Punishment in Chicago Alley

Daddy’s brat gets a public punishment.

I face the wall of the alley. My forearms flush with the brick, my back arched, hips high, and head down. The impact of your palm radiates through every nerve in my body and all I can think about is another blow. Each spank echoing down the Chicago alley and the laughter of people leaving the bar are the only sounds in the neighborhood at this hour. A group of people walk by the alley and stop. I look up. We both catch the eye of the group. A wry smile spreads across our faces and you reel back again. The shocked crowd moves on, giggling as they go. 

“Did you like that?” 

You come down on my left cheek harder than before. 

“Getting caught?” 

Now, the right cheek. 

“Yes, Daddy” I say, breathlessly. 

“You’re a naughty girl.” 

“Yes, Daddy.” 

This time your fierce underhand gets the bottom of my cheek and my sex tightens and vibrates. You take my wrists behind me and hold them in one hand, pressing my back against the wall. You kiss me hard. I wrap my leg around your hip, pulling you against me. Your other hand grips my breast and you bite my neck. 

“Oh, yes, Daddy!” 

“Quiet!” you bark. 

You take your hand from my breast and pull my head back with a handful of my curls. You bite the other side of my taut neck and down, more roughly once you meet the top of my supple breast. You release my wrists. 


I squat against the wall, knees splayed. 

“Hands up.” 

I do as I’m told, waiting patiently for my next command. You unzip your pants and pry out your confident tool. You pin my hands to the wall. I look up and smile at it and then you. 

You grab my face and whisper, “I’m going to wipe that smile off your face, baby girl. You’ve been bad.” 

You quickly shove your member between my painted lips and my eyes go wide on my first gag. You pull it out of my mouth. I cough, spit, and raise my head obediently for you to fill my mouth again. You part my lips again with your swollen head and proceed to fuck my mouth without mercy, pulling back only for me to gasp a breath and let the saliva drip down my chest. The sloppy wet of my mouth around your cock is the only sound now. You let go of my hands, grab me by my hair, and switch places with me against the wall in one smooth motion. 

“Make Daddy cum.” 

I take this responsibility seriously. I gently grip your balls and suck on your dick head then take you fully into my hot mouth, carefully fitting you snugly down my throat. You lean your head back and groan. I can feel you growing and my pussy lips swelling, pressing tight against my jeans. You hold my head down against you as your cum fills my mouth. 

“Show Daddy.” 

You pull my head back and I open my mouth wide, full of cum. 


I do as I’m told, as always, to please you.   

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Punishment in Chicago Alley
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