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Royally Flushed

Erotic Prompt

Photo by Peter Oswald on Unsplash

The king had never looked at me with anything but indifference. In fact, his eyes had never met mine until now. My service was to clean his chambers and tend to his wife. But tonight, his eyes were laid upon me with a fierceness I knew not what to do with. His eyes were whiskey-colored, the kind that all the women in the village squirmed underneath their petticoats for. And now it was my turn to feel the king's burning gaze upon my flushed cheeks. 

I managed to look away, knowing I had other things to do in the king's private chambers. I hiked up my skirt and continued to gather my cleaning supplies. The queen had finally arrived. Her ocean-colored eyes met my gaze as she entered through the doorway. She nodded politely as I bowed down before her. She exited the room along with her king and entered into her powder room, probably to freshen up after a long day of entertaining the commoners. It was warm and toasty in the king's chambers. The flames emanating from the fireplace were burning brightly, giving a warm and comfortable feel to the place. 

My hands touched the softness of the white sheets after I finished placing them neatly over the bed, the silky drape of the deep violet curtains keeping most of the daylight from the room. I glanced towards the door, to see if the king or queen had wanted for anything in the powder room, but noticed the door remained closed so I quickly sat myself down onto the big, puffy bed. It was fairly comfortable. 

The pillows were fluffed and soft. My eyes closed briefly as I placed my head upon the big pillows. My mind drifts off to the many adventures the king and his mistresses must’ve had on this bed. How his hands were surely rough and eager to spread their legs. His tongue ready to dip into their moist flesh, ready to drink from them as if his life depended on it. His fingers pinching their taut nipples to spread spasms throughout their bodies. I let out a small groan and pictured the king with his head in between my legs, his hands spreading my quivering legs, his lips kissing my inner thighs softly. 

Another deep groan slips out of my throat and I quickly open my eyes when I feel a presence in the room. It was both the king and the queen, both of their eyes filled with lustful intentions. I couldn't make myself move as I watched them shed off their clothes before me. Once they were done, they climbed into bed with me, the king on one side, the queen on the other. 

The king sends an order against my ear, urging for me to stand before him. I nodded nervously and stood up, facing them. The queen sat before me, her eyes meeting mine, while her hands ripped apart my peasant dress, exposing my bare skin to both of them. I sucked in a breath when her cold hands slipped underneath my petticoats, her fingers playing softly with my hardened nipples. Heat spread throughout my body, uncontrollable lust shaking through me. 

The queen's hand unbuttoned the rest of my undergarments, leaving it slightly open. Her fingers ran down my flat stomach, picking apart my slick folds with her fingertips. Her other hand squeezed my buttocks, beckoning for me to step closer. Her fingers slipped slowly inside me, a whimpering groan slipping out of my mouth. I met the king's eyes then, confused as to why he was keeping his hands at his sides, and not on me or his queen. 

I could feel her fingers dipping deep inside, the slickness helping her reach her goal. And suddenly, the king gestured for me to lay on the bed again. I quickly obeyed and placed my head against the pillows. The king’s lips hovered over mine, my tongue running across his bottom lip; his teeth caught it and his lips came down onto mine. Molding my lips with his, his tongue stroked mine as his hand cupped my cheek. I could feel the queen's hands spread apart my legs, removing the rest of my undergarments as the king's tongue took control inside my mouth, exploring and devouring. 

The queen’s lips kissed down my quivering inner thigh as they grew closer and closer to my wet center. The king's hand started to fondle my breast, his thumb rubbing over the hard nipples. He left my mouth then, and enclosed his lips over the eager peaks, sucking on them gently, pulling at them with his teeth, causing me to groan with desperation. 

The queen's fingers parted my folds again and her tongue flicked over my throbbing nub, forcing me to spread my legs wider for her. My hands gripped the white sheets as the queen’s tongue laps at the wetness in my center. The king's tongue flicked and licked hungrily at my tender breasts. Pleasure spread through me like wildfire, making my body convulse with waves of pleasure, burning my skin, adding to the fire inside of me. 

His queen's teeth nibbled gently at my center, causing me to groan loudly. The king silenced me with another kiss, his tongue coaxed my own deeply. The queen's tongue entered deeper inside me, the tip of her tongue flicking its way from the bottom all the way up to the top. I could feel my muscles contract, tightening as her tongue licked frantically. The king's kiss became more passionate as his hand squeezed my breast. The urge of letting myself fall apart in front of them was too great to bare. 

As I writhe against the silk sheets, the queen's tongue slips out of me, and the king's lips remove themselves from mine. I watched them switch positions. The king positioned himself in between my legs and the queen placed her thighs on either side of my face, the musky scent of her arousal tickling my nose, making my mouth water as my need to taste her became a necessity. I placed my hands on her buttocks, pulling her center into my mouth. My tongue parted her slick folds and I began licking off her wetness. A groan slipped from her glistening lips. I could feel the king’s cock sliding inside me now, thrusting deeply, causing me to moan into his queen's mound. My teeth nibbled at her nub and she jumped slightly, my tongue quickly plunging into her again, deeper, and faster, my fingers digging into the soft flesh of her backside. 

The king's cock swelled inside me, making him thrust into me faster, my muscles tightening around his shaft, sucking him inside me deeper. I felt the queen's muscles contract around my mouth, so I sucked at her sweet spot rapidly, causing her to moan loudly and tug at a patch of my unkempt hair. Her sweet juice slid slowly down my throat. I heard the king’s loud grunt as he pumped his hips upward, spilling his own warm liquid into me. 

Not long after that, I followed the path of bliss as well as the king's cock continued to thrust slowly against my wetness. When he was done, his queen lifted herself off my face and the king pulled me to sit up. I crawled over to him as he stood proudly against the edge of his bed, his cock still erect and ready to be milked by my lips. I could taste myself on him as soon as my lips closed over his tip. I licked and sucked furiously, allowing him to plunge deeper into my mouth. His hands tugged at my hair and I moaned deeply when I felt his queen's hands caress my backside gently. She was sitting close to me now, and I left her king's cock long enough for my fingers to find her sodden mound. Licking my lips, I slipped my fingers into her, making her moan and smile with pure delight, then returned to the king's hard member.

I could feel the urgency in his hips as he pumped into my mouth, and the queen writhed against my hand rapidly, unable to control her pleasure much longer. I had both of them under my spell now. While my mouth worked on the king's hard member, I cupped and rubbed at the queen's sensitive center faster. Both of them came simultaneously, the king squirting his juice deep inside my mouth, the queen's river dripping down her trembling thighs. 

I knew not what would become of me after this encounter. But I knew I would never be able to look at both of them the same way without thinking of bringing them into ecstasy once again. 

Sharlene Alba
Sharlene Alba

Full of raw and unfiltered fluid poems, short stories and prompts on love, sex, relationships and life. I also review haircare, skincare and other beauty products. Instagram: grungefirepoetry fleekonabudget Facebook: grungefirepoetry 

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Royally Flushed
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