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Sharing Tent with Boyfriend's Buddy...

Dillon Harper rides who ever she wants on this camping trip!

Dillion Harper is a tasty treat for the eyes.

I'm not a huge fan of 'teen' porn scenes; don't get me wrong I still enjoy them but it's not something I would look for first. Brazzers have tapped into the teen genre with Teens like it Big which evidently they often do. They host quite the selection with sites like Mommy Got Boobs, Day with a Pornstar and Pornstars Like it Big.

They're clever though in that the title of the site doesn't necessarily restrict them creatively. This allows for many unique narratives to play out before the sex takes place on film. What actually attracted me to this particular scene was the fact that I've recently got into camping and this somewhat fed a fantasy of mine.

The Great Outdoors...

Dillion shows off her nice behind.

I'd never heard of Dillion Harper before watching this scene either; the teen sexpot had never even seen a porn film before she starred in one. Previously very shy, the 27 year old bisexual got into porn to explore her sexuality. With her model good looks and 32C-25-33 natural assets we have to say she's ideal for scenes such as this. In this scene she's on a camping trip with her boyfriend and Danny Mountain on a hot summer's day. Her boyfriend wants to go for a hike but Brit Danny is having trouble coping with the heat and decides to stay at camp. Danny enquires where Dillion is and her boyfriend says asleep in the tent. He then commences on his hike with the prerogative of finding firewood at the same time.

Red Card...

Danny sneaks a peak at his buddy's girlfriend masturbating.

British Danny Mountain who co-stars with Dillion as her boyfriend's buddy actually had the aspiration of playing football (soccer) back in England. A knee injury scuppered those plans and he actually fell into a porn audition after that. I presume the 'Mountain' part of his name actually comes from the fact that he's a pretty built dude. He's a good performer and decent actor which make him an ideal choice here. Another interesting fact is he's married to glamorous pornstar Mia Malkova who is a popular actress within the industry.

Playing Away From Home...

Dillion in some more promotional shots for Brazzers.

After his buddy leaves, Danny continues to relax in his chair until he hears moans coming from one of the tents next to him. He sneaks a peak and it's his buddy's girlfriend Dillion masturbating. Danny clearly likes what he sees and moves in for a closer look trying not to alert Dillion. Not really into female masturbation but Dillion does look nice with her breasts hanging out of her bra.

Who needs a camp fire anyway?

Dillion displays her pert butt.

Dillion spots Danny sneaking a peak and doesn't seem to mind; inviting the former footballer to take a shot at her goal. The tiny sexpot works a cock very sloppy and it makes for a good spectacle on film. Danny returns the favour on her cute looking pussy; something else we can all envy him for. It's not bad acting, the taboo fantasy was the arousing part for me. Danny bends Dillion over in the tent only for her boyfriend to return. Dillion clearly into banging his friend tries to stall him with a blowjob, peaking her head and tits out the tent. As she does this though Danny continues to pound her pussy from within the tent without her boyfriend knowing. It's kinky stuff and I understand pornstars need to be professional but I bet she was cumming like a freight train. Dillion's young curves move well on camera and it's an absolute pleasure to watch her naked having sex on film. I picked the scene up on but it's available officially at Brazzers. I give this 3 out of 5; despite half a million views on the Brazzers site, there was still something missing for me. It could be the acting from Dillion because I didn't find it 100% convincing all the time. It wasn't a bad scene if you've got nothing else to watch then give it a look.

3 out of 5.

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Sharing Tent with Boyfriend's Buddy...
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