Seductive Seclusion

A holiday by the pool turns into a naughty experience.

It was a hot, clear day as he swam up and down the lengths of the pool. Part of his daily routine is to keep in shape while on holiday. He thinks about his life; beautiful wife, gorgeous kids, holiday home in the sun. No worries were to be had while on this romantic getaway, just he and his wife, celebrating 5 years together. 

He stops at the edge of the pool, looking up as his wife watches him, "when will you be out, dear?" she says in a calm yet assertive tone. He smiles, his eyes wavering over her curves as she stands in nothing but a towel in front of him, "just 2 more laps, sweetie". He pushes away from the edge, swimming across, his head going under the water, unable to hear what she says back to him, her tone a little harsher. He turns, doing more lengths than he says he would do. 

He comes out from under the water, brushing his shoulder length brown hair back off of his face. As he turns he sees her walking by him with drinks in her hand, her perfectly made Jack Daniels and coke over the perfect amount of ice for him and a small sex on the beach cocktail for her. She walks round to the other end of the pool and places the drinks on the edge, just by the water. She removes the towel, the sun making her naked body glow. A flash of jealousy runs through him as the thought of someone else seeing his angel with no clothing stopping her naked body being seen, before realising they are completely alone in this secluded, off the radar villa. 

He licks his lips as he watches the towel drop, his eyes inspecting her every curve as he looks back up into her bright green eyes that look right back at him, a small smirk on her face as she sits down on the edge of the pool, dipping her legs into the pool. She takes a sip from her drink still looking deep into his eyes, as she pulls it away from her lips a little bit drips out. With her finger, she quickly scoops it up off of her chin and places her finger softly onto her tongue in her open mouth. She closes her lips around her finger and pulls back, a sharp sucking sound occurs as she pulls her hand away. His cock feels the water much more sensitively as it hardens slowly, knowing what is coming. 

He swims towards her, hesitating as she raises her hand for him to stop "you have to wait, Mr. 2 more laps," her tone playful, teasing. He feels a wave of adrenalin surge through his body as his dominance tries to take him over, fighting it back as he adjusts his swimming trunks which are slowly becoming tighter around his groin. She keeps her eyes locked with his as her hand slides down her soft skin, tracing across her left breast, her nipples hardening as the excitement visibly spreads around her body. Her hand goes softly onto her clit as she spreads her legs, she bites her lips as the water ripples against her sensitive pussy, the water mixing with her juices as she leans her head back. He swims closer, slowly, as to not alert her to his movement. 

She starts softly rubbing her clit in small anticlockwise circles, her thighs tensing with each flick up. A grin spreads across his face as he reaches towards her. He pushes between her legs with his torso, gripping onto her thighs as she gasps, trying to escape from his grip. He has a tight hold of her as she squirms, his dominant side taking over him as he slides his thumb up the inside of her thigh; "stop struggling, my love, let me please you". He feels her relax against him, her body giving into him, she's his now to do whatever he wishes. 

He picks up his drink, taking a sip and allowing a single ice cube into his mouth. He places it down and lowers his body into the water, placing his arms under her thighs, keeping them apart. He presses his tongue against her clit, the coldness from the ice cube sending a shiver up her body, a moan escaping her lips, sending a shiver down his spine as he hears the pleasure leave her lips. As the surge of adrenalin heightens through his body he lowers his lips, making sure the ice cube is melted in his mouth, he slides his tongue into her tightening hole. His cold tongue and her warm juices mixing as he twists and turns his tongue inside her, making her back arch and her body convulse as she holds back the pleasure. 

He looks up into her eyes seeing her face go red with a little shyness "don't be shy baby, cum for poppa, it's ok," his tone is soft yet dominating, her body giving into the pleasure he gives. He dives back down, driving his tongue deeper and harder into her pussy, feeling her muscles tighten as she gets closer to orgasm. He reaches around her leg, pressing his thumb against her clit, moving it round in the same pattern as she had been doing before he intervened. 

Her body quivers, her breathing getting heavier as moans come from deep within her body "poppa I'm gonna cum" her voice is laboured, gasping between breaths. He buries his tongue deep into her as he puts more pressure on her clit. Her legs shake as she begins to cum, her juices dripping onto his tongue and into his mouth. He takes in as much as he can, enjoying the taste of how much he pleases her. He raises himself up out of the water wrapping his arms around her body, kissing her passionately, her body like putty in his arms as he holds her close to him. 

His mind flickers of what's to come, making him moan against her soft lips. As she moans back, giving into him, all that runs through his mind is that she's his, all his, forever. 

What more could a man dream of?