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Seduced by a Cougar

Tyler Faith abuses unfaithful pool guy.

The hunter and the prey, Tyler is definitely not shy!

Men have a fascination with the older woman. Personally I know I do and usually that fascination focuses around sex with older women. We like "dirty sex" and we know experience pays dividends when it comes to sex giving older women that pleasurable edge.

These older women we're attracted to usually lie in the cougar age range of between 30 to 50, any higher and than that and we're into the "panther" region. I'm not too fussed on the panther but one woman who definitely fits the cougar bill is Tyler Faith.

I'm actually a pretty big fan of Tyler Faith, but can't seem to find new scenes of her anymore as she must have slowed down a bit.

A porn company who seemed to have picked up on the cougar popularity is Naughty America, creating a series called Seduced By A Cougar.

Tyler Faith was one of the first actresses picked up for the series and does a particularly good performance as a green eyed cougar.

I think Naughty America knew they had a bit of a special scene on their hands because before the initial narrative they show a shot of Tyler having her pussy eating while saying she loves seducing young men.

A Woman Scorned

Tyler Faith in some promotional shots where the sex takes place.

When the narrative starts she's out sunbathing by her pool, topless with a thong on which looks fantastic. You don't see this often in Naughty America, but it adds to the idea of a confident cougar displaying her assets and searching for prey. Enter Scott Nails who is Tyler Faith's pool guy and her prey in this episode. He's a very good actor Scott Nails and often plays the innocent school boy who is corrupted by the cock hungry MILF. Scott is also a good looking guy and must be popular with the ladies which sees him cast a lot by various porn companies. All in all he's a good performer and probably a mainstay in the industry. When Scott enters he covers his eyes in respect for 'Mrs Faith' and offers to come back later. Tyler insists he cleans her pool and emphasises she's "not shy" raises her eyes as she says it in a tongue in cheek fashion. It adds to the idea of the confident cougar who searching for a mate in her backyard. It's very sexy and it's one of the reasons I like Tyler Faith so much. Scott politely goes about his business of cleaning the pool trying to respect Tyler's privacy at the same time. Tyler is not content with that and asks him to put some sun lotion on her, seductively spreading her legs in casual fashion. Scott does a good job of playing the nice guy trying to explain to Tyler that it wouldn't be appropriate. Tyler gets irate and the authority of being older comes out as she manipulates Scott making out there's nothing to it. She uses that respect young people have for older people to manipulate Scott which is pretty erotic. As Scott reluctantly oils her legs, Tyler encourages him to get closer to her pussy. Scott again is reluctant now telling Tyler he has a girlfriend hoping that will stop her advances. In dominate fashion Tyler declares, "Who gives a fuck about your girlfriend right now?"—showing the confidence she has in her sexy body to seduce any man. Scott tries to stop and goes to stop when he's rudely kicked in the pool by Tyler who is clearly angered by his refusal to co-operate. Scott does a good job here still playing the nice guy and is shocked about Tyler's behaviour. Tyler who feels she has to change tactics to get her way with this man apologizes and promises to put Scott's clothes in the dryer. Manipulative she gets him to undress, when he stops at his swim shorts Tyler pulls him over in a maternal manner and undresses him. She pulls off his shorts to reveal his big cock to which she is impressed by stating, "She never realized he was so big."

Respect Your Elders

Scott being pleasure, at the end of the scene Tyler makes him an offer.

She begins sucking him and has a eager head action that I think most viewers will enjoy, Tyler is definitely one of my favourites. She offers to take Scott inside so he can dry off in the warmth, he's pretty much defenceless now although he keeps muttering on about his girlfriend. Good acting and really adds to the realism of this particular scene. Tyler takes his hand and leads him inside the house giving us a good shot of her backside in a thong. It's a nice image and is well juxtaposed as an original carrot to get the viewer aroused. Tyler and Scott have sex on the sofa which is great, very dirty and raw stuff. Tyler sits on Scotts face at one point and when she works his shaft in return it's a spectacle to behold.

Definitely Not Shy

Tyler gives the camera crew a look at the assets before Scott Nails gets his hands on them.

The cowgirl position could have been done better but it doesn't detract from an excellent performance by both Scott and Tyler. Overall I'd have to give it four out of five let down by a bit of messy "cowgirl" work. You can pick up the scene at Naughty America where they have loads of similar scenes but I picked it up at Whorestepmom for free which was good.

4 out of 5.

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Seduced by a Cougar
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