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I couldn't resist.

I walk into the apartment after a long drive. He is just getting ready to leave for his long night shift at the PD. I walk in and he looks up and says, hey, baby how was your day?” It had been a particularly rough day at the office and I tell him so, but that I am happy to be home. I kiss him as usual but seeing him in that dark blue uniform did something to me. Hell, it always gets me going but tonight there was just something about the way his vest fit him that I just couldn’t let him walk out that door without me having a piece of him. So, instead of pulling away from him, I unzip his external vest and don’t break the kiss. He does though. “What are you doing, I have to leave in a few.”

I just looked at him and kiss him again. Breaking it, I say, “I’m not letting you out that door until I’ve felt you inside me and we’re both satisfied.” He looks at me like I’m mad but said nothing and lets me undress him. When I get to his button up he pushes my hand away and just says, “leave it, we don’t have time” and he unsnaps his duty belt and his pants, slides them off and picks me up around the waist. All the while I’m kissing up and down his neck making goosebumbs rise all over his arms. I wrap my legs around his waist with his rock-hard dick poking me in the belly. He carries me to the bedroom.

He tosses me on the unmade bed and says, “you started this so now come suck my dick” I crawl up onto my knees and slowly take off my shirt and bra and tease my nipples, watching his dick bounce in response. I lean down and lick the tip just to tease him and he moans. I slide him into my mouth and dive all the way down and deepthroat him right off the bat. He moans and says, “fuck it get on your back I’m gonna fuck you hard.” I do as I’m told and slink back up the bed. He clucks his tongue and says “oh no I want you down here” and grabs my ankles and pulls me back down to the edge of the bed, him taking off my work pants and panties. He slides his rough hands up my inner thighs and an electric shock passes through my pussy. I moan. He smirks. “that’s my girl” he says. He takes his thumb and finds my clit even though I’m already soaked. I squirm as his skillful hands turn me into mush. Even though it’s only been a minute it feels like forever, he finally pulls me very near the edge and grabs the outside of my thighs with his big hands. He lines himself up and thrusts into me without remorse. I squeal in delight as feeling him fill me makes my stomach flip. He sighs in what seems like relief, finally getting his prize. He thrusts and fucks me all while I’m moaning and teasing my nipples. I’m almost to the breaking point of my orgasm and I say, “don’t stop baby I’m gonna cum.” He thrusts harder and faster and my pussy clenches around his dick and he moans, and whispers, “oh fuck I’m gonna cum too” and moans as he drives home the last few strokes. He thrusts one last time, hard, and he moans, ropes of cum filling up my clenching pussy. My orgasm crashes over me like a tidal wave, my body goes into convulsions I can’t control, goosebumps rise all over me.

He pulls out and watches the cum drip out of me slowly, he looks up with a goofy look on his face and says “oops, I’m glad you’re on birth control” I laugh and respond, “yeah or we’d both be in trouble.”

He looks at his watch, “shit, I’m going to be late.” He grabs my panties and tosses them to me, “I love you but I have to get ready again I wish I could stay all night” “I love you too” I respond. I know he has his shift and he is the only one on duty so I have to let him go. He walks out of the bedroom and grabs his underwear and pants and shoves them on. I put my panties on, still sticky with cum. Oh well, I’ll shower after he leaves. I walk out and he’s putting his vest back on, “oh you better hurry, I’m about to take that off you all over again.” He smirks at me and zips it up. He wags a finger at me and says “when I get home in the morning we can go again, don’t you worry.” My stomach jumps at the thought, I’m still so horny. He grabs his duty back and his lunch and walks over to me, “I love you so much, I’ll see you in the morning.” I kiss him hard, the night shifts are the worst for me. “I love you too, you be as safe as you can, and I’ll be waiting for you when you get off.” I never say goodbye to him, because it very well could turn into a goodbye and I never want that, it’s always see you later.

He reaches his hand down and cups my panty covered pussy, “keep her warm for me” he says with a sly smile and walks out the door. I walk behind him to close it, and he looks back and says, “I love you.” And he’s gone, off to save the world, and leaving me wanton and eagerly waiting for the morning when I can see him again. 

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