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Snapchat Amateur Review: Miss Cookie Girl

A Swedish Alternative Amateur Model

MissCookieGirl Photo by @Goran_Magnusson

Looks can be deceiving, and that couldn't be more true than with Miss Cookie Girl, a sweet Swedish treat, and a sexy Snapchat amateur model.

Miss Cookie Girl hails from a small town in the southern end of Sweden,  but her presence as a tattooed, raven-haired, photogenic, and daring model is known worldwide. Her followers, somewhere in the hundreds, span the globe and clammer for her next post, be it on Instagram or Snapchat. Although she presents herself as a generally happy person, the "dark" side of Miss Cookie Girl can be quite intimidating. Standing 5'9" in platform heels, Miss Cookie Girl can emit a dark presence with her pictures, that include faux blood streaming from her mouth and down to her chest; and a corpse come back to life. 

Yet Miss Cookie Girl can also look sweet and demure in pink Easter bunny outfits; or tough and brawny with her gym wear; and scintillating as Santa's big helper. She's often smiling if she isn't posing. Her "day in the life" snaps present her as an everyday person that goes to the gym and enjoys coffee and nature walks. No matter how you dress her, Miss Cookie Girl gives your eyes something to snack on. 

But there's another element to Miss Cookie Girl that makes her more than just a Snapchat Model: her voracious sex drive. You can see elements of it in her public snap due to some great work by her photographer, Goran Magnusson, who is an expert at catching her every sexual expression. She goes from rear-shot nude poses by the river to throwing sexy eyes at the camera while half-dressed in bed. Go one step further, and Miss Cookie Girl will show you another part of her sex drive: bondage, spacer bars, hemp rope, ball gags. She loves it all. 

Miss Cookie Girl's public account is sexy enough as it is. But the private account (which requires a subscription fee) takes you to another level of Miss Cookie Girl's unbound libido. When I asked "What kind of things are you into?", it was like opening the door to a secret Swedish sex club, starring her. There isn't much she HASN'T done. And every time I'd ask "Is there anything else?" she'd surprise me with more. Public masturbation in a darkened alley, despite Sweden's chilly breezes. Flashing on public bus rides, hoping she doesn't get caught—at least not after ten good seconds of Snapchat footage. And although I'm not personally a fan of anal plug masturbation, I don't mind looking at Miss Cookie Girl's shapely ass any chance I get. 

She doesn't just feature solo action on her private account. Miss Cookie Girl enjoys FMM group sex with never-ending, deeply passionate blowjobs. One of my favorite scenes took place after her BDSM photo shoot. She was still tied up and on her knees, panting in front of the camera. Then out of seemingly nowhere, Miss Cookie Girl took several hard cum shots to the chest while smiling, as if it were a reward for a good set. Quick cut to a little bit later and she's rewarding her photographer with a shower blowjob where she takes more shots to the face.

If this sounds like the kind of girl you want in your dark dreams and fantasies, then don't hesitate to find her on Snapchat as misscookiegrl (no "i") or add me on Snapchat for the latest updates and a bonus: a copy of the pic that inspired this bondage poem. Regardless of how you find her, Miss Cookie Girl is going to be the most satisfying dessert you'll ever get from Sweden.

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Roman Gabrielo
Roman Gabrielo

Roman Gabrielo is a writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. He specializes in erotic short stories, namely his 48XTC series that explores encounters stemming from a mysterious phone app. Follow him on Snapchat : Alamedaking510

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Snapchat Amateur Review: Miss Cookie Girl
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