Sex Through the Seasons

Sex is varied enough, but did you know it changes with the seasons?

Sex can be a really varied experience, changing with kinks, turn-ons, situation, risk and intimacy with your partner. But, did you know your sex lives are influenced by the season of the year you're in? Yep - that Christmas spirit and sunbathing under the sky does affect your sex drive and the way you do the deed. Whether you like to have sex under the sun, or get it on under the warm duvet, there's a season for you. Surprisingly, other factors also come into play, such as the moon cycle and even if it's raining or not!

For some, the variety of seasons equally warrants a variety in the bedroom, allowing for a spiced love-life and genuine intimacy with your partner, ever evolving and revolving around the needs and desires of both of you. Whilst you may feel a lot more independent and singular in summer, you may feel closer and more inviting through the cold of winter, creating a unique and shifting dynamic to keep you both on your toes.


When it comes to summer, there really is no denying that it is the season of being naked. It just gets that bit too hot for clothes, and suddenly the idea of being naked is a little more appealing that internally boiling under the sweat of a hooded jacket or shirt. Whether you're streaking across your bedroom and landing or across one of those special like-minded beaches, the summer graces us with the ability to do just that without catching frostbite or weird glances.

A few positions open themselves up to be 'better' during summer, usually ones that involve being physically more open than usual, such as the good old fashioned doggy style, standing up against a wall or even the cowgirl to some extent - positions that allow for a fun time, whilst also providing that much needed airflow to stop you melting in the moment. Some quick seasonal tips: crack open a window, as we say in England, or just invest in a fan. Also, whilst your house may be a butts-out zone, spend a moment to consider your beloved elderly neighbour. Summer sex is awesome for you, not so much for them! Close the curtains.


Autumn is the season of death, in a nature point of view, but that doesn't necessarily mean a coinciding with a decreased sex drive. For some, the depressingly bland season of autumn can be disheartening, a dry contrast to the vibrant seasons of the past, however this may provide for the perfect opportunity to begin to tuck in at home. Increased time together in the privacy of your home can easily lead to the flourishing of your sex lives, with a sweet boost in your bed-hours and a better understanding of what makes your partner tick in all the right places as a result of your hours of expertise.  

Unlike summer, the sex positions that work best in autumn are pretty closed, but not quite fully - we'll leave those for winter. Perhaps try lying on your side, with your partner led behind you, and lift your leg. Or maybe a sort of push-up missionary, or even a led down doggy position. The aim here is to stay warm enough that you don't feel the cold of the outside, but not so warm you overheat. Sweat isn't always that sexy. This seasonal tip? Begin avoiding having sex outdoors, if you're into that, it's getting pretty chilly now and no-one likes shrinkage...


Ah, the season of santa, snow and (cosy) sex. We all fascinate about it; going on some sort of luxury holiday is a crispy warm cabin in a snow-covered landscape, getting it on down in front of a log fire on top of a bear skin rug, topped with whisky shots and christmas music afterwards. Whilst the reality is far from that dream, it doesn't mean it can't be fun. The awesome thing about the winter season is that it's cold, duh. As a result, sex becomes a lot more intimate - sure, you're fucking, but you're stealing their warmth. Suddenly, sex takes a dual purpose!

What are the best positions for this, then, you may ask? Anything really intimate, skin-on-skin sort of stuff: complete missionary, spooning under the blanket, led-down cowgirl, whatever you want as long as you're sharing both the intimacy and warmth. If you look like you're hugging whilst doing it, you're probably doing it right! So, what's the seasonal tip here? If you're the adventurous type and outdoor sex appeals to you, put it off for a few months - sex in the snow is not only a turn-off for most people when they get down to it, but it can also be pretty dangerous to your health. Stick to those shared baths and massages with happy endings in bed for the time being.


And finally, the great season of spring - the rainbow of optimism after harsh winter months. The season of Easter, pollen, cut grass and pretty flowers, spring can be a really great time to explore your sexuality, if you can put up with potential hayfever and awakening squirrels running through the lawn. As the sun beams warmth for the first time in weeks, outdoor sex becomes a greater possibility, so maybe give that a try - so long as it's somewhere private, being caught probably isn't at the top of your list. At the same time, some pretty cool sex toys are spurted out, such as the now-infamous 'bunny ear' vibrator and really hot bunny outfits. Treat yourself, or treat your partner - win/win!

The positions that suit best for spring are really anything; sometimes it can get pretty chilly, so more intimate, closed positions like missionary work best, and other days it may feel like the dead-heat of summer has arrived early, so wide and open positions work best for you then. As touched on above, the prospect of having sex in the great outdoors is slowly becoming more advantageous, so perhaps begin to venture out into the unknown. Push your sexual boundaries and see what works for you.