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Reality of Living in My World

Chapter 1: There is always a Choice.

"You've caught me. What is it you seek to gain from my capture?" she spoke, sullen and emotionless. "Do you really believe you shall get the reward you are seeking? I could give you more. More than they ever could. All you have to do is say yes. Say yes and come back to your loving master."

He looked at her with cold eyes, but she knew the truth. Pandora knew Jonah better than he knew himself. She could tell what he was thinking. The confusion in his mind, the lust slowly building inside him, his anger and pain. Just by looking at him, she could see it. It was all over his face. All she had to do was wait.

"All I have to do is say 'yes,' correct?" he said, looking in fear at her. "That's it?"

She was bound to a chair and yet still had the ability to dominate him. He knew he had made his mistake and now he would pay the price; she was in control now. Or perhaps she was always in control. Jonah didn't quite know how these things worked. He had killed thousands of times, but this—this would be his greatest feat. Just focus, he thought, placing one hand to his side and on the grip of the gun.

"Yes, dearie," she began again. "Such a simple word with such a big meaning. It can do great things for you. As can I, don't you agree?"

He stayed silent. How he missed those words. Her words. Her lips. Her eyes. The way she made them curve into a seductive smile drove him wild. He always thought she hated to dominate him, but now he had realized she actually relished in it. She thrived in controlling and manipulating him into doing her bidding. This time was no different. She may be tied down, but she can get him to do whatever she wants.

Suddenly she was up and standing, slowly beginning to walk toward him in a sultry manner. "Oh, sweet, sweet boy. You don't remember? I taught you how to tie me up and I know all of your tricks. You're so easy to read, little one."

He began to back away until he hit the door. There wasn't much in this room: a bed, a chair, a dresser, and a TV. He wasn't going to try to escape, nor could he let her escape. Every fiber of his being wanted him to run begged him to escape. In the back of his mind, he knew there was no going back. If he did now, he'd be a coward. This is my fight, he thought, I have to do this.

"Stop! Get away from me!" Jonah shouted staring at her eyes.

"Is that really what you want?" She walked closer until she could press her body against his. "You want me to stop? You forget the fun times we had all those years ago."

He felt her unhook his belt and begin to unzip his pants. Slowly he began to lose himself in the warmth of her touch. She knew exactly where to go to drive him crazy. He had one chance. To get her off of him before she could fully control him again. So he took it. He grabbed her arms and pushed her back until he had her on the bed.

"So, the servant wants to become the master, eh?" She laughed and allowed him to hold her hands. She pulled herself up with ease and brought his face to hers. "Do you have what it takes to control me, Jonah? Or are you still that lost lamb I found?"

His eye retreated from hers. He couldn't face the woman who knew him so well. "For a 25-year-old, you're quite the manipulator."

She laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck. "And I'm amazed you made it to 27, dear Jo-Jo. I thought I would have killed you long ago. Alas, you have grown on me and I have certainly grown on you."

He pushed her arms off of him. "What makes you think that, Pandora? I could care less about you! My life was better before I met you!"

Pandora smirked, grabbed his gun with his hands and pointed it at her head. "Then pull the trigger. Go on. Do it. Don't be a pussy! Do you want me out of your life? This is the only way. Otherwise, I won't stop until I get what I want."

Jonah panicked. Could I really pull the trigger, he thought, rid myself of her once and for all? Yes, he answered himself. As he went to pull the trigger, he looked into her eyes. Her powerful, dark-colored eyes. At that moment, he threw the gun onto the nightstand and pulled her into a kiss. This caught Pandora off guard. It had been years since someone had made her surprised. He pinned her down with the force of his lust. He didn't fear her or want her to control him. Now he wanted to take her on a wild ride of passion. And that is just what he did.

