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Role Playing Hits and Misses

If at first you don't succeed try try again.

Find a role playing scenario that clicks for both of you.

 My ex-wife, Erin, and I were married for a long time. Over the course of our marriage, role-playing naturally came to us. The first time was before we were married. We had a great session the night before and we were relaxing at her place. Somehow, we started to pretend that she was my aunt and I was her nephew. What made this more believable was that she was, indeed, older than me. I remember her showing her breasts to me and enticing her nephew to reach out feel them. We have a winner, I thought to myself.

But not all our roleplaying experiments were successful. I bought her a maid outfit and she looked outstanding in it! But when it came for the role playing part, she kept trying to speak in a French accent and it was so awful I just wanted her to shut up. There was just one too many poorly pronounced “monsieur” for me.

Another time, we were in Atlantic City and she pretended to be a prostitute. She was a horrible actress. Worse than a bad porn movie.

Erin was a nurse. You would think that would be a natural role-playing opportunity for us. Well, try to find an old school nurses cap. They don’t wear them anymore. Scrubs and sneakers are actually pretty ugly for the most part. Sometimes I would have her wear her a nurse’s cap just for the hell of it. I took pictures of her wearing the cap. She wore some lingerie and she looked hot but once again, her terrible acting became more of a distraction than an attraction.

I bought another outfit for her. She looked like a young school girl. We had fun but a couple weeks afterward, she had suspicions that I may have had an interest in young girls. Believe me, I love women, not girls. I told her that her suspicions were absurd. I never saw that outfit again.

We went to church for a holiday, Easter or something, and I noticed the priest was a handsome, young man.

“What’s the story with Father Will?” I asked her.

Her eyes lit up. “He’s new. He’s from upstate. I’m not sure if he’s going to be here long.”

She had a thing for this priest! I made it my mission to find a priest collar. Back then, it was easier said than done. I went to several clergy shops and they wouldn’t sell me a collar since I wasn’t a priest. The nerve! I had to revert to going to a costume shop and buying a cheap collar. I told Erin to dress like she was a single parent of a wayward daughter and I told her that she should expect a visit from a counselor. We got dressed separately. I left the house out the side door, approached the front door and rang the doorbell. I was glad no one saw me. When Erin opened the door, it looked like her eyes were going to pop out of her head. She was dressed a little frumpy, like a housewife, complete with an apron. She let me in. I explained to her that her daughter was caught with a boy in the balcony of the church and it appeared they were fooling around. I asked if her husband was around. She confessed that her husband left her and it has been difficult to raise a rambunctious teenage girl by herself. She confessed that she was so lonely, she couldn’t think about anything else. I wondered that if she had someone paying attention to her needs then maybe she might be a better parent. She agreed but she had tried dating but she didn’t find the men attractive. I asked what she was looking for in a man. She said she was looking for someone that was sincere, handsome and spiritual. I told her she needed to try harder and that if she saw a man like that, she should not hesitate and act aggressively. With that, she sat on my lap and we starting kissing. I felt under her skirt and felt her pussy as we kissed. She lived out her fantasy of fucking a priest and I had an outstanding afternoon of sex.

Our house has a pool and we had plenty of sexy times out there. How could you not with a spa, pool and a privacy fence. One warm day, we tried the old pool boy/bored housewife scenario. It was good especially when I started to rub oil all over her, massaged her sore muscles and we fucked outside next to the pool.

I was surfing the internet one night and I saw an attractive white dress with a blue floral pattern. I go to thinking. I searched some more. I found a small white veil and white satin gloves. I bought those items. When they arrived, I laid them out with clothing Erin already had: a pearl necklace, pearl stud earrings, a white bustier, white stockings, and white lace panties. I showed Erin. She loved the dress but was uncertain what look I was aiming at.

“Imagine 20-years-ago when women went to church. Except for the lingerie, they probably wore something like this.” Erin considered that and put the items away. A week or so later, I was in a meeting at work in the late afternoon. I got a text from Erin. It was a shot or her in the mirror. She was wearing the dress, gloves, necklace, ear rings and veil! I told everyone I had to go to another meeting. I drove like a madman to get home. I rang the doorbell and told her I was Deacon Richard from the church and I wanted to talk to her about a special role I had planned for her. She served tea and cookies as I told her that I had taken a keen interest in her. The next thing you know, she was sitting on the table and I was eating her pussy. Then she took me by the hand to the bedroom and that church lady fucked me silly.

So if your forays into role playing have lived up to your fantasy expectations, I suggest you keep trying and you just might hit upon a scenario you both will love.

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Role Playing Hits and Misses
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