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She Wouldn't Be Quiet

The loss of your control drives me wild—now obey.

It started with a dispute. A heated argument where two bodies lost sense of their minds and were throwing each other against the wall - then she wouldn't be quiet. He thought he would teach her a lesson.

From straddling him to being ripped naked she had to be taught a lesson of disobeying. 

It all started with dinner. He had specifically asked for a wet and creamy sauce over his simple dinner, yet she failed to follow through. Once the dispute had awoken, she would not let it go; however, He was willing to fight today. She always thought that getting on top of him and rubbing up his mid-section would take his mind off of things - maybe move his blood to a more productive space. Not this time.

He actually grew enraged over her naivety as this was not the first time she had messed up this week and his patience was very, very thin. Next she knew, she had been ripped clean of her clothes and was wrapped in a blindfold that couldn't restrain her face any harder. This made Him just as hard, but she had no idea. The ground became cold and her slender fingers and cute toes could feel nothing but regret as she bent over on all fours surrounded by what felt like cage bars. A slam solidified her guess. She became wet and she could feel it coming down her leg.

Finally he was at peace. He didn't feel agitated anymore as she had been put in her place. She heard footsteps approaching her rear side. "Closer to the ground!" he demanded of her. Her large breasts scraped the floor of the metal box she was contained within and she let out a quiver as it shot her cold.

Before she could even comprehend what was about to happen, she let out a loud scream. He was inside her. It was so easy since she was dripping with her excitement. Her hands were thrown to the nearest bars in front of her in an attempt to escape, but that was not possible. She remained there. Her breasts ran back and forth over the cold ground and her sexy fingers finished with a red viper polish daintily rung over the bars ahead with each failing grasp. She was completely out of control - and she loved every minute of it. He always knew how to punish her right. He demanded she bring her ass to the edge of the container and she did just that. With a crackling smack, she inched back in, only to be told to crawl back out. She dare not deny Him the right. Another crackle. That was enough. He had made his mark on her round ass and smiled in contentment. With a sigh of relief she thought it was over but then found herself slipping into the ground catching it with her soft cheeks. Two firm hands were placed around her waist and she could hear him finishing his punishment. It gave her no choice but to let everything out in the prison she was in. It was shaking and she was wobbling all the way out when the latch swung open.

She collected herself for just a moment and lifted her body back up with her petite feet. She lifted her chin and looked him in the eye. He asked "What are we having for dinner?"

She had said, "Whatever you would like, sir."

He threw an apron over her sweet and naked body and smiled as he spun her around towards the kitchen sink.

"That's right, my girl."

Idle Reflection
Idle Reflection

My name is IdleReflection. A creative mind hard at work 24 hours a day. I apply imagination and dreams to every aspect of my life. This helps me produce some great writing for you to read! So please, enjoy and welcome to my head!

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She Wouldn't Be Quiet
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