It started with kissing. Soon he began to take her clothes off as well as his own. Jonah could feel her warm, voluptuous body against his. There was nothing either of them wanted more than to taste each others' bodies. He slowly began kissing down her neck, nipping at it to get her to moan. Pandora was his for the time being and she was allowing him to have his way with her. As he nipped down, he got to her breasts. They weren't exactly the same as they had been four years ago. They were bigger, which didn't surprise him. Nonetheless, he began to nip and suck on her left breast, remembering how much more sensitive it was compared to her right. She let out a loud gasp and murmured for him to continue. He went on nipping and sucking while playing with the right breast, but he knew there was a bigger prize, and he was going to seek it. Jonah was causing Pandora to get more and more excited with his playfulness. In an instant, he stopped.

Pandora pouted. "Oh, you just tease and now you're done? Asshole."

He laughed as he stood up and went to grab something. Jonah came back to the bed, climbed on top of her, used a cloth to blindfold her, and used another to tie her hands together. "Tonight I will show you who is the true master."

She smirked and nodded. "Go on, bitch-chan. Prove your power over my body."

He smiled and went to kiss her. As he did, he let one hand play with one of her breasts and the other trailed down to her panties. He slipped his hand into her panties and went down to her warmth. Jonah began slowly stimulating her with gentle rubs and light strokes.

Pandora could feel fire beginning inside her. It was driving her crazy! She wanted more! More and more! Until her body would give out. His lips kept her from speaking her mind, not that she had many thoughts at the moment. All she wanted was the same as him, the best pleasure either could ever have. All of that was stopped in an instant.

"You idiot! You're supposed to kill her!" a man yelled as he yanked Jonah off of Pandora. "Do it! Now, Chris! Kill the bitch!"

Jonah looked to see members of his gang, Chris and Henry, there before him with guns drawn. Chris did as instructed and fired until the clip ran out. Tears poured down Jonah's face as he looked at Pandora's lifeless body. He was free, but he didn't feel free. He didn't know what to feel. Part of him wished he had never told them about her. Maybe...

"Thanks, guys. Don't know what would've happened if you hadn't shown up." Jonah sighed, bending over to fix himself.

"You would've fucked her and been caught in her web again," Henry said, slapping the back of Jonah's head.

Chris put his gun away and walked up to Pandora, "Guys, we gotta confirm the kill."

They both nodded and walked to the other side of Pandora's body. Once there, they stared at the body. Five foot nine inches, hourglass figure, hair down to her ankles colored purples, blues and pinks, several tattoos they couldn't see in the lighting, but her eyes are what caught them. Eyes that normally were a dark were a purple-blue. She looked so... ethereal. Jonah took a step closer and bent to check her pulse. Nothing. As he pulled away she sprang up, fully dressed and smiling wickedly.

"Oh, boys. Silly, stupid boys. As if simple bullets could kill me. Try something with a little more oompf, next time." She smiled, standing on the bed.

"What in the Hell?" Chris said, fumbling around for his ammunition.

She walked to Jonah and bit his neck gently, "Don't worry, lamb. We'll play again soon. And now, I will always find you."

Pandora went to the outside of the window and the men stood there stunned. She took a moment before opening it. It made her laugh at the shock on their faces. She was definitely going to enjoy this chase.

"WHAT ARE YOU?!" Jonah shrieked, gun drawn and eyes focused on her.

She leaned in merely enough to show off her bust. "Hehehe... If you want to know, come find me. Or better yet ask your boss! Adieu, my sweet little Bitches!"

With that, she was gone. Like a puff of smoke. They turned to look at the trashed room, but it wasn't trashed at all. Everything was in its proper place. Everything fixed. There was even a full magazine for Chris to replace the one he fired at Pandora. Jonah dropped his gun in rage and let out a horrifying shriek.

"She wanted to get caught! This was all part of her plan!" Chris shouted pounding his fist on the window ledge.

"DAMMIT!" Jonah steadied himself, picked up his gun and walked to the door.

"Where the fuck are you going?" Henry asked, crossing his arms. "We gotta stick together."

"The boss." Jonah didn't turn back to face them. "He knows and I'm going to find out what the hell she is!"

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Reality of Living in My World
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