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So You Want to Be a Sugar Baby?

The Truth About Sugar Dating

I was a sugar baby for 2 years and honestly, it was the most stressful yet insightful time of my life. I got interested in the sugar bowl when I was 23 years old. I was a broke college kid and I heard some of the girls around campus talking about these older men who bought them gifts, paid for their books, took them on trips and did all of these great things for them. So I instantly became interested, because I had heard about that type of lifestyle when I was a teenager. The first thing I did when I got home is go online and search for sugar dating sites. The first one that I found was Seekingarrangements. I created an account and as soon as I went onto the homepage I saw the profiles of some really handsome men. Now I know what you're thinking, but they weren't all old men. Some of them were in their 30s and their profiles said they were either really well off or rich. Now when creating your profile they tell you not to put in any of your personal information on there for obvious reasons. I uploaded my best pictures and then came up with a clever and cute description of myself.

I went on a liking spree of as many profiles as possible, at first I wasn't even paying attention to what they were looking for or what they looked like. I just wanted to get in contact with as many as possible. When I finally received a message, it went something like this,

"You're really thick and sexy. I would love to run my hard cock across your wet tongue."

"Oh really, well maybe we can make that happen soon."

Now, I was just going to see how far that was going to go. Needless to say, it didn't go far because Mr. 50-year-old married father of 4 wanted to get a blow job in the parking lot of my apartment complex. He wasn't going to pay me for it either! Disclaimer ladies and gents, some of these men will treat you like a cheap $20 hoe. Will try to pay you $100 for a quick hookup at a cheap hotel, or a quickie in the back of their car! If you're into that type of thing than great, but if not beware! I was not feeling it so it was on to the next. The next guy I actually have a story up about him. It's the first story of my BDSM segment, he was into some really kinky shit and wanted a black curvy woman to dominate him and make him their little bitch boy. We had quite a good time, I have plenty of stories about him coming up. 

You'll meet some guys who are looking for eye candy to take with them on vacations and events. There are ones who just want a companion and nothing sexual. Ones who aren't looking for anything but someone who they can fuck and throw a few hundred dollars then go about their business. And lastly you have the scammers and con men. These are the fake profiles that promise you the world in the first few messages. They talk money from the very beginning saying they want to send you money so you can buy something. Or they want your help sending money to some fake charity or orphanage but they're conveniently out of the country and can't do it. These are the ones you have to watch out for. They will try to get you to give them your bank info so they can post fake checks in your accounts. Then they'll ask you to send money overseas somewhere and give you a small portion. After its all done and your bank figures out the check is fake and it bounces the scammers are long gone and block you. 

That's happened to me twice, my advice would be to only speak with daddies in your area and arrange a first date so that you can make sure they are legit. Make sure you make your intentions clear and make sure their intentions are clear. If you're looking for a casual hookup type of situation then say it. If you want something serious and long-term then say it. Make sure you are well put together and kept up, of course, you want to be on your best because these men and women are paying for your time and presentation is everything.

Most of them are into small and fit girls, not me at all lol I did make some money though, I met some nice men. Some hornier than others, some not looking for sex. One paid me for pictures of my tits and ass, easy $100. I think it's something that can take you every far if you're willing to put in the work. You have to be willing to be whatever they want you to be. You have to be the ultimate freak in bed and a sexy vixen in public. You have to be willing to please them at any cost. I had one who wanted to have a cuckold relationship, for those who don't know what that is: It means he wanted to watch me have sex with other men. He had a BBD (Big Black Dick) fetish and wanted to watch me fuck men with 9-12 inch dicks. He was going to pay me and the guy that I found to do it. It was easy money but I wasn't sure if I wanted to.

They made being a sugar baby seem so glamorous and for some, it can be but it's not realistic. I think you have to keep in mind that you will run into creeps and scammers too. You have to be comfortable sending naked and revealing pictures cause they're going to ask! If you like the challenge and risk I say go for it. Some babies make a living out of it, some only do it for a short term. I'm going to be sharing some stories about my daddies, I had 3 and we had a good time. I made over $5,000 in the two years I was in the sugar bowl, but it wasn't easy. There is a whole community for babies who get together every year and talk about their experiences. There is a forum where you can share your concerns. It's great if you don't know where to start or have any questions. Would I do it again, maybe if I really didn't want a 9-5 but I like my life now? I'm able to share these experiences with you. 

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So You Want to Be a Sugar Baby?
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