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Sex and the Younger Woman

The Age Factor

The first myth is the difference in age. Is it normal for a woman to marry a man three to four years her senior? After all, the female matures faster than the male. True or false? I say both. I have told many young people that the male is worthless until the age of 32. This is when he gets serious about life and becomes a responsible individual. Until then, ladies, go play in someone else’s sandbox. This said, the woman starts to become interesting at the age of 27—the game playing ends. Consider the following couples:

  • Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall - 25 years
  • Charlie Chaplin and Oona O’Neill - 34 years
  • Micheal Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones - 26 years

What do these famous motion picture stars have in common? Taking into account the age difference, they were wed. Now consider this list:

  • Jimmy Steward and Grace Kelly - 21 years
  • John Wayne and Lauren O’Hara - 13 years
  • Humphrey Bought and Lauren Bacall - 25 years
  • Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn - 26 years*

These three are prime examples of older men with younger women. They were matched up for various movies as love interests—one couple had married. The point is, we have all been raised watching the older man get the younger woman. Until his death, Tracy remained married and supported his first wife of 44 years; they did not live together for well over 30 years. *Tracy and Hepburn were never married, but they were "together" for 26 years.

I have a friend who is 55 and his wife, 25. He had divorced the first wife, then met this woman, and married her and now is the happy father of two young children, who are twins. I know a woman age 33; her dates are no older than 22. She will not date anyone her age or older. Her norm is to have sex on the first date with the younger men and then both go their separate ways. She wants a relationship but that doesn’t happen. She struggles internally, I am sure, but she justifies it as just sex in the physical state. In reality, it’s nothing more than a "one night stand," and the lady is lonely. 


History dictated that the cavewoman always hooked up with the strongest caveman available. He was, after all, strong, a good hunter, thus could provide and protect her and their offspring. Their children had the advantage of good, strong genes thus the better chance of survival and a chance to become more intelligent. This is true to a point; however, the elders who were once strong, healthy providers lived through the hardships, became the clans’ default leaders in a sense. Too old to be of value in the food gathering process, they took on the job of teaching the youth the clan’s history, stories of survival, and hunting techniques. When necessary, they were also charged with protecting the cave dweller’s camp when the warriors were out hunting. The elders sired an overwhelming number of offsprings. They, after all, were the strongest of the strong; they survived a lifetime of danger—their genes were desired, their knowledge unmatched. The female species, in secret, sought out an older male to mate with while her younger man hunted and foraged for food. His knowledge of the biological father was never made known.

Today's Hunter/Provider

In modern times we don’t hunt much; we go to the store and purchase our food. The hunter is obsolete but the provider is not. The "geek" is now considered the strongest, for his education and knowledge in technology and business, lending him the advantage of a higher income, thus the female will seek them out. The CEOs and generally speaking, wealthy men, have younger wives commonly known as "trophy wives." The women are attracted to money, which begets power. Her offspring(s) will be better off in life and hopefully be more intelligent then most. Contracts, called pre-nuptials, are signed before the marriage, good for ten years max. She gets very little in the way of finances if the marriage ends in divorce or separation if it occurs less than ten years. After that time she is entitled to full legal benefits. 


Business leaders, doctors, lawyers, and politicians are often drawn to the younger woman. The animal kingdom looks for the most powerful male, as does the woman. Quite often, the older male is selected. While the peacock struts its feathers to attract the female, the female makes the choice. The man has the desire but the woman always has the right to choose. This is the way the world works and has so for millions of years.

Mankind is the only creature on earth that can mate year round. Sex is what kept the caveman coming home each night, for the human child is the most delicate of all creatures. It is years before the child can strike out on his own; having needed to be protected and provided for, thus, the woman uses her sexual powers to keep him from straying—humanity continues. What does not work is the older woman with a younger man; child birthing is the optimum. Selective breeding is and always has been paramount. 

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Sex and the Younger Woman
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