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Rinsing and Gifts

The Joys of Receiving Gifts From Subs

Christmas Present From My Long-Term Loyal Sub

Like any girl, who does not like gifts? Well I love them!

Bags, shoes, clothes, makeup, perfume, food, holidays…erghh the list is endless!

Initially, all my tributes were monetary or gift cards to my favourite shops, but slowly some subs started asking for my wish list. What wish list? I did not have one. So I made accounts on two very known retail companies which allows people purchase from your wish list, and that's where it began.

At first, it would be small purchases such as lingerie and make up, but the more I received, the more I wanted and I loved it. My wish lists started containing designer brands and high priced luxury items and every so often some loser sub out there would purchase it.

The first biggest thing ever purchased for me was my driving lessons, and soon after was the money to go towards the purchase of my first car.

When I was traveling to the Bahamas, my ''accountant sub'' paid for my trip and then gave me spending money to blow in duty free...and blow it did I do! I bought bottles of Ciroc, makeup that I did not need but clearly just wanted for my collection, perfume, perfume and more perfume! While in the Bahamas I ordered a champagne breakfast every morning for my friend and I, and had spa treatments every other day. I was living in pure luxury and heaven; and he all he got out of it was knowing that I was a happy Princess and random photos when I felt generous.

Being so close to one of London’s biggest shopping centres, I spend most Saturdays walking around with my sub or subs, in and out of shops carrying out acts of public humiliation and draining their bank accounts. As much as I love the gifts and tributes, sometimes I do not even purchase anything; I take my subs to Ann Summers and make them test all the vibrators and dildos, it is hilarious watching members of the public go red in embarrassment for them. One time, I turned on loads of vibes and made subby's hold them walking around the store.

It has gotten a point now where the majority of delivery and mailmen know me as Princess and when they see me walking in the streets, they let me know that I have a parcel on the van. One delivery man asked me why I always seem to be ordering and how I have so much money to spend; and I told him straight up that I am a FinDom and I prefer to spend my sub’s money than spending my own. Naturally, he was quiet inquisitive and asked how they can fund my lifestyle as well as theirs and their family. Well…some cannot, and to be honest I love it! Knowing that someone is going into debt, remortgaging their house (yes! I had a local sub do this for me, and in the end he divorced his wife and moved into a tiny flat, roads away from me - a story for another post) and taking out loans just to ensure that I am happy? I freaking love it, and I would not change it for the world.

A man’s place in this world is to keep women happy, that is all that they are good for. The easiest way to keep me happy is great food, lovely gifts and bomb ass sex…subs can do two out of three of those!

Keep sending and keep spending for your Princess, be a good little boy! ;)

Princess Jae xoxo

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Rinsing and Gifts
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