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Pubic Hair: In or Out?

An Opinion

Both men and women are hairy. We have been since the dawn of time! As we have progressed, there was a time where pubic hair was acceptable (like back in the 70s). But now, having pubic hair is kind of frowned upon. Especially if you are a woman. I have had guys tell me that they won't go down on a woman unless she is shaved. I have heard guys say that they won't even have sex with a girl unless she is shaved. Wow! How self- entitled! Especially since, before this standard of beauty, men were taking sex however they could get it.

Pubic hair is a natural part of who we are as human beings. It personally doesn't bother me if a man I am seeing has pubic hair. In fact, most of the time it isn't even a conversation. Most men I know do not even think or consider their pubic hair. Some do, of course, but majority of men I have met don't really consider their pubic hair, and if they do, they just trim it up.

For women, though, it is quite a different story. Some women I have spoken to say that having no hair at all is a bit weird. It makes them feel like a little girl when they are grown women. They also argue about the woes of it growing back! When pubic hair starts to grow back, it becomes quite uncomfortable and sometimes a little itchy. 

Some women like having no hair. It makes them feel neat and clean. They get waxed or shave like every two weeks.

I would like to encourage both the men and women out there that having pubic hair is okay and perfectly normal. To me, it's like having hair on your head. Some people have hair on their head and others don't. But for those who have hair on their head, most of the time they brush it or comb it to make it look nice.

This is what I would recommend if you choose to have pubic hair on your body. I personally trim mine up so that way it isn't too long and sometimes, if I am feeling frisky, I will create a little design like a triangle or rectangle. Plus, it makes it so much easier on your partner to not have to go through a thicket of pubic hair just to find your clitoris or even your entrance. Although I cant lie, there have been times where I don't feel like trimming. Or maybe I wasn't expecting a visitor. In this case, it really gives you a chance to get to know your partner and whether they will accept you au natural or if they will go running for the hills. 

And honestly, there are real benefits to having at least some pubic hair. It protects your genitals from outside dangerous bacteria. This has been proven by doctors!

Now, men are becoming a little bit more accepting of pubic hair, but overall, I would say to find someone who accepts you for who you are and however you wish to display your body, because your body is your personal choice and I don't think we should go around telling others they need to shave in order to be seen as sexy. This even goes for shaving your legs! If you feel confident and sexy showing off legs that may have hair on them, that is your prerogative. 

If you choose to shave or even get waxed, that is your personal decision. But please keep in mind that everyone has their own body and how they choose to display it is their choice. I would suggest not looking down on people who don't shave or choose to keep it trim. If it's not for you then it isn't for you, but there will be someone out there who accepts you and the hair you choose to have on your body. Please do not feel like you have to shave or wax in order to fit society's standards of beauty.

Or even other women's or men's standards of beauty.

There is more than one standard of beauty. Go find yours. :)

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Pubic Hair: In or Out?
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