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Safe Sex or No Sex

Don't Sleep Around

Safe sex involves using various forms of protection such as the condom, spermacide, or female condom. The pill is a somewhat effective form of contraception that prevents pregnancy. A diaphragm is also a form of protection although the best protection is no sex. Birth control implants or IUDs (intrauterine devices) work to protect against pregnancy. Safe sex or no sex because you want protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Dental dams also work after oral, anal, or vaginal sex. Any barrier of any kind helps protect against skin-to-skin contact or fluids, which can spread the STD.

HIV is the ultimate STD that nobody wants. Birth control is necessary to use in conjunction with safe sex practices involving the use of protection. Contraceptives prevent an egg from being released every month. The condom is the most popular form of contraception out there, which guarantees safe sex if it doesn’t break. The morning after pill is certainly a backup method if condoms break, which is why care must be taken to use the condom properly. Safe sex can include mutual masturbation or dry humping with clothes on. When the underwear gets taken off, that is the time to use whatever form of protection you can get your hands on.

Contraception prevents pregnancy most of the time. There is still that percent that do wind up pregnant even with the pill and IUDs. Alcohol and other drugs affect your judgment about sex. You put female condoms inside the vagina and are not to be used with a male condom but that can protect against sperm traveling to fertilize the egg. Doctors need to teach about the proper use of the diaphragm, which is covered in spermacide. A cervical cap is another form of female birth control that only covers the cervix.

IUDs are hormonally based or are made of copper. IUDs can be kept in the vagina for 5 to 10 years but that only happens if it doesn’t move around or shift places. A pregnancy can occur if the IUD moves direction in any way. IUDs do not protect against STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Implants contain the hormone progesterone, the same hormone as the contraceptive pill only it is released over a time period such as three years or more. The contraceptive sponge is placed very far inside the vagina with its deadly package to sperm, spermacide.

You have to remember to go to the doctor for contraceptive injections but this doesn’t work to prevent STDs. There is also a patch that can prevent pregnancy but not STDs. The patch works for three weeks on skin, then you take it off and start over. Some people can get skin infections from the patch though. The morning after pill works 24 hours after unprotected sex but it is best to use protection properly so you don’t have to worry about the morning after pill.

STDs are carried in bodily fluids such as blood, pus, saliva, or other excretions such as semen and vaginal fluids. Dental dams do help prevent contact with such fluids as well as condoms. Safe sex works but no sex is a guarantee against pregnancy or STD. No sex means that you don’t get any but at least you are safe from things that could get you very sick. HIV is deadly. You die of opportunistic infections. Cause of death is varied for people who have HIV. Unprotected sex can get you ill, HIV can kill you, and you don’t want that. HIV cuts people down in the prime of their lives since you can die from a cold, hepatitis, or pneumonia, or bronchitis, or various smaller infections that you contract from not having an immune system. Please practice safe sex to prevent STDS from spreading. 

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Safe Sex or No Sex
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