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Redneck Pleasure

A memory never fading.

    “Here” was all he sent; without a thought she was rushing to him. He was leaning on his truck peering down into all that his phone offered. She stopped for a moment to admire all that he was, before making her presence known. Upon noticing her, wearing less than she ever had in the presence of anyone else, he took her into his thin but forceful arms. He held her in a way that made her feel untouchable. He gave her a look that could turn the holiest of saints into Satan's right hand, he held her looking at her for what felt like a lifetime. In anticipation of his kiss she bit down on her soft lower lip until it split open. Just barely able to restrain herself. Finally after an eternity, his rough lips embraced hers with such strength it hurt as if he bit her, but she didn’t mind, his rough bruting passion transformed a church girl into a harlot. He slowly pulled away ready to go inside her….home, her home. She wanted him to throw her up against his truck and claim her body as his, but she pushed that thought out of her head as she bounced round quickly leading him into her room.

She claimed her place on the couch in her room in time to look up and see him taking off his coat. The zipper gripped at his t-shirt lifting it the slightest bit, to reveal half a freckled v-line, which was just enough to force her to cross her legs in a desperate attempt to fight her urge to force him down onto her bed and explore every inch of his being. He took his spot on the couch next to her, opened his arms to their full extent and beckoned her to cuddle him, she never could say no to his affection. His.

He watched their show. She watched him, admiring every detail, as though she already knew if she didn’t memorize how he looked while she was lucky enough to have him, his attention, she’d forget, the way she studied him you’d think she knew he’d leave her in the morning. He parts his red sea of hair on the far left allowing it to flow toward the right. His rather lightly colored, femininely shaped eyebrows rested on an undeniably prominent brow bone. His light pale green hazel eyes focused on their show. His lips were deep pink with scattered freckles, his upper lip was half the size of his overstuffed bottom lip, they so gentle when relaxed. She had to actively try not to bite his sculpted jawline, especially once she noticed he had listened to her, he didn’t shave, flaming scruff littered his face. That was it, he broke her threshold, she gripped his jaw and forced him to look at her, she took his entire bottom lip into her mouth and nibbled, as she crawled up his chest laying her body on his. Just as spontaneously as she began it, she ended it, teasing him a little. Soon she would ask him a question that would lead her to events that would forever change who is looking at her in every mirror.

“It’s late are you going home, or spending the night?” She held her breath in his silence, knowing only one answer led where she desperately needed to go. “Yeah it is late, i’ll stay…” he continued to talk but she couldn’t focus on his words for a terrifying thought had just occurred to her: would he be the first man to discover her body? Would he touch her body where she’d never let anyone before? Would he be the one to change how she felt about her body being shared? Long before him, two others had taken her body, her innocence, part of her by force; they left her ashamed, dirty, scared, lost, and unwilling to ever be viewed or touch in that way ever again...until him. Would he be the one to give her the courage to see herself in such a provocative light? She wasn’t afraid, or nervous with him, she felt safe, ready. She wanted him, all of him in her, on her, with her.

She lay on her bed hanging on his every movement. He took off his shirt to reveal his soft freckled chest, as he did the whole world slowed down and she heard “sexy can I?” “touch my body” and “You got a perfect one, so put it on me...Swear it won’t take you long...If you love me right…” playing in her head. She knew she shouldn’t stare, she knew if he noticed he’d ask, but she couldn’t bring herself to look away; he was the embodiment of her definition of perfection. His body took a headstrong good girl, and created a nasty slave. The thoughts his body provoked her to think would make a life long porn star blush. Suddenly he was laying beside her in the bed, his body against hers, she wiggled her ass “to get comfortable” she told herself, definitely not to make him lose all self control,  pin her to the bed and show her what a man was. But alas he simply wrapped his arms around her and said “Good night.”

On one hand she felt so respected and on the other she felt unwanted. She turned to him, with the tip of her nose filling the dip between his collarbones and his throat; she began kissing him, softly dragging her bottom lip long his skin, grazing his collarbone with her teeth. She got so engrossed in teasing him it startled her a little when he looked down at her, he smiled and gently leaned in to kiss her, but she didn’t want a gentleman, she wanted a master to force her to the brink of pain and pleasure. In a sad attempt to encourage the roughest parts of his masculinity she bit at his lips and gripped his hair like she’d die if he let go. While the attempt was sad it was immensely successful, he shifted his weight shoving his body almost on hers, grabbing her ass with such painful strength and passion she gasped. He could feel her breath as pleasure kissing her so forcefully he drew her lips into his mouth, as he tightened his grip on her ass. The pain overwhelmed her tossing her into a rather dark memory of one of the many times she had been attacked and forced to give pleasure. Panicked and desperate to think better of him she pulled away tucking her head deep into his chest trying to restrain herself, she refused to cry to ruin the moment she’d been dreaming of since she first saw him. She rolled over to sleep and he cuddled up, but his hand was on her tummy, which made her too self conscious to sleep, not to mention she just wanted him closer to her, so she moved his hand up and placed it around her chest.

