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Sex, Love, Life: #4

Sneaking Around

Peter and Adam had been dating for nearly eight years before the relationship began to fall apart. They tried their hardest to make things work, but nothing seemed to be working.

"Did you want to try an open relationship?" Peter asked casually one day while the two of them ate their dinner in silence once again.

"Not really," Adam replied angrily. He was annoyed every time Peter brought this conversation up, but Peter had only brought it up because he knew that Adam wasn't happy and he knew that the threesomes they had been having had spiked some interest in their love life, and not only that it seemed unfair to Peter that he himself had slept with tons of different people, but Adam had only had one person... Peter.

"Are you absolutely sure? I understand and have no problem with us having an open relationship. I know you haven't been able to experience what it is like to be a "gay man.”

"I don't need to experience what it is like to be a gay man!" Adam shouted, his face had now turned red with anger. The two of them spent the rest of the night in silence, and as the days went by it seemed although nothing would change.

Day after day life seemed to be on a repeat. The same thing happened every day. Adam would return from work around eight in the morning and Peter would be leaving for work by nine. While Peter was gone Adam would sleep, or at least that's what he thought. When Peter returned home from his shift Adam, would still be asleep so he would simply put on a movie and wait, but today was different... he wanted something to change so he downloaded Grindr onto his phone. He didn't want to cheat he just wanted to make some new friends and find out how many guys still wanted him. He basically wanted to feel wanted, because Adam no longer seemed to show interest or desire in him.

He might not have wanted to cheat, but it didn't take long for a familiar face to pop up on his Grindr account. It was Steven! Peter had met Steven in college during LGBT meetings, however, Adam and Steven had always talked during those meetings. Peter, on the other hand, found Steven extremely attracted and because of this, he was too nervous to even have a basic conversation with him.

"Hey, Peter."

"Hey Steven... how are you?" Peter responded still wondering why someone like Steven would be messaging someone like him. Steven was tall and slim with black long hair. He seemed like one of those typical pretty boys.

"I'm fine... kind of horny and was wondering if maybe you were interested. I've always had a crush on you, but didn't say anything because I know you are with Adam."

"I'm still with Adam, but we are thinking about doing an open relationship." Peter wrote back, the lie had slipped out faster than he thought it would, and a lot easier then he thought it would.

Over the course of the next three weeks, Peter and Steven continued to talk and flirt amount one another over Grindr while Peter tried desperately to reach Adam. He tried asking Adam again if he wanted an open relationship or maybe seek counseling, or even set aside two days a week to spend time together, but nothing seemed to be working. Maybe it was time to seek attention elsewhere and over the last three weeks, Peter had started to feel something for Steven... even if it wasn't quite love.

"Hey, Steven... you should come over." Peter typed as he watched Adam leave once again. Adam had been going out every free weekend he had to spend time with his best friend Caitlin which was one of Adam's and Peter's biggest relationship issue.

"Of course... I'll come over right now." Steven typed back. Peter took a deep breath and lit a smoke before heading to the bedroom to change into something more comfortable. It didn't take long till Steven arrived. Peter nervously opened the door and gestured for Steven to enter. Peter stood there shirtless... he wore nothing but jogging pants that were untied.

Steven smiled as he walked over and got on his hands and knees. He slowly pulled down Peter's pants and began to suck his thick soft dick. He grew bigger and bigger as Steven continued to work his "magic.” Peter stood above him pulling away Steven's shirt exposing his lean hairy chest and stomach.

"Let me ride you," Steven whispered as he stood up still stroking Peter's cock. 

As Peter sat on the coach and Steven slid off his pants he stood above Peter and lowered his perfectly round hairy bubble butt he couldn't help but moan as Peter's thick pulsing cock slid into his tight hole. He moaned louder and louder as he began to ride it. Peter stroke Steven's cock slowly as Steven continued to ride Peter's cock, and before either of them knew it Steven began to cum. It shot so far that it hit Peter in the face... a full of facial. Luckily for Peter, this was a major turn on and he began to cum deep into Steven's ass causing Steven to moan and cum even more... all over Peter's stomach and chest.

It probably was one of the shortest sexual activities that Peter had ever encounter, but it was hot. He kissed Steven goodbye and walked him out before heading to the washroom to take a shower and clean up before Adam returned home. The guilt and shame had already began to flood over him, but he kept his mouth shut and continued onwards with his and Adam's relationship. Months would pass before he would find out that Adam also was sleeping with other people.

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Sex, Love, Life: #4
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