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Sexual Displeasure

What Goes on in the Real World of Sex

Most people are obsessed with sex these days, whether that’s having sex with other people, having sex toys, being a Dominant or a Submissive. Most people have had the experience of sex in some kind of way, some people enjoy the feeling of sex, some people enjoy the feeling of just someone else but some people hate everything about sex.

The reason why some people may hate sex, from the word to the feeling, to the person they are doing it with or have done it with; this can be because of the way the other person had treated them or are still treating them, or how you treat them.

In some stories, there is a Dominant and a Submissive. The Dominant will want to take charge of Submissive, they will want them to do what they enjoy or what they want them to do. Some Submissives will let the dominant take control because it might be the only form of love they know or have ever felt.

Sometimes the Dominant and Submissive will agree on a safe word. This safe word means that everything stops: the sex, the bondage, the use of sex toys. Everything would stop on the count of the safe word. But, however, sometimes the Dominant can become obsessive and addicted. This can mean anything from keeping their Submissive as their own Submissive and not letting them experience anyone else to locking them in their own apartment or “secret” room so they are able to get what they want through the dominant role they take.

Most women who experience this or anything like this most probably won’t talk to anyone about what they went through or what they are going through, they will become shy, not talkative, may avoid the people that care for them. This is because they truly don’t know what the dominant has the power of doing and what might happen if they were to disobey the “rules” or statements they had been given.

However, most Dominant and Submissive relationships don’t go “south”, they usually are happy together and if it doesn’t work they change or they grow apart from each other. It’s not common for these types of relationships to go wrong but unfortunately it does happen.

I haven’t got any experience of a Dominant or Submissive relationship but I know a few girls who have. But I also have experience of knowing you have no control over the sex act being “performed” on you and not being able to get away. It’s horrifying, I wouldn’t wish the feeling on anyone, although I was able to stop whatever it would have become after about 10-15 minutes; it still wasn’t right what had happened. Although no one truly knows what happened, I don’t really think I know either. I think I just make it worse than it needs to be but I suppose most women try and play it down for some unknown reason so they don’t get all of the attention, because believe me that is the last thing you want after everything has happened.

Some sexual displeasures can arise over time, not for any reason but sometimes you can just wake up one day and decide that you don’t like one certain thing during sex but it is up to you to tell your partner or sex partner what YOU like and don’t like. But it is also important that you discuss what your partner/sex partner likes and dislikes as well so you are able to come to an agreement of what you both want to do and what both of you will never do no matter how much the other person wants it.

It’s never a good idea to do something that you really do not want to do because you will hold it against yourself if it goes wrong or the relationship doesn’t work. But who am I to tell someone what to do, you do what YOU think is right, not what someone else thinks. They may think they are trying to save you from the other person or from yourself but sometimes it doesn’t always work out like that…but believe me, just keep your friends and people who support you close to you just in case something does happen.

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Sexual Displeasure
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