He slept, while she laying awake praying to be sleepy, she knew she had to get some rest but she’d never felt so awake, yet calm in her life, so she allowed herself to relax and enjoy his cuddles. She lay there for a long time perfectly content. That is until he shifted, giving her access to his ass, which seemed to beg her to give in to her curiosity. She remembered him talking about how he likes to put his hand in a woman's back pocket, then she carefully slipped her hand into his. She attempted and failed to convince herself that was enough, she soon grabbed his ass, which didn’t awake him. It wasn’t until she was gripping his ass and kissing his throat that he finally awoke. Upon his waking he smiled letting out a small laugh before kissing her with much more gusto this time. He ravished her lips as he propped himself up on his arm leaning his body primarily on hers. As he pulled away she went with him, wanting more, but he leaned too far back for her to follow weighed down by his body, he looked at her for a second in way that made her feel wanted, he then forced her head to the right so fast her neck cracked. He kissed, bit, licked her neck, she felt marked, like just then he branded her, he claimed her for himself. Just then he ripped her tank top down revealing her breasts something no man, not even her rapist, had seen. He took them in his big, rough, strong, boney working hands and kissed her almost as if to remind her he was here for her not her body. She kissed him back in way that gave him the go ahead. He looked down at her chest kissing his way down, she’d never felt anything as soft as his lips. Upon reaching his destination, her nipple, he gently kissed and licked, gentle, ah only for a second. Soon enough he drew her flesh deep into his mouth biting the fabric of her being until it clung to firm peaks, he then took her between two fingers and clapped down like a dog with lock jaw, her gasps, squirms, and squeaks meant nothing to him. In fact he proceeded to pull her hair, and kiss her lips, she held out as long as she could but the pain very quickly enveloped her whole being forcing her to push his hand away. She kissed him, said “good night” and rolled over.

She woke up some two or so hours later to discover he had rolled over, his back was to her. She wrapped her arms around him, and began to kiss his back, she was carefully not to wake him, but she couldn’t resist giving him all her affection. She suddenly knew that she’d never be the same, she knew he’d changed her. This simple redneck gentleman showed her parts of herself she had no idea existed. She understood to lose him was to be devastated, but even knowing that if the feeling deep in her gut was right, even if he would leave her, even if she may have to hurt to the point of shedding tears, something she hadn’t done in two years when her father died, she had to open herself up, let him in, let him teach her, change her.

The alarm was set to go off soon, and she hadn’t slept much. She knew she wanted more from this memory. She licked his lower lip. He drowsily kissed her. She grabbed his hand, bringing it to her lips she kissed his finger, she licked up and down his rough finger, shyly taking his fingers into her mouth sucking the salt off of them, letting her tongue dance across them. As she played he groaned, pursed his lips, wrinkled his nose, shut his eyes tight, and forced his eyebrows together, it was like she was hurting him. She stopped without hesitation to ask, “Are you okay? Did i do something wrong?” And his head snapped up, he aggressively exclaimed “No!” as he rushed out from under her forcing her down kissing her, he then proceeded to ask how her gag reflex was jokingly. He placed her hand on his penis, until now she hadn’t fully understood the phrase “hard as a rock”. As she stroked him she realized just how massive he was and how tiny she was, if they had sex she wouldn’t be able to walk let alone go to school with him. While she attempted to control her shock he unbuttoned his pants. As she pulled at him she frantically searched her mind for all of the tips to pleasing a man she read when she couldn’t sleep. She was so engrossed in his pleasure she hadn’t noticed his hand sliding into her shorts, until a finger was carefully thrust into her. She gasped mid kiss and he smiled. She was so into him she could’ve made a slip-n-slide in the middle of California look dryer than the Sahara. He seemed to be rushing; his finger should have gotten speeding ticket. He was getting careless, she began to feel cheap, and it hurt, she moved is hand. He acted like he made her climax, he was so proud as he shoved his fingers into her mouth as he asked “How do you taste?” she couldn’t say anything, she felt less than human, she now knew just how little she meant to him, she just heartlessly kissed him. He pulled her hair with enough force to scalp her. He kissed, licked and bit her boobs, and her lips, as his grip around her throat tightened. She felt far away like it wasn’t real, it was just a bad dream. He had to care about her right? His family adored her, his pets loved her, his friends were also her friends so they approved, she genuinely cared about him, she made him happy, better, even when he hurt her she was still nice, how could this not be real? How could he not care about her? She tried to convince herself it was just his kink but she couldn’t. He finally pulled her back into it by tightening his grip around her throat so much she couldn’t breathe, and for a brief moment she wondered if he was trying to kill her? If she died would he care? He interrupted this thought by informing her he was going to cum.

Once at school in his truck he asked what was wrong. The truth would lead an unwanted fight so she said something that was true but not the answer “I’m sleepy.” 

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Rayne Nadeau
Rayne Nadeau

Honestly I've always loved to write, but the only people telling me my work is good, are family. So I guess I'm here to hear from you, before I go get my hopes up, and my funds low with a publisher.

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Redneck Pleasure
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