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Room 569

Damn, you feel good.

Yes please 

When I think I about your commanding nature and the way you dominated me in bed while being completely in tune with my needs, immediately I'm ready again... even though I just left your room. I imagine you exploring my body later and I can't help but touch myself. I feel the sticky slickness of your seed as it starts to trickle down my inner thigh.

I use the bottom of your shirt to mop up the wetness so it doesn't continue to run down my leg as I walk through the lobby to my room. We'll see what dinner brings, but this time I was going to be in charge... Unless of course you caught me off guard again, which I was almost certain you would... maybe the giving up of control would be just as satisfying I thought. Maybe it’s time to give into my desires and just enjoy receiving.

I came to the bar about 15 minutes late... long enough to make you wonder if I’m coming, but not so long that you finish your drink and leave. When I got to the bar I didn't see you. I asked the bartender if anyone had been there waiting and he handed me a note. He gave me a little wink as I took the note, completely confused. I opened it slowly and barely caught the room key before it fell to the floor. "Come on up... I'm running late. You remember, room 569," the note read. 

I giggle remind myself I'm relinquishing control this evening as I walked towards the elevators. Pressing the 5th floor, I take in a deep breath, nervous in anticipation. I wasn't exactly sure I was ready to "choose this" this time around... I mean the first time I felt you inside me, you just kind of took me on the beach. I didn't stop you in any way, but you still took me... the second time was kind of an accident, a luck of nature let's say running in to you at this conference, at this hotel... but this time, this was a conscious premeditated decision and it gave me pause.

Ultimately, my curiosity and desire outweighed any possible later repercussions... so I put the key against the lock, hearing the beep and click, I pushed the door open and walked in, letting it close loudly behind me to let you know I’m here.

“I'll be right out..." I hear you call from the bathroom. Looking around, I don't see anywhere to sit other than the bed you bent me over earlier so I cautiously sit down on the end. An electric shock stuns my fire in remembrance and I get a little wet.

Instead of coming out of the bathroom ready, you step out with only a towel loosely tied around your waist. You walk over to me and kiss me softly. Running your hands through my hair, you hold me close as you kiss me... gently at first, then eager, full of electricity and anticipation. A fire starts growing in your groin.

Stepping back you let your towel fall to the ground. Instead of being embarrassed you stand there watching my reaction, completely naked, hard as a rock, full of confidence, smiling a little smirk. You step towards me and I nervously stand up, not ready to willingly fall into bed with you, yet.

Standing inches in front of me you slowly unbutton my shirt, feeling my breath catch and quiver as I inhale deeply. You grab a handful of my hair and pull my head back. You dive in, devouring my neck. My shirt falls off my shoulders and onto the floor. 

You spin me around to nibble on the back of my neck, shooting shocks down my back that explode between my legs. You unclasp my bra letting it fall to the floor, unzip my skirt... letting it fall too. You turn me back around, scooping me up tightly. We’re skin on skin. Quivering breasts to bare chest. 

You sit on the edge of the bed pulling me onto your lap. I straddle you, bending my knees under me around yours. You hold me close, kissing me softly. You make your way from my lips, to my neck, to my chest, with one arm around me pulling me into you. You find my breast with your other hand and gently roll my nipple between your fingers, you lick my erect nipple, sucking on me a bit, then bite down making me gasp, cry out and jump back. You hold on firm and move on to loving and assisting the other.

You start to feel a wetness develop on my panties as I grind them against your pulsing cock. I’m surprised how excited the pain and pleasure mixed together makes me. I kiss you eagerly, nibbling on your bottom lip, tasting your tongue.

Moving me off your lap, you lay me back on the bed and lie next to me. We begin to explore each other's bodies finding all the little sensitive zones, the little ticklish spots... just enjoying touching each other and being touched. Your hands make their way down my body to my panties. You tug on the side and start to slide them down. You slide them off my hips, down my thighs, past my knees and sitting up... you remove them from my feet throwing them to the floor.

You run your hands up my ankles, over my calves, along the inside of my knees and up my thighs parting them slightly so you can lay down between my legs. You put my legs on your shoulders and bury your face between my quivering thighs, deep into my wet pussy. You tease me with your tongue, flicking back and forth on my clit and diving deep into me, you easily, quickly bring me to orgasm. I arch my back, squeeze you between my legs and reach back grasping at anything to hold on to. 

When my body stops quivering, I pull you up towards me, wanting more... needing more. Yearning with desire, dying to feel you deep inside me. You hold me in a tight embrace and kiss me deeply as you slowly guide your cock inside me. I yank at you desperately, wanting you to go faster, wanting you to go harder. Putting my legs up on your shoulders you begin to thrust deep slow intensional, hitting my g spot deep inside softly over and over, You speed up, thrusting faster, harder, deeper, pounding my pussy. I moan loudly, temporarily not in control of my body, I start to quiver, my fire explodes with another orgasm, as my body shakes and quivers, you slow down making steady forceful thrusts. 

Pleasure ripples through my body, I lock my legs around your hips stopping you from thrusting. Locked in an embrace, we roll over so you are on your back and I'm on top of you... squeezing you deep inside. Rocking back and forth I lean down and kiss you teasingly for just a minute before I start to slide off your shaft to explore your body.

You stop me just before your cock slides all the way out and pull me back down onto you hard, thrusting upwards piercing deep inside me... I cry out and you bury it with a kiss before letting me go. Damn you feel good. You feel me contract around you and you let out a gasp before I slide the rest of the way off. 

As I kiss your neck and suck on your earlobes, I begin to feel my way down your body... first with my hands followed closely by my mouth, much the way you did mine. We lay skin to skin, matching breath with breath, feeling every muscle in our bodies tense against each other as I work my way down your body. I pause to nibble on your nipples and to feel your hard cock between my breasts, beckoning, begging almost.

I work my way down your body caressing, kissing, nibbling, exploring... taking in every twitch, every spasm, every move until I reach your toes and begin to work my way back up.  I drag my nails up your ankles, over your calves, along the inside of your knees and up your thighs, I pull my feet up under me until I'm sitting on them, on my knees... between your knees. I feel your body shiver in response to my touch as you struggle to catch your breath unexpectedly.

I take your cock in my hand as I lean down and kiss your upper thigh. You flinch as my lips find that little sensitive spot where your leg meets your groin. You let out a moan and I start to tease your cock with my tongue... tasting some of me mixed in with some of you. You run your fingers through my hair, trying hard to control yourself, to no avail, as your hips move against your will, wanting more than just a tease.

Finally I give in... closing my lips around your cock. I start slowly bobbing up and down, sucking and licking and teasing you right to the brink and then stopping. You almost can't handle the build up any longer and let out a little grunt of frustration which makes me laugh.

You sit up and in one motion pull me up onto your lap and thrust your cock hard deep inside me... almost daring me to laugh again. Which makes me giggle harder, you smother my giggle with a kiss letting out a little laugh yourself not used to allowing yourself to let go of your control.

We begin to rock rhythmically, back and forth, side to side, seemingly trying to get closer together... our passion, our electricity starts to bubble together and build... slowly at first, then blinding and overpowering as I feel you start to pulse deep inside me.

We kiss passionately, tenderly, longingly, almost needingly through the unabashed smiles and climax together, before falling back to the pillows. Me still on top of you, you still inside of me, you whisper... "I won't let you get away with that again" and you swat my ass. "Next time I'll teach you how I expect you to behave... and what happens if you don't."

Upon hearing this my pussy begins to contract again around your cock again... begging you to teach me now.