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Sexting Ideas: Sexting Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Sexting is a common trend nowadays since the invention of mobile devices allow people to share messages across in text format.


Sexting is a common trend nowadays since the invention of mobile devices allow people to share messages across in texts format. Sexting has taken over the dating world where both the young and the old are finding it easy to flirt and get all romantic via texts as opposed to other communication avenues. The best way to show your feelings should be in the most precise, thoughtful yet candid manner and this can only be achieved through texts. To the recipient they get to go over them and archive some for when they want to feel the thrill.

Why sexting?

The beginning of any romantic relationship is not always rosy, you cannot go around asking whether you are impressing or whether one is taken. The easiest way out of these first time dating conundrums is by taking things slow yet letting your intents known. This is where sexting comes in handy, it allows both partners to get comfortable behind keyboards and ask as well as charm their way into each other’s hearts.

Majority of people young and old who normally get caught up in their daily busy schedules opt to text as opposed to calling. More common are the introverts who find it easy to say something through texting instead of dialing that number. Therefore, for all these groups of people sexting becomes the best way to keep romance brewing in their relationships.

When dating, especially in the "no strings attached" or any other casual fling, calling may not be possible as you could be having multiple partners. This, therefore, makes sexting the quickest way to keep a tab on all your partners and avoiding dramas in case you don’t recall everyone in your list.

Sexting Messages to Send To Your Girlfriend

This is for the guys, always be thoughtful and creative whenever you sexting with your girlfriend. Girls always want to feel appreciated, wanted and cared for. Remember to incorporate all these aspects in a creative way when you sexting. For example it could be a compliment about a dress she wore the other day, put it like this, “You were looking gorgeous the other day, I wished you were my date that day.”

Sexting involves both flirty and sexually arousing messages and a lot of girls love that. It plays a key role in mental and emotional foreplay before getting physical.

Sexting Messages to Send To Your Boyfriend

To the girls, men love to get flirty and dirty way too much perhaps, sexting therefore becomes the simplest of ways to show your charm as a lady. Many men will need you to be explicit and be able to carry on sexting with them without shying off. Get all dirty and messy with them and also remember to be creative. Show appreciation and how much the guy means to you and what you're open to doing for him.

Why Singles Try Sexting with Strangers Through Sexting Apps for Adults

The common group of people recommended to try this sexting, are the singles who are looking for casual hookups and fun. This is because through sexting it is easy to find your match and it also opens one up to a whole world of fun in casual dating. Many of the major dating apps have features such as instant messaging that allow partners to chat and flirt all they want. Through such features singles get to express their feelings and get to sex-chat with their crushes. But to avoid any awkwardness that you text someone who is kind of traditional, you may find some sexting apps for adults on which there are members just like you who are looking for the same passion.

It is comfortable and fun to sext with a stranger since they got nothing on you, try it today as a single and see what luck awaits you on the other side.

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Sexting Ideas: Sexting Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend
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