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So You Want to Try Anal?

Here's why you shouldn't until you talk to a professional.

So you want to try anal sex? Here's why you shouldn't until you consult a professional.

When speaking to your partner, a man will always give you pros as to why you should do it: you might like it, it'll feel better, it'll give you new experiences. But you should think about why you shouldn't do it, too.

Sex can be fun and romantic and all, but it can turn into a nightmare if you do things that can lead to disease and sickness. For example, if you try anal before you are informed, you can miss out on all of the important things you need to know and can end up getting sick. When you talk to a professional, they can let you know that anal sex can lead to UTI's, and UTI's can lead to other bacterial infections.

I had anal for the first time with my boyfriend months back and I got a UTI. What I didn't know before I did it was how susceptible I was to UTI's. Not only was it painful and not enjoyable, but I never wanted to do it again, AND I ended up getting sick and paying hundreds in hospital bills just to get rid of it. However, once you get a UTI, you're more susceptible to getting other sicknesses. I got another UTI two weeks after the first one was cured even though my boyfriend and I weren't having sex. And after taking antibiotics for the second one, I got a yeast infection, which was caused by the antibiotics. It seemed I was always sick. The only way I can stay healthy now is by not having sex.

Sex is just too painful, even with condoms and lube. It's hard to think about sex as fun anymore. So my biggest regret was not talking to someone before trying it.

Here's the dirty part guys don't want to say, or they don't care because it's not their anus being ripped into: The bacteria found in your poop, know as E. coli, can make you very sick—thus leading to UTI's and more. The lining in your rectum is much thinner than your vagina, so friction can and will cause tears, introducing bacteria and infections into your bloodstream. There's an increased risk of STI's, such as Chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea, HIV, and Hepatitis, and though many have a cure, it's a long journey to recovery. Also, the anus is designed to hold in your fecal matter. When you start using it for sex, it can lead to difficulties in being able to hold in that fecal matter.

Furthermore, if you have already decided you're going to have anal sex, despite the risks, at least be careful. Use a condom, LOTS of lubricants, and DO NOT have vaginal sex afterward. Again, USE A CONDOM! You may think your partner is the most hygienic person on the planet, but don't risk it. If you don't use a condom, even if your partner has said they've cleaned themselves, don't trust it. They may think they've cleaned well, but bacteria is very hard to clean off. If you didn't use a condom, don't have vaginal sex for at least 24 hours. Make sure they shower twice if you have to and use a condom!

Condoms can be found for free at your local health departments.

Ladies, I urge you to please take care of your bodies. We have vaginas for a reason. Don't let your boyfriends or anyone else tell you that it's worth the risk if they're not willing to do it themselves. I know I seem every anti-anal, and I am, but I don't want anyone doing anything without being fully informed first. I know many women do it and love it and that's fine by me: Live your best life, but if you don't like it, don't be afraid to speak up. 

Protip: If you KNOW you don't want to have anal sex and they keep insisting, let them know that you'll THINK ABOUT IT if they let you shove something up their anal sphincter :) It usually works.

Thank you, and remember to be safe.

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So You Want to Try Anal?
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