Zachery Lee
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Sex Files: Part 16, The Lost Tape

On My Way

Another great story in the midst of the love triangle involved a night with Sabrina. Aimee was there too but she wasn't really into the moment that night. So, we're all back at my dad's condo, just kind of hanging out. I gripped up a bottle and we got a little drink on. Once we were all good and buzzed up, we started goofing around down in the kitchen. Sabrina hopped up on my back and clung to my neck, not thinking about it I swung her around and knocked a hole in the wall with her foot. We laughed it off and moved on for the rest of the night.

After chilling in the living room for a while just watching some TV, we decided to take the party upstairs and into the bedroom. Aimee was on her period I think, and it was pretty well decided that she wasn't going to be involved in the night's debauchery. We all fooled around for a little bit but Aimee ended up on the couch downstairs for the night. I got her a blanket, and some pillows, some water, anything she needed to make her feel more comfortable. Then, once that was all settled and done with, I went back upstairs to with Sabrina to go lay down. 

Before anything started, I wanted to make sure nobody was going to get hurt but, I mean if you've read the other ones, you know it didn't quite pan out that way. In that night though, Aimee had agreed that it was OK for us to go fuck around without her, because she wasn't good to go herself. Just wanted to make that known for the scenario. 

So back upstairs, me and Sabrina laid up in my bed and really just hung out for a bit. Kicked back with the TV on, cuddling with each other, periodically going out to check up on Aimee and make sure she was good. After about the third or fourth trip out to the balcony to check up on Aimee, we were rounding two in the morning and found Aimee fast asleep on the couch with the TV on. Seeing her comfortably draped off in dreamland, we decided it was high time we had some fun ourselves. 

Trying to keep it quiet still because it was stupid early in the morning and while we were just getting started, most people were still crashed out in their own way. So it started slow, still just cuddling with each other in our underwear. She was laying there in a little silky white bra and one of her favorite white, kind of lacy thongs. With her legs wrapped over mine I held her close in arms as she nuzzled herself in real close. Looking up to me with these puppy dog eyes, smiling and then tucking herself back down when I looked at her. Back and forth like that until finally I pulled her up toward my face and kissed her on the forehead. She looked up and laughed. So I reached down over her waist and pulled her up on top of me. Sabrina then firmly planted her hands on my chest and looked deeply into my eyes, at which point I grabbed her neck and pulled her to my face. She held back briefly but ultimately ended up where I wanted her to be, right up close, face to face to a point where I could grip on her bottom lip and pull it out with my teeth. After the first nibble, Sabrina pulled back and propped herself up again. Looking down at me as she situated herself, straddling on my crotch she gave me the most deviously sexy grin, then dug her nails deep into my chest and clawed down very slowly. I cringed as she did but kept it quiet all together, wrapping both arms around her waist and pulling her back down face level. We stared into each others eyes for a moment until I lifted my head and kissed her playfully on the lips. Then laughing, she smiled and kissed me back. Wrapping her arms over my head as I slipped my hands down her waist, grabbing a handful of ass and gently biting down on her bottom lip. As she pulled back letting out a discreet moan, she thrust on my dick that lay erect against my abdomen. Then scooting down toward the end of the bed, she flipped around and arched her ass up next to my face. Reaching up I grabbed hold of her white lace thong and slipped it to the side, sliding my index and middle fingers between her pussy lips. She tensed up a little when I unsuspectingly slipped my middle finger deep inside and twisted it, putting pressure on the walls while I drug it back out. I laughed as she whipped out my dick and bowed down to it, grabbing hold of the base of the shaft with one hand and juggling my balls with the other. While I slid my middle and ring fingers in her pussy, juices dripped out the sides as she opened her mouth wide and, with a very sexy moan, dropped down shoving my dick to the back of her throat. Swirling her tongue as she bobbed her head, jerking the shaft simultaneously as spit drained down the sides of her mouth and into her jerking hand. All the while moaning on a constant as I finger fucked her cum dripping pussy, spanking her ass with the other hand. We stayed this way for a solid 10 minutes until her jaw started locking up, at which point she turned and looked up at me with haste as she dribbled a little pre-cum off of her lip. Wiping the corners of her mouth as she crawled back up face level with me, leaning in to bite my bottom lip. Then kissing each other deeply as I grabbed hold of her neck with one hand, and held her waist with the other.

