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Risky Side to Watching

After Sam's first few encounters, he tries exploring his new love of voyeurism.

Part 3: Sunbathing Strokes

By now it was summer and Sam had not been as adventurous as he'd like. Every time he tried to get into a position to watch someone he was either too scared of getting caught or he missed his chance.

He lived five miles from a beach and the temperature was 29c. He caught the bus from his house which carried him to a wooded area roughly one and a half miles away from a secluded beach. On the bus there was a group of young women, no more than 19 years old dressed in bikini tops and small, revealing shorts. Instantly, Sam was hard and his hand slipped inside his shorts. Sitting at the back had its advantages, he was relatively unseen as he gave himself a few minutes of pleasure before he had to get off the bus. Partially hiding his erection, Sam walked down the centre of the bus, past the girls who seemed not to notice his bulge and stepped off the bus.

He entered the woods and followed the path which led directly to the beach. Many times in the past he had the beach to himself and thought today would be a good time to relax, the problem now was that he was turned on and needed to do something about it. He decided to pull his now pulsing dick out of his shorts and slowly wank while he walked to the beach. In the distance, he could see someone walking towards him so he put his nine inches back in his shorts and continued on his way. A few minutes later, Sam could see that the person was a 30 something-year-old woman, overweight with red hair. She had a pretty face and her eyes scanned Sam and locked onto the huge intentionally visible bulge in his shorts. Sam slowed, as did the woman who looked at Sam and smiled enticingly.  Needing no initiation Sam released his cock making it spring skywards catapulting a drop of pre-cum across the path. The woman's eyes widened and she got to within touching distance and to Sam's surprise, she reached out and touched the tip of his cock as she passed him. Sam, being a virgin still, nearly came on her arm but somehow held it together. He turned round and watched as she walked off into the distance.

Arriving at the beach, Sam noticed a few people were either in the water or sprawled out on towels.  Within seconds, Sam noticed a woman in a small, pink bikini laying on her front, she was 50 years old but looked amazing. He wandered over and set his towel down close to her asking if she had any objection. The woman smiled and told him to help himself. He laid down about six feet away and got an amazing sight as she rolled over onto her back. Once again, he got hard and had to roll onto his front keeping his head facing the woman. Luckily for Sam, his sunglasses masked where he was looking. As she was looking directly up he decided to risk having a wank, one he needed since he was on the bus. Sam slowly pulled his shorts over his cock and rolled slightly onto his side. He began to stroke his cock facing the woman who was totally oblivious. After five minutes, Sam began to twitch, he had reached orgasm and began to shoot ribbon after ribbon of cum across the sand. At that moment, the woman rolled back onto her front. Sam didn't hide his dick and as the last drop of cum escaped him, the woman suddenly said how nice his cock was.  Shocked, he began to panic and hide. She told him to stop being stupid and seemed to drift asleep with a happy sigh. Sam relaxed and laid there for a good hour sunbathing, happy with his day's work.

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Risky Side to Watching
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