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Selfish Desires

"She had been working for a month now at Cafe La Vida..."

Photograph Found on Pinterest

She had been working for a month now at Cafe La Vida and she had already caught the attention of a formidable costumer. Everything had changed for him ever since she had been hired. The grand CEO eyed her hungrily every time she came to work. He would come daily and sneak glances at her over his laptop screen without realizing. He would order three items just so he could catch a whiff of her perfume and hear her sultry voice. He envied the clothes on her body and longed to be the pieces of fabric protecting her delicate skin. This was an emotion he could not control, just like his inappropriate thoughts. He couldn't help it. He craved her. She was a power source to him. 

His actions did not go unnoticed by her. She knew about the glimpses he stole of her, the way he'd breathe deeply when she passed by, and the look of hunger in his eyes when she spoke to him. She was guilty of turning him on. Going to work excited her when she thought about him sitting in his usual spot, in the back of the cafe, typing away. She had been feeding him treats and today she would make her move. 

After her college classes were finished for the day, she hurried home to shower and get dolled up. She was on final warning for being tardy and had been caught day dreaming in her English class. As punishment, she was given an essay on the main theme of the movie they had just watched that was due that night. The night of her big scheme. She didn't care about any of that, though. What drew her attention was the thought of her fingers running through his tousled dark brown hair and his red stained lips on her bare skin. She put on a heady amount of perfume, stained her lips red and glossed them. She was ready to tease him with her seductive clothes, plumped lips, and curled up lashes. Once she arrived, he was already there, as usual, waiting for her. His hormones went berserk that day when he laid eyes on her scanty outfit. She wore a short, clingy, A-line skirt and a low cut blouse that complimented her breasts. As she walked, her long slimmed legs mesmerized him like a pendulum clock swinging back and forth. 

No words were spoken between them as she brought him his usual order and slid a note underneath his plate. He trembled underneath her smile. His throat went dry as he thought about the outfit she wore when she first arrived. Now she had on her usual work attire, which brought him relief and tamed his desires. 

The note read, "Let's go out tonight after my shift." He turned towards her and nodded his head slightly with a smirk lingering on his face. He began to count down the minutes until her shift was over. She too was keeping track of time and thinking of places where they could spend time together. After waiting hours, he picked her up and decided to go to her house for "dinner."

There was no dinner that night. Instead they both gravitated to the bedroom where he laid on top of her bare form. As they burnt up the cool sheets, they greedily explored one another. He rolled off at the sound of his ringtone. There on the caller ID displayed his smiling fiancé who had been on a business trip to France. He turned back to face the bewildered brunette on the bed and then at his fiancé's image.

He couldn't go on with it. His heart and hormones were now in his control. He picked up his clothes, tugged them on, and left the room, leaving the teared-stained girl confused and saddened. This would be the last time she let her selfish desires take reign. 

As she lay on her bed, she thought of her previous lover who had crushed her self esteem to the point where she needed to feel loved by another. Her eyes landed on her computer screen that showed a message from her professor. It was a reminder to finish the essay she was assigned. She had opened a folder and began to type two very true words that applied to the movie and herself. "Love Yourself" was plastered as the title. She wrote with shaking hands, tears streaming down her cheeks, and a small smile plastered on her face. She would begin the difficult journey of self love.

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Selfish Desires
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