The passion between our lips was like setting a blazing forest fire. It blew up real quick, spread real fast, and lasted until the rapid bursts of viscous flowing hoses put it out.

As we lay there, lip locked, tangled in each others tongues, so much fiery passion igniting each movement, she thrust herself up and down my shaft, sliding her soaking wet pussy across the length of my cock. As she gripped hold of the skin on my chest, using the other arm as a kickstand, she thrust hard on my cock a few more times before she lifted up and said, "So you gonna fuck me or?"

I just laughed, while she lifted up into a squat, grabbing hold of the base of my dick while I used my thumb to drag the tip between her lips. She moaned and groaned as she looked down at me with these puppy dog pouty eyes whining as she said, "Ugh, you're killing me here."

Quickly interrupted as her eyes widened and her jaw dropped when I grabbed hold of her waist and slammed her down on my dick. With a deep inhale, Sabrina quickly got herself a little more comfortable, as she herself started bouncing down HARD while she gripped on my shoulders and swayed her hips side to side, gyrating as cum puddled on my pelvis. With her juices dripping down the sides of my waistline, I lifted Sabrina off the bed with a thrust toward the ceiling. As her moans turned quickly to a muffled scream, I grabbed hold under her thighs and with great force, bounced myself off of the bed, slamming my cock deep hard and fast up inside of her. I tired quickly, arching myself so far up, Sabrina couldn't even touch herself to the mattress. Then promptly slamming back down on the bed with her still mounted on my dick, the bounce back was so hefty she bounced right off of me. Laying up on my side, not gonna lie, my dick just kind of flopped against my abdomen like it was saying, "Nah dude, I gotta tap, that was way far out of the ballpark and I was not prepared in the slightest."

Sabrina wasn't having it though as she promptly picked up my dick and stuffed it in her mouth. Gargling on my cock while she fondled my balls, I would reach up and smack her ass with a solid amount of oomph. Jumping up next to me at the head of the bed after a good five minutes of blowing my dick back upright, we laid up and snuggled for a short moment then it was DEMANDED that I take over. So I did.

Not gonna lie I was kind of sluggish on the getting up part of it; my dick was ready, but my body was not. Once I got a handle on myself though, with a little bit of stretching for my legs and a slight push from Sabrina, I managed to get myself up while she flipped on her hands and knees. Arching her back and pressing her ass up against my dick, slipping it between her ass cheeks while I held up on her hips. Reaching back between her thighs, Sabrina grabbed my dick. While she let out these intense moans as she lined herself up and slammed herself down balls deep on my cock. Her lacy thong pressed against the shaft was honestly making it hard to NOT cum so quick, so I had to pull out and throw that to the side. Once the thong landed on the floor I was jumping back on top of her like a jacked up rabbit in mating season.

Back up on her ass end, with both hands firmly gripped down on her hips, Sabrina reaches back through her legs and grabs firmly on my dick. While she pulled me in closer by the shaft of my dick, rubbing my tip between her lips, I felt that key hole and slammed in deep. After about ten straight minutes of hardcore pounding while I held tightly onto Sabrina's hips, I was pushed back by Sabrina's ass jamming back into my waist. She looked back at me as she flipped up on her back, spreading her legs wide while she grabbed hold of my dick like a handle dragging me back in toward her dripping wet pussy. She let out an intensely sexual moan while wrapping her legs behind my back, which turned into faint screams while I slipped in the tip. Slowly, holding onto her knees as I inched up closer, I drown my cock in the ocean of pussy juices. Once I got all the way in, sky's the limit. Balls deep in this girl as she's gripped tightly behind my back, I held myself in deep and with short heavy thrusts I simultaneously swirled my thumb circular around her clit. With moans of very sensual natures filling the room, Sabrina looks up to me tightening the grip of her legs around my back and clawing her finger nails into my thighs. While she gripped in my thighs, my legs started cramping up, so we moved the party to the edge of the bed. Now standing at the edge of the bed, Sabrina bent face first into the mattress gripping hard onto the sheets. As she spread open her legs, I draped my cock between her lips. Firmly pressing the tip between them, sliding up and down while she drops her face onto the mattress biting down on the comforter. I hit that key hole though, and once I did, Sabrina lost it. Even more so when I dropped a hand print on her ass cheek. With loud moans as I continued to spank Sabrina's ass, gripping on her hips and dropping my dick balls deep hard and fast. After about ten minutes of rough dicking, Sabrina looked back at me with this cynical grin and said, "How do you feel about making a film?"

