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Public Bang!

Lexi Luna gets down and dirty in the street.

Juan Largo likes what he sees.

I like the 'Public Sex' genre when it come to porn and there's quite a bit to sample from the internet. While I tend to lean further towards 'Asses In Public' by Brazzers, other contenders are creeping out of the wood work. Basically what porn companies are doing is hiring performers to have sex in a public place where lots of people are. It's a simple formula which doesn't take a degree in acting and shed loads of cash in the budget. Pick a male and female performer, pick a public location, and film them getting up to a lot of naughty shenanigans. I don't really watch a lot of 'Bang Bros' material but the stuff I have watched has been decent. I particularly like a scene where Tyler Faith plays a 'slutty aunt' who steals her niece's boyfriend. With acted scenarios like this, you can imagine what other kinky content the 'Bang Bros' website provides. This scene starring Lexi Luna and Juan Largo I managed to pick up on a website called for free. Yet it is available at the official Bang Bros website if you want to ensure the quality of the footage. Lexi Luna looks stunning in this video in a pink top and short skirt. She looks so good the camera man can't help but coo at her every two seconds. He sounds a bit like Fernando Martinez from the Grand Theft Auto games, but does a good job shooting the action.

Better in Theory...

Lexi doesn't let the fact she's in public water down her naughty personality.

While I was watching this shoot there were quite a few 'cringe' moments where Lexi and the camera man had to make small talk. It's one of those scenes that sounds better in theory but is a bit hard to put into practice. Lexi spends most of the scene flashing her rather nice figure while talking quite slutty to the camera man. Her nice full rump makes nice viewing and the fact that she's not wearing any panties arouses the camera man. They pretend to bump into a male performer 'by chance' who happens to be in the neighbourhood. This guy is Juan Largo and the pair ask if he wants to join them for a 'Public Bang' shoot. As you can imagine he's more than eager and starts to get a blowjob from Lexi while pretending to be on his phone. It makes you nervous watching it as people keep seeing what Lexi is doing from behind the wall where Juan is perched. Numerous times during the shoot, the three have to bail or face an angered member of the public. At one point, an elderly lady does three laps round a car park trying to spot what the trio are up to.

Primal Instincts

Lexi doesn't let the setting get in the way of her primal instincts.

Don't let that deter you though; Lexi Luna is pure filth. The way she works a cock in public you'd think she does it everyday. At one point, Juan is eating her pussy on a forklift and she's 'getting off' just as much as she is in doors. When Juan bends her over behind a wall she moans even more and the action gets even better. The trio are constantly moving around; at one point in the presence of two painters while Lexi blows Juan. The sex gets more naughty as the scene goes on and at one point Lexi asks Juan to put her in a 'fireman's lift' type position.

Sweaty Action

Lexi isn't the shy kind.

The trio get busted one too many times and end up in one of the performer's backyards. They pretend it's some random person's yard, but I don't think they would get away with that legally. Lexi is on heat at this point and the constant interruptions seemed to have irritated her. She looks like she's on heat as she has a sweaty look by the end of the shoot. You can tell she wants it bad as the dirty talk gets more graphic and the aroused scowl on her face grows. It's a decent but not the best; I give it a 3 out of 5 as there's plenty of interruptions to the action and some of the dialogue will make you cringe.

3 out of 5.

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Public Bang!
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