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Sleazy Stepmom

Holly gets a bit too dirty in this scene.

Is there such a thing as too dirty in porn? I can't quite answer that question as I think I'm too under qualified. What I do know are my own personal tastes and an overview of what other people deem as tasteful. Yet, from this perspective, have I already narrowed my view with my arrogance of knowledge. Over analytic concepts for reviewing a "bongo flick" I know, but when I give something a bad or mediocre review I have to ask these questions. "Bang My Stepmom" usually produces high quality entertainment with a nice touch of taboo to arouse the viewer. I've reviewed numerous scenes and I find them to be mostly good. A particular episode with Bianca Breeze stood out for me, but it's one in a quality selection. I picked up this particular episode from Whorestepmom. It stars Holly Halston, and I actually quite enjoyed some of her previous stuff. That said, she can go too dirty for the camera for me as she's in quite a few anal scenes—stuff I've had to switch off.

Bit too close for comfort...

Holly sits seductively for stepson Alex.

In this scene Holly plays an irate stepmom who is clearly angered that her husband cannot take a telephone call of her. She arrogantly asks his secretary to leave him a message, suspecting the two are having an elicit affair. In the meantime, her stepson Alex Gonz is packing his suitcase to go off to college. Holly comes over to speak to him and starts to mouth off about his father. He's a good actor, Alex Gonz, but it appears they've asked him to play a bit innocent in his role. It doesn't gel well with Holly as she's quite aggressive and (meaning no disrespect) quite sleazy.

They're not bad qualities in porn normally, but it would suggest that Alex's stepmom would have tried it on with him long before now.

It all gets a bit weird.

Holly... likes her stepson's... t-shirt?

So Holly, the stepmom, starts having a really good mouth off about her husband while her stepson is still packing. In the meantime, she asks if she can keep Alex's t-shirt to remind her of him. He's such a good actor even he sounds "weirded out" by it as Holly reminds him she's not his real mom. Holly is sexy, but there's just something weird about this sceneario; I think they should have had Alex play his cool self rather than the shy guy.

"Going Away Gift"

Alex gets a handful of his Stepmom.

It's not long before Holly pounces on Alex, wanting to give him a going away present and "turn him into a man."

Alex resists, asking what has got into her, but there's only so much he can say no to when Holly puts his hands on her enormous 36F tits. The best he can do is begin to worship them giving those knockers a smooch. The two go at it, Holly dragging Alex's pants down to teach his bastard of a father a lesson. Holly looks like she got into the business with her husband by "swinging" as she works Alex's shaft like a trooper. When she finally sits on it you can see cum already coming out of Alex as she bounces up and down on it. Holly is tanned for this scene and her brown backside looks phenomenal in the cowgirl position. Alex makes sure to suck on his stepmom's big tits as she bounces up and down. The sex is really good, but it's just the opposites of aggressive Holly and shy Alex didn't really go very well.

"Let me up for air!"

Alex gets a face full.

The doggy position isn't great as Holly does that annoying thing female pornstars do by burying her head into the sofa. It's OK stuff and it will definitely get you off, but it's not her finest work and certainly not Alex's best performance. Overall I give this scene 3 out of 5. Holly's sleazy tone and Alex's good acting don't gel to make a good narrative but it's still OK.

 3 out of 5

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Sleazy Stepmom
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