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Sex Tips for Men, Women, Amateurs, and Professionals

Even the best can learn something from this.

Sex is something that all of us crave, but it can make a lot of us nervous due to overthinking and worrying. These tips will make you seem like a professional even if you are a first timer. Sit back, get some munchies, and get reading: Tips how to be better at sex.

I have split this writing in to two parts. Firstly, I will focus on men, and secondly, on women. However, I would recommend reading the other sex’s tips also, as you can learn something that can also benefit you and surprise your lover when having sex.


Firstly, the most important point I want to share is that men have worries about if their penis is big enough to please a girl. To this I want to say, it's not about the size, but how you use it. Be confident that you will please any girl, and you will...nine times out of ten 😂.


If your a beginner, this means you have not had sex before or you have only had it once or twice. It can be very scary for you to have sex for a first time, because you have thoughts about if your penis is big enough, will you be able to please her, will you ever even have sex? These are the thoughts that most people have and they tend to make people worry, and this tends to make people watch adult films and, let's say, study them 😂. The first thing you should know is that having sex in real life is very, very different to how they do it in pornos, so take whatever you have learnt from them and unlearn it...done? Okay. The truth is, if you go in with confidence, you will please her. Some girls might not even know that it's your first time. Just remember to not get too confident or else: 1. You will look like a cocky, bigheaded person and no one likes those types of people, and 2. You will oversell your sex so that when it's time for you to actually have sex, she will be disappointed.


So this section is for the people who have had sex a fair amount of times and know the ins and outs (lol 😂) of the whole thing. But don't one can be too good at anything, and even the best can learn things to improve their game. The first thing I recommend is being more intimate with the person. Girls like feeling close and intimate with their man. Whether you're in a relationship with this girl or just for a hookup, being intimate will improve your game on a whole new level. Who knows, your “hookup” might call you for a round two 🤷‍♂️. Another thing to spice your sex life up a little bit is with sex games. You can buy things like sex dice where you and your partner/hook up can participate in. It will certainly liven things up. Another valuable tip is showing a little aggression. Showing aggression is a way to spice things up and make sex a better experience for both of you. Now I'm not saying punch her in the face while having sex 😄, but doing little things like pulling her hair, choking her a little bit, and slapping her bum—these are the things that will take your sex game ten levels higher. However, there may be some girls that don't like the hardcore stuff like slapping, so dip your toe in before you jump all the way in.


Now, for whatever reason, girls have to be scared. It is probably all to do with overthinking. Men have a harder time trying to please the other partner because they have to take into consideration if their tool is of a suitable size, but for girls who are worried about their first time, or even if you are experienced but you want to spice things up, these tips are for you.


The first thing you should know is that sex hurts...but it hurts good. Weird, right? You’ll understand. It may hurt the first couple of times, but just give it time. You’ll start to like it. Also, another point girls don't know is that boys appreciate sex just as much as girls. Yes you may see the occasional one-night stander, but there are plenty of men who appreciate the bond that sexual intercourse creates. You just have to pick the right man, and that may take some patience. For all the females out there who watch porn, don't be ashamed. We all do. Don't believe what you have seen. Sex is nothing like it is in adult movies, so unlearn everything you may have learned. Lastly, my last piece of advice is: Don't be scared. Look at it as a part of nature; a cycle of life. Embrace the experience and don't feel as if you wont please the guy. The chances are he's worrying about if he’s going to be able to please you.


To all my experienced females out there...good job. However, don't think you're an expert right away. Whether you have had sex ten times or 100 times, there are still things to improve your sex life. Firstly, a lot of improving your experience comes from improving your sexual partners sex game. Tell him you enjoy aggression or that you like sex foreplay to introduce something new into the mix. Not only will you enjoy it, but so will your partner. Chances are, if he isn’t doing any of these things, he is not confident enough to do these things, but believe me, he will love it. The final tip I want to share is dirty talking. Every man loves it when a female dirty talks. Don't worry about saying something wrong; the dirtier the better. Dirty talking can take your sex game to a whole different level. You shouldn't need any examples, its pretty simple but very, very, very effective. Oh yeah, for an additional tip, if you want your partner to be more aggressive but don't want to bring it up, lead him into the choking and slapping with dirty talking him into doing it.

Follow everything that you already know and add these tips to it. Your sex game with be on another level. Try these tips out the next time you have sex and watch your partner have the best sex of his or her life. 

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Sex Tips for Men, Women, Amateurs, and Professionals
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