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She Wants a Young Meat

Mature woman indulges herself in a pursuit of younger men.

She always had an appetite for younger men. Right now as she was sucking his young cock, and expecting a volcano of hot sperm in her mouth, she remembered her first blowjob. She was a college student, 21 years old and she sucked a freshman, two years younger. She remembered because her current lover had the same smell. The smell of the unshaven, sweaty man balls.

At the moment, she was 39 and the guy she was blowing was college kid, 21 years old. She met him on one of those dating sites where younger men search for "mature women." Of course, she presented herself as a sweet, caring, love-needing, unfortunately divorced, Catholic woman but in reality that was only the decoy. She was the real predator here. She had the power to lead the guys into the thought that they are in charge, that they are leading the game, as far as the online chat goes. Young Ecuadorian dude Marcus proposed that they meet after a few days of chat.

Of course, she pretended that she led very busy life and that she couldn't afford the time for an evening out, but she offered the tea in her house. As though he, the young, smelly, underprivileged boy, could offer a meaningful conversation to her, an educated, intelligent, and sophisticated woman. No, she wanted only one thing from him, and that was the sexual power that came with his youth.

And now, after couple minutes of sucking his cock she knew he was close. She wanted him to finish in her mouth because that was her way of doing things. First she would blow her boys, then she'd made them lick her pussy. After that they took the shower together, ate a light supper and then she made them fuck her brains out, for as long as they could last. If they needed some extra help, she gave them half of Viagra to enhance their performance. She was careful not to overdose her lovers, otherwise, she had to pull her strings at the hospital, and that seemed like the pain in the ass.

She, of course, could last the whole night. She could easily outlast most of her young lovers; those power yoga classes served her body well. She was 5'8'', with a tight body, breasts 34 C and a beautiful face. She paid a lot of attention to her looks and she looked much better than most of the women 15 years younger than her.

Marcus was moaning "Oooh baby, ooooh," She knew he would cum in a few seconds. She was ready for the first flush of cum. He came with three strong flushes and two weaker ones. She was struggling to keep it all in her mouth, she didn't want to spill a single drop. She succeeded and even showed him the pool of his sperm in her open mouth before swallowing it all down her throat.

Still feeling the electricity of his orgasm, Marcus just looked at her and quietly said: "You're the best." And she knew it. Now it was his turn to satisfy her. She laid down on her back and spread her legs, uncovering her shaved, clean, and rose looking smelly pussy. He jumped on her pussy with his tongue like a thirsty wolf that was in desert for forty days.

She grabbed his medium, long brown Latino hair and stirred his head along her pussy to give herself the pleasure she deserved. After all, the kid was her bonus prize after a long week of management job in a banking industry.

He gave his best, spraying as mush saliva on her pussy as he could, and then drinking it all up fast, like one drinks a shot of vodka. Pretty soon she was on a verge of orgasm. She stiffened her entire body, it happened to her before orgasm, and then released the full enjoyment of climax upon herself, and also pressed the boy's head to her pussy, squeezing her thighs around his head, as well.

It was time to wind down. After a quick shower, and a dinner that consisted of octopus salad and a gourmet asparagus ice cream (the young cook she fucked six months ago gave her the recipe) they were ready to continue long into the night. In the morning as he was leaving her, he felt exhausted, and his knees were weak. Not her. She felt full of energy, as though she stripped him of his. She took advantage of the young man's sexual energy, and absorbed it, thus feeling herself younger and stronger.

Another day was coming, as she was going to shower. She knew this Saturday would be long and full of unfinished work from bank, but she didn't care. The vampire inside her drank enough from the Fountain of Youth to sustain her for the whole day. What will be tonight, she'll have to see.

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She Wants a Young Meat
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