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Sex Talk Chastity

Why is sex still so taboo...?

Ineffective communication is the root cause of relationship sex problems.

Why is it that in a sexually progressive society that encompasses all genders and sexual orientations that just discussing the nature and methodology of sex is still seen as something that is quite taboo in social circles?

Ladies—would you ever be able to randomly ask your male friend how he prefers receiving blowjobs without it coming off as flirting?

Men—why are you so embarrassed to ask WOMEN WITH VAGINAS as to where the several G-spots are?

How is it that as human beings, we have become comfortable within our bodies and have classified how we want society to determine our orientation yet we have failed to successfully generate a healthy dialogue on how sex CAN and SHOULD BE performed?

My girlfriends and I have discovered some causes for this 'Sex Talk Chastity' phenomena that is ruining our intimate relationships.

As young people discovering our bodies, from the onset of adolescence until we finally lose our 'V-Card' we naturally want to seek information and adequate research prior to being intimate with our partners. More often, we tend to acquire information from: magazines (often diluted information), our friends that have lost their 'V-Card' before us (our overly-exaggerated narrators), SexEd classes that are repetitively taught by our high school teachers (which takes the romance and passion out of this beautiful act), sometimes even someone we trust who is much older and is therefore deemed to be experienced; but more often than we care to admit, a vast majority of us learn about sex through PORN! Let's face it, the birds and the bees talk from our parents should not even be listed as a viable form of acquiring info on sex; the whole thing is just awkward!

Back to discussing porn, the downside to this 'unlimited sex portal' is the fact that porn does not equate to real life intimacy. Porn actors do not stop midway through their performance to teach and explain their techniques—nor do porn stars adequately inform us on the potential dangers attached to performing some of their stunts. It may act as a catalyst to get your reproductive juices flowing, however, are you learning any real tangible knowledge from watching any of it? In this case, is seeing believing?

Why can't we be open and freely discuss sex and various necessary sexual techniques?! Why can't we feel free to share some of our experiences with one another without watering it down? Sex is as natural as the rain pouring down from the clouds onto the earth. If we can openly discuss the process of evaporation, condensation, and lastly, precipitation—why can't we openly discuss the details surrounding foreplay, penetration and hopefully orgasm?

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Sex Talk Chastity
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