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Reality of Living in My World (Ch. 2)

Chapter 2: The Writing on the Wall

She made her way down the corridor of her headquarters. Pandora never remained in one place longer than a week, but this was the exception. She built this place from the ground up. No help, no fuss, no messy extras. On the outside, it looked like a simple five-star hotel and acted as such to draw away unwanted attention. She walked the whole way up to the 333rd floor. Her rage fueled her pace until she reached the boardroom.

"Ms. Pandora, it has been quite a long time. May I offer you something to drink or eat?" a man in a lovely black suit said, opening the doors for her.

"Oh, my dear, dear, Clyde, how sweet of you!" she said, fluffing his silver hair. "I am alright for now. Is everyone here?"

Clyde nodded with reluctance. "All except your sister."

Pandora pouted as she walked into the room, arms crossed. "As usual, all are here except my twin?"

Everyone in the room remained silent. Each, young and old, looked at each other than to Pandora. They feared her more than anything. And why not? Her rage was legendary. This bothered Pandora to no end. She couldn't stand useless silence.

"WHERE THE HELL IS ARIESELLA?!" she yelled, slamming her hands on the table.

"Madam Pandora, Ms. Ariesella is attending a party with friends," an elderly man spoke, standing and bowing in her direction.

Pandora turned her head to face him, nodded politely, and took her place at the head of the table. "Did you all fail to tell her I would be returning? I allow myself to get captured, get shot at, and my own twin would rather be with friends than making sure her sister was safe! Very well then. We shall begin anyway. Well, Marcus, since you are her confidant, and the only person brave enough to answer me, what has happened while I was away?"

Once again the room was filled with silence. Pandora looked across the room and motioned for a coffee, which was quickly provided by Clyde. He was one of her most trusted men. She valued him more than half the people in this room. And everyone knew.

A few minutes passed and finally, a woman spoke, "The Dark Eagles have mobilized and are going after The Raynes. We have done a few shipments. Nothing has been intercepted."

"Very good, Loni," Pandora smiled, scanning the room. "Does anyone else have anything to share? Fear seems to be the emotion for the hour."

"Ms. Pandora, Red Scars have begun trying to take over any and all of our shipments. If they get access to us..." a man with red hair began.

"That would spell disaster for us," Jessyka said. "BUT. We are working on intercepting them."

"Very good, everyone, you are dismissed," she said, standing up. "I will be leaving for New York tomorrow."

Everyone nodded and left the room, all but one person. It was eerily quiet for a moment, just before Pandora began to shuffle some papers.

"Pandora?" the person spoke.

"Yes, Jessyka?" Pandora said, looking up from the papers. "What is it?"

"Did you find Jonah?" Jessyka asked as Pandora rose and started walking toward a nearby window. "You mentioned getting captured and shot at. What-?"

Pandora groaned and leaned against the table closest to her. "Don't even... Yeah. I let him catch me. We got hot and heavy and then members of the White Dragons shot me. I flipped them the bird, jumped out a window, and left them dazed."

Jessyka turned in shock to face Pandora as she spoke. Then her shock turned to laughter. The kind of laughter the fills the room and makes it better. Oddly enough, it did not annoy Pandora. She merely watched her friend laugh in amusement.

"So, let me get this straight. That's what took so long? Did they manage to 'kill' you?" Jessyka said, in between breaths.

"Ugh, yeah," she said shaking her head viciously. "I swear! I was out for a good 10 minutes then I sprang up and they nearly pissed their pants!"

By this point, Pandora erupted in laughter. Their voices filling the soundproof room. At that moment, she didn't care who listened. She was in charge. What could they do?

"And?" Jessyka said. "What else? What did they say when you 'came back'?"

Pandora's smile turned into a seductive smirk as she went to grab a glass of wine. A moment such as this deserves something lovely to drink.

"Pandora it's noon," Jessyka said, crossing her arms. "No alcohol."

She looked at Jessyka as she spoke and set the glass down. "Ah-Ha! My conscience speaks again. Fine."

"And?" Jessyka said. "What did you say to Jonah?"

Pandora continued to smirk as she spoke, "I told Jonah to figure it out what I am. Either come find me or ask his boss."

Suddenly the room filled with their laughter once again. This time louder and full from their hearts. The first good laugh in such a long time, Pandora thought. It felt good. Good enough to eat.

"So, he's going to storm in White Dragon HQ and demand to know what you are!" Jessyka managed to say in between her laughter. "You know Darien won't say anything! Why break his best assassin?"

"Trust me, I doubt he wants to reveal that we used to be lovers. Can you imagine Jonah's face if he found out!" Pandora chuckled. "It would go, 'Hey underling, I used to bang your ex-lover.' Or something dumb like that."

Jessyka nearly dropped to the ground as Pandora spoke to her, "OH! He'll nearly die! Can you imagine how he'd react to your age? Your real age!"

"Please!" she said, fluffing her long, multicolored hair. "I'd destroy Darien before he could get the chance."

Pandora put her arm around Jessyka and the two began to walk out of the Board Room. Full from the laughter of the hour. If only things were that simple.

Jonah finally made it back to Dragon HQ. He was beyond furious! Pandora tricked him, died, and then came back! What was she, he thought, and why does she have so much control over me?! If his boss knew, it was time for him to share. And he wasn't going to leave without an answer! Jonah needed to know every single detail and he needed to know NOW! On his way to find the boss, he came across Salzar, the second-in-command to the White Dragons.

"H-Hey! Jonah! Yo! Jonah! Shit-head, snap the fuck out of it!" Salzar shouted.

Jonah snapped out of his raging mind and turned to face his friend. "What up, Sal? Where's Darien?"

"Boss is upstairs. Top floor, boardroom 3, as usual. Why?" Salzar slapped Jonah's back and followed him to the elevator.

"Have Chris or Henry come in yet?" Jonah said, pushing the button for the elevator and walking in once the doors opened.

"They showed up about 3 hours ago. I think they already talked to Darien," Salzar said, following him inside and pressing the button to the top floor.

"Of course. Great! This is just great!" Jonah slammed his hand on the wall.

"Yeah. He knows you saw Pandora." Salzar put his hand on Jonah's drooping head, "So, he'll probably want to talk to you as much as you will want to talk to him, but be wary."

Jonah turned to face the doors. "Why the fuck should I be wary?! I need to know the truth! It's my right!"

"Because," he said as the doors opened and they stepped out, "you might not get the answers you truly want."

They began walking toward the doors at the end of the hall. Salzar reached his hand out and knocked on the door. A few moments passed. This gave Jonah a chance to think. Though all his thoughts were fueled with rage.

"Who is it?" a deep voice spoke through an intercom.

"It's Sal and Jonah," Salzar replied, tapping his foot lightly, feeling the anxiousness of the situation.

The voice chuckled. "It's about time, Jonah. Come in and I'll tell you what you want to know."

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Reality of Living in My World (Ch. 2)
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