Frozen in my tracks, I laughed and replied, "Is that a real question? Cause the answer is simply, YES."

The bed was getting really loud though and, trying to keep it quiet was purely impossible from any angle. So we moved the party to the floor.

On her hands and knees, we both got some rug burn over the next ten minutes or so as I spanked her ass dropping dick in her doggy style. I had taken a knee and grabbed tight on her hips, lining myself up ever so gently until I hit that sweet spot, then jamming my cock in as hard as I could. Her screams were wild, as she reached back and gripped onto my thigh with one hand, using the other arm as a kick stand as she slowly dropped her face to the floor and arched up her ass. She laid there, face flat on the floor, getting rammed in deep with everything I had to offer. Long deep and hard, switching up to slow thrusting I would pull out to the tip and slam in balls deep with immense force. Listening to her soft muffled screams as I watch her cover her mouth up and try her damnedest to keep herself quiet. It wasn't working to well though, in the moments she COULD catch her breath, every breath out was a screech accompanied by eyes as wide as the moon in the sky. I was getting sore, and it was clear Sabrina needed a break so, I pulled out and let her breath for a moment. We weren't done yet by any means though, just a quick breather and then it was back to it.

As she laid on her back slowly, I held her neck up and kissed her deeply. Laid up on top of her now, slowly penetrating her lips with the tip of my dick. Watching as her eyes widen, and then close with an intense moan along with the motion. I reached up, grabbing my phone off the dresser above. Pulling up the camera and started recording. As Sabrina looked up to me with these big doughy eyes, I dropped my dick in deep, hard, and fast. Watching as she tried to contain herself, biting her lip and basically loosing all self control. Slowing up for a moment, as my legs started to cramp up all over again, I readjusted my stance and slipped myself back into a solid thrusting motion. Sabrina's jaw dropped to her chest as she took the phone and let me hold on her waist with both hands. It was fair to say that, right away, when I slammed my dick balls deep, Sabrina didn't know what to do. She held tight on the camera, repeatedly yelling, "Fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck FUUUUCKK!"

I planted her legs up on my chest, holding her up by the ankles, slamming my dick in with great force. We had been running this game for a solid hour and a half, recording for about five minutes or so with her on her back. The sun was starting to come up through the curtains in the window, but I wasn't ready for the day so I jumped up and closed the curtains darkening the whole room once more. With the flash on the camera, we kept recording. I was getting close to calling it, all I wanted to see was the money shot at this point, and I could feel Sabrina's legs going fucking nuts at my sides. With Sabrina holding up the camera steady in her hands, shining down at her face while I continue to slam my dick deep in her dripping wet pussy. Recording still, I was ready to call it quits. It wasn't coming easy though, so I had to force it. 

Rearing up on what was pushed to be the last moments of the escapade, I pushed myself to the max ad watched as Sabrina struggled to hold the camera up and steady, her whole body shaking as she dribbles cum out and onto the floor below us. The faces she makes are insufferable, while I continued plowing away. It wasn't too long until I finally started feeling the build up. With a rush of adrenaline at the same time, I suddenly wasn't ready to stop so, I gave it everything I had in the last moments. Thrusting as hard as I could, as fast as my body would allow. Quickly determined not to let up, with three deep steady breaths, I pulled out and busted a load on Sabrina's stomach, to which she reached down and swiped a finger through it, still recording, and filmed herself sucking the cum off her fingertip.

Completely drained of energy, while Sabrina and I struggled to get up in the bed once more, her legs are going rampant with violent shaking. Nobody cared though, it was a good night, and we had plans to do it all over again afterword. However, the follow-up didn't quite go down as we'd expected as this was when things got weird in the love triangle of Sabrina, Aimee, and myself. It was worth it 100% though, no complaints in the slightest. This is lessons, this is life.

Now a little disclaimer here I guess I'm going to call it, but that phone that we recorded on doesn't exist anymore. I've switched over phone plans a few times since then and, believe me, if I DID still have it, I mean, I would have probably did the sleazy thing and posted it up on numerous adult film sights. All is real and true, I don't falsify anything. As usual, I urge you to keep reading, still got plenty to say.

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Zachery Lee

I'm just a loner kid who's been through some things in his life.I have mountains of stories to tell, if your willing to read, I'm always willing to share.I hope that my stories inspire, and maybe even teach you a bit of something about life

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Sex Files: Part 16, The Lost Tape
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