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Promise To Be Tender: Part Three

My time with a friend and her lover.

For the first time ever, I was not in "my zone," as far as how I relate to women on the subjects of sex and love. A short time ago, I had a friendship with Kris, and nothing more. An occasional blow job carried no sentimental hang-ups, and even Kris treated it no differently than taking care of a need, and that made her cool in her own right. She was quiet, sweet, and even submissive. All good.

But now, Kris has brought me into a world in which she gives the directive, a world in which she has the beautiful Jenny as her own lover and submissive, and I'm hooked. Jenny is willing when Kris gives her consent, and when the three of were together, I couldn't bring myself to tell Kris it was time for me to get relief.

Her words to Jenny are seared in my mind. "Love him, Jenny. I want you to let him love you. I promise he will be tender with you."

Moments after Jenny finally had her release by Kris' hand, and while the sweat still covered my body, we went into Kris' room to be on the bed instead of the sofa. Jenny wearily climbed in as Kris wiped me down with a hand towel, hesitating above my crotch, watching me harden under her gaze. I kissed her, and Jenny protested from the bed, "Hey, I saw that. I'm here, you know."

Kris continued to wipe me off, slowly, and I grabbed her hand. "I want you."

She kissed me, touching my face and trailing her fingers to my shoulder, then held my shoulder tightly, taking a ragged breath, "I know, Mac."

"HEY..." said Jenny, "That's MY Mama."

Kris now finally removed her panties, and climbed onto the bed, telling Jenny to touch her. Jenny's hand obediently touched her breast, cupping it softly, and Kris kissed her hard, parting her lips and possessing her mouth completely. Kris put one leg over her lover, yawning her legs open. Light from the main room caught on the glistening moisture between Kris' legs, only a few feet from where I stood. When she released the kiss, Kris told Jenny, "Now, TOUCH ME."

Immediately Jenny put her hand into the moisture-rich pussy of my friend and probed, but lightly, though it soaked her small hand. I held my own hard dick and moaned, "Girls, please...Please."

Kris told Jenny to touch herself with that hand, and she did, thrusting her hips slightly as she rubbed Kris' wetness onto herself. I climbed onto the bed. Jenny put her hand up, and Kris and I both sucked her fingers, letting our tongues touch, and kissing when her hand had been licked and sucked clean. "I need some pussy," I said, reached my hand down Kris' back to touch her from behind, but she rolled onto her side before I could make contact, and shook her head once. 

"I want you, Kris." said Jenny.

"I want you. I want you, Mama." I grabbed her hand as I said it, the best I could do right then for an apology, because I had never thought of her as desirable. I wanted her to know that shit was over. "I want you, Kris. I want your pussy in my mouth. I want to touch you deep inside."

Kris pulled me closer, moving up and down the length of my penis with her hand, and Jenny whimpered. "Jenny," she said, "I want you to love him for me. "

I was fucking shocked. I KNEW Kris wanted me. It wasn't a secret. But she wanted me on her terms, whatever the hell those terms were, I didn't know. Yet.

Jenny snapped me out of it because she said she wanted some dick. "Can I have some more dick, Mac?"

I brought myself up to head level and put my crotch towards her mouth, and Jenny said, "In my pussy. May I have it in my pussy, Daddy?"

There was something truly fucked up and super sexy about a woman half my age calling me 'Daddy' and asking like that. "Fuck, yeah. You have such a sweet, tight, little pussy, baby."

As much as I wanted to slam in there, I kept my promise to Kris, entering as if I had a hundred years, but then Jenny snapped her pelvis hard up onto me, causing me to make a sound deep in my throat. She was different this time, vigorously moving on me. I caught her beat, yet let her control most of the movement. Then she said, "Remember, don't come in me, Mac! That's for Mama."

When Kris heard that, she put her hand down and held back Jenny's leg, and kissed her deeply in her mouth. "Come on, Mac, make her come. Can you?"


I kept fucking that snug place, and fucking without roughness, but Jenny made up the difference, working to claim a climax on my dick. I lasted so long, and then I knew I had to pull it or risk blowing it inside."I gotta get out!"

I came out, and Jenny yelled out in frustration as I did, but I was on course for Kris, and sank myself into her ready mouth, lasting only about 15 seconds more before it went.

"Oh, FUCK! Oh, Jesus, that's good, oh, oh, Oh, fuck, fuck..ughahhh...ahh."
I fell onto Kris, laughing and shaking, knowing she had sucked every drop.
Jenny made a snarling noise.

"You didn't come?" I asked, but I already knew.

"NOO," and Jenny sounded like she would cry. 

This seemed like a good time to go pee, so I bugged off, announcing my intentions.

I turned back as I reached the bathroom door, and Kris had her mouth on Jenny's clit with her finger deep inside the girl. I heard her climax while I was still in there, and when I came back, I didn't know if I should go sleep on the sofa, or stay with the girls. Jenny turned to me, "Mac, you get in the middle."

I climbed in between them, briefly hugging Jenny, thanking her for being with us. She gave me a small kiss. "It's Kris. It's her turn. Thank Kris."

I turned towards Kris, and held her, "What do you want, Mama?"

Her hands rubbed over my body, so firm and fit compared to hers, and then she embraced me, with her face close to mine. "This. I just want this, Mac. I hope you know how much I love you."

I held her. "I do. I love you, too. Thank you for loving me."

Kris giggled against my collarbone, "My pleasure..."

Jenny heard us, and we all held each other, laughing like a bunch of silly kids.

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Promise To Be Tender: Part Three
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