her time in prison. They were slowly starting to get their life and small business back on track before their son was killed. 

The guilt would've destroyed her had her mother not taught her how to deal with grief early on in her life. A few bottles of Corona's and some good sex always seemed to do the trick. Even at the tender age of fourteen, when her older brother Franco died during a shootout not too far from the estate. Her mother had bought her a six pack of beer and told her to go find someone to entertain her for the night until she stopped crying, while she dealt with her sister, Clarita. 

"Are you saying you're willing to offer your family's drug money to help these people?" Eddie questioned with a raised eyebrow. She was getting tired of people doubting her. And she wanted more than anything to tell everyone just how much of her family's fortune she had given away in order to give them a a place to call home again. But she didn't need the credit. She just wanted to reclaim the power her family used to have before she lost it to greedy strangers. It was all she had left, after all. 

"You're still mad Elena chose my dad over you aren't you, Eddie?" Sofia's provocation caused Eddie to send her another piercing glare and she laughed, as she stood up from the chair after signing her statement.

"Stay out of trouble. We've had enough of you causing it over the years," Eddie ordered, bringing his gaze down onto the pile of paperwork on his desk. 

"Asshole," Sofia insulted the chief of police out loud, not really caring who heard her. Once she made it out to her car, she fished for her keys and remained still as another gun aimed at her for the second time that night. 

"I could've killed her," she claimed, as she turned around to face Daviel in the parking lot of the police station. He seemed to have forgotten they weren't on his territory anymore. Other members of the Netas wouldn't hesitate in trying to take out the new leader of the Mexican mafia if they had the chance. 

"Get in the car and drivem" Daviel commanded, as if he had any right to force her into anything. Out of curiosity, she did as he had ordered and drove them to the local cemetery, which no one would be visiting at this time of the night, considering most of the residents were still at the party in the village. He still held a gun to the back of her head as she lead him through an empty mausoleum and used her lighter to light up some of the old candles hanging from the candle-holders on the walls. 

"I didn't ask her to come here," Daviel spoke first, putting the gun back into his waistband, underneath his stuffy black suit. 

"I know you didn't. You're not that stupid. But we do have a problem. She killed him in front of me. Which makes me and the Netas responsible for bringing him justice," she explained, as she took off his jacket and placed it on top of a granite tomb, so she could sit on it comfortably. 

"Or you could just let me break her out of the station before they transfer her back to Mexico. I'll make sure she gets the punishment she deserves," Daviel offered, and it made Sofia laugh. The trust she had in him was long gone and she wasn't in the position to give him what he was asking for regardless. This problem had only two options, and both of them would make Daviel a widow.

"Here's what I'm proposing. Let her rot in a Mexican prison, where she will be beaten and physically assaulted on a daily basis until she takes her own life. Or we could renew our arrangement again, and make sure we fake her death. Make it look real good so no one will try and find her while she's on the run," she offered him a fair bargain. Daviel was a smart man, capable of knowing when to cut his losses. Just like he tried to cut her out of his life the moment he told her he loved her five years ago, and she shot him down immediately, causing him to retaliate by using her own sister to betray her.

Had she known what was going on beforehand, she would've taken both of them down with her.

"If I do decide to renew our arrangement, will you make sure she's safe and protected?" he countered and while the tone in his voice made him sound more worried than he should've been, she nodded in agreement and reached out to shake his hand. 

"It's a deal. But, as a sign of good faith, you have to make sure Julian's parents gain a generous donation into their bank accounts," she stated as he began to unbutton his shirt, due to the humidity in the mausoleum, and threw it aside to let his skin breathe. Their sexual attraction had always been a problem between them. Even when they tried to remain faithful to whomever they chose to be with at the time, it seemed as though their magnetic chemistry won the battle each and every time. 

"Agreed. What are the terms of this new arrangement?" he asked, his dark gaze filled with lust and controlled desperation as he walked over to her, standing in between her legs as her hands ran up his sticky chest. 

"When I say jump, you say; how high," Sofia answered with a grin, as she took off his belt and placed his gun on safety mode, then tossed it aside. 

"What exactly do my people get out of this?" he added, as he stripped her of her tank top and tossed her bra aside as well. 

"Direct access to our drug importing stations all over the Caribbean. You get your shit in and out without anyone noticing and gain twenty percent of the profits," Sofia described as Daviel rubbed the tip of his hard cock against her opening. Fuck, she wanted him so bad, her legs were shaking. 

"Forty-five percent," he counter-offered, right before he drilled into her in one swift motion, causing her to gasp out loud, and her nails to dig into his shoulders. 

"We're doing all the work. It's only fair we get most of the profits," she reminded him as they both lost control and allowed their hips to crash violently, while her inner walls clamped around his hard shaft. 

"I'll think about it. Now stop talking so I can fuck you in peace," Daviel responded sternly as he took her exposed nipple into his mouth while his cock rammed into her core. She met his lips once he was done making her nipples as sensitive as they could get, and gripped her hips steady, so he could plunge into her wetness easier. Sofia's sultry laughter echoed within the mausoleum walls as he kissed her neck and drained every ounce of tension she had gained over the passed week when she finally climaxed. 

He continued his thrusting, rubbing her sensitive nub as if her body didn't need time to recover from her orgasm, and pulled himself out just in time for her juices to squirt into his hungry mouth. He drank from her until she had nothing left, using his tongue to make her body rock against his mouth. Daviel pried her legs apart further and slowly began to stroke himself against her opening, not quite going in just yet. She held his smoldering gaze as she took over for his hand, and used her own to stroke his shaft. He was swollen with need, pre-come dripping from his tip before she took some of it on her finger, and dipped it into her mouth as he watched her intently

Daviel tugged at her hair then, tilting her lips up so he could kiss them properly. As soon as Sofia felt his urgency increase in her hand, she stroked fast and faster, until he was squirting his hot seed all over her opening. He drove into her, using his warm liquid and pounded into her until his shame forced him to break free from her again. 

"I can't do this anymore, Sofia," he told her, as he began to help her get dressed. 

"Stopping it only makes it worse. You know that," she reminded him and he sighed as he rested his forehead against hers and closed his eyes. He still loved her, that much was obvious. The problem was, Sofia didn't know how to love him back. She wasn't sure letting herself was a smart decision either, considering her sister had done the same with his cousin, Tomas and she'd gotten him killed because of it.

Now, all her sister was left with was the shameful reputation of a snitch and a baby she was going to raise alone. Sofia preferred being alone than to suffer the same fate her sister and her mother had fallen victim to. 

"I should've killed you when I had the chance," he confessed, before he placed a deep kiss onto her swollen lips, then pulled away. 

"Get out of here. Before I decide to kill you myself."

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Sharlene Alba
Sharlene Alba

Full of raw and unfiltered fluid poems, short stories and prompts on love, sex, relationships and life. I also review haircare, skincare and other beauty products. Instagram: grungefirepoetry fleekonabudget Facebook: grungefirepoetry 

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