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Short and Quick

Just Like That

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

He knew he wanted me. I could see it in his eyes. His body was just right for me. He was 6 ft 3, lean, and muscular. His blue-green eyes were perfect, his full lips that you could kiss for hours, and those arms. Those arms were what drew me in. And his body was so muscular that the outlined "V" that led me to his enormous cock was sharp and prominent.

Standing in front of the bed, my back to him, and a towel wrapped around me, I knew he was looking. I did the only thing I could and bent over, making sure he had a good shot of Venus and all her glory. I could hear him shuffle around in the bed. A quick glance at him, his cock is out, erect... gorgeous. I wanted that in every hole possible.

His full lips draw me in and I am deeply kissing him in all the passion that is available to us at this point in time. Those kisses keep me alive. I melt in them while his hard cock is getting milked by my pussy and its sudden spasms. It wasn't fully an orgasm just yet. I was thankful for that. I wanted to cum, but it was better if it was built up a bit more.

I wanted to taste him. I pulled my self away from his kisses, kissing down his chest to his wonderfully large manhood. Slowly I put the tip in my mouth, letting it circle around my lips so he can see how serious I am about making him cum. Then I take his cock fully in my mouth, making sure to take every inch of him in. All eight inches are ramming the back of my throat as I bob my mouth up and down on his cock, making sure that his cock was fully fucking my mouth.

Not moving much, he maneuvered his body so that my clit was over his mouth and we were officially in a 69 position. The stimulation of his mouth over my clit as his cock was fucking my mouth was enough to put me over the edge. My whole pussy and thighs clamped around his head and neck as his cock was taken deeper into my mouth in just enough time for him to gush warm, sweet liquid down the back of my throat.

I fell into his arms, hoping that this wasn't the end of an amazing time. We laid back for what seemed like hours, just relaxing. After a while, I could hear his heart start beating faster. A glance at his area showed me that he was ready to go again.

Swiftly, I positioned myself on top of him, making sure to take in all of his cock. I wanted this to be nice and slow. So moving gently, I moved my hips in a circular motion. Then, moving side to side, I rode him a little faster as I could feel myself rise closer and closer to cumming super hard again.

As my orgasm exploded, I leaned in and kissed him deeply helping myself to all of him. The kiss caused him to shiver and after a few moments, I could feel his cock pulsating along with my pussy. Cumming together is one of the most amazing feelings. Feeling ready to cum one final time, I wasn't ready to get off of him. I rode him. I rode him harder and faster than ever before, helping myself cum one final time. This one was short and sweet.

I roll off of him and cuddle as close as I can. I was definitely going to sleep well tonight!

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Short and Quick
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