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Sarah Vandella

Brief Biography of the Former Contract Girl

Sarah Vandella holds two reasons why she's so popular.

The female form is very picturesque when at its best and while beauty can be in the eye of the beholder, some women break that rule. It's only natural that such women take up employment in the world of glamour photography in the pursuit of fame and fortune. When fortune lies absent then some girls choose to do pornography as a way to earn that pot of gold. While you don't have to be super glamorous to make a living from porn, the women who tend to make the big bucks tend to be "catwalk lookalikes who suck dick on film!"

With that in mind, allow me to introduce Sarah Vandella from New York, a gorgeous blonde starlet who has now entered the MILF market at the age of 34. She has 34D-25-36 curves and is a native of Hauppauge, Long Island. 

I'm your private dancer...

Sarah in Some Shots for Naughty America

Born December 2, 1983 to "hippie parents," Sarah was dancing for strip clubs at the tender age of 18. She decided to move to Nevada to work as an escort, meeting girls there who were filming porn which made her curious about the business. Although interested, she didn't shoot a porn film until 2008 at 24 years of age. Making up for lost time, she's actually starred in over 1090 porn DVDs and shot porn for the likes of Reality Kings, Brazzers, Bang Bros, and Naughty America. During October 2009, she actually became a contract girl for "Zero Tolerance" using the alias Sara Sloane. While with the company, she shot over 20 titles for them and their partner companies before being released from her contract. On being released by Zero Tolerance, she actually took up her original name of Sarah Vandella once again. 

A Dancer for Money...

Sarah Vandella has a very unique look about her. 

During November 2018, Sarah announced she was having a second breast enhancement done. The New York hottie has a very unique look about her anyway with her dyed blonde hair and cute face. Don't let that cute demeanour fool you, though, as she is pure filth once the camera starts rolling. While giving a blowjob she tends to get really sloppy and messy so if you like that sort of thing, Sarah is great for it!

Do what you want me to do!

Sarah grabs hold of the goods!

She's also not squeamish about banging multiple guys on film and to be honest they are some of her best scenes. It's hard to believe this sophisticated honey will happily lend herself to a pair of young studs to get her off. I watched a few stepmom scenes with her from which were pretty good too. In one scene, her stepson Xander Corvus licks her pussy while she's on the telephone to his father. Sarah, now in her thirties, has slowly crept into the "MILF" category of porn but she could get away with playing a 20-year-old in most porn scenes. She's actually a good actress too so it's a surprise as you watch her lustfully suck a pair studs with a sneer of satisfaction. That won't reduce the enjoyment you have watching her though and she's definitely one of the better performers out there. It doesn't seem like there's much she won't do either as I've seen her in anal scenes, interracial scenes, double penetration, and gang bangs. You can see she definitely enjoys having sex which is probably why she originally worked as an escort. It's easy to see why Zero Tolerance picked her up as a contract girl once you see this New Yorker work over a cock.

As far as accolades go, Sarah has been nominated for several AVN Awards which include Best Couples Sex Scene, Best Tease Performance, Best Supporting Actress and Best All-Girl Group Sex. Under the guise of Sarah Sloane she was nominated for a F.A.M.E Award and a XRCO Deep Throat Award.

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Sarah Vandella
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