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Promise To Be Tender: Part Four

My time with a friend and her lover.

The words I had heard my entire life, such as ménage à trois, threesome, or love triangle, well, those were just words that meant absolutely nothing to me. They were the lies from a porno, or locker room talk you listened to, even though you knew it was bullshit.

Now, I couldn't count how many times I had joined Kris and Jenny for sex, or 'loving,' as Kris called it. The three of us had been together for two nights, and Kris was the key to our action. Jenny wouldn't respond to me without her, and I mean no kiss, no touch, and she didn't 'turn on' until Kris worked her magic. 

That first time, her request, and reassurance, had initiated the most intense sexual satisfaction I had ever known.

"Love him, Jenny. I want you to let him love you. I promise he will be tender with you."

It soon became clear Jenny was with me to please Kris. She was an excellent fuck, though. My promise to be tender was now met with her pounding back to take every inch as hard as she could, and if I got hard again in ten minutes, again. The entire time, her eyes were on Kris. We snuggled, dozed, and did it all again the entire first night, finally giving in to exhaustion and sleeping. Jenny left after she finally woke, and came back as afternoon became evening.

That second afternoon, remembering the previous full night, my dick was hard when Jenny walked through the door. She went straight to Kris, saying, "Hello, Mac" as she passed me to go in the kitchen. I followed her, and we had a group hug, yet I felt Jenny pull back from me. I thought, 'What the fuck? Whatever, little girl.'

I sat at the table about eight feet away, watching and waiting, and wondering if tonight Kris would be the one receiving my attention.

Kris offered a beer to me. She told Jenny to 'go get cuddly with Mac' while she finished dinner. Immediately, I had the softness of her cheek next to mine, and she told me how much she had enjoyed the fucking the night before, and then said, "Daddy, do you think it would be alright for me to be with Kris for a while? Or do you want to be with her first?"

Kris' head snapped in our direction, "Baby... Jenny, I will be with you, but food and showers first... Here, let's toast with some wine. Mac, do you want wine or just toast with your beer?"

I accepted a glass of wine, and we toasted. We all kissed each other, and Kris kissed me again, licking where my mustache met my lip, then a third kiss, and this time I opened my mouth and tasted her. It was the flavor of blueberries and white wine in there because she had been eating berries before she drank. I wanted her more than ever because she wouldn't let me have her. "Kris..." I said.

"My turn," and Jenny pulled on the edge of the apron Kris wore. The soft kisses we had became fierce and powerful when she faced Jenny, and she pushed Jenny back on the dining table, lifting to push her onto it.

"When I am with Mac, I am with him, my love..." said Kris, and she removed Jenny's bra and blouse, squeezing her breasts and rolling her nips hard, making the girl whimper and moan. She kissed hard, pulling Jenny's lip, followed by mercifully soft kisses down the side of her neck, until she had her left breast pulled as much into her mouth as possible. I knew the suction of that mouth, and I was so hard, so ready for anything, yet knowing I had to wait.

Everything in my nature was challenged by the control Kris had in our triangle, and her submissiveness with me was countered by harsh domination of Jenny at times. I began to see dominating someone differently, and I could feel the edge coming off the way I treated Kris.

Kris kissed her again, then pulled the shirt back over her head. "Go make the bed while I finish dinner. I will finish this after we shower."

Obediently, the girl nodded and went to the bedroom. I reached for Kris, and we looked into each other's eyes. She wrapped her soft arms and face around my head and neck, placing loving kisses on my hair and forehead. "Oh, Mommy," I said, and held her for a long minute, "Can it be tonight?"

The capture of her lips, a true promise to be tender, to be submissive, but not yet, I realized. A soft moan of pleasure escaped her mouth as she broke away. "I'm wet for you," she whispered, and turned to go into the kitchen. I steadied my nerves and my horny dick with the remainder of the wine from my glass and Jenny's, and my beer.

Jenny and I watched TV until dinner was done, and the instant we were fed, Kris led our girl to the bathroom. As the night before, noises came from the bathroom telling me their fun had started, and soon enough, they both emerged from the bathroom naked.

"Give us a few minutes, Mac," Kris said, and I was okay with it. I would finish the beer I just opened. I knew Kris was licking our girl's sweet pussy, and Jenny seemed to moan louder with her. I heard Kris then, "Ah, my, ahhh, yeah. I love the way you touch me, baby... I want you... Do you like that?"

Jenny was moaning louder, and talking, "Yes, yes, yes, oh, do it, Mommy... oh, Kris. ungh, aungh... AUGHHH! AUGHH! Yes, ungh, ohh..."

"Come here," I heard Kris say, then, "Yes, right there..."
And soon, she screamed out, crying my name, "Mac, ohhoho..oh, Mac..."

I couldn't wait now. I went to the room and stripped on the way, moving onto the bed smoothly. "Kris, it's time."

She pulled my hips into her face, bringing my dick into her mouth of wine and berries and pussy. I pulled away after a minute, and thrust into Jenny's opened legs, gasping at the grip as I pushed into her. She leaned over and asked for a titty, sounding so young, and Kris put her breast there and let her suck, with our bodies in an undefined jumble of thrust and suction. Knowing I couldn't finish in our girl, I pulled out sooner than I had to so I could feel Kris' touch. I climbed over, mounting her head and shoulders, her favorite position. She said it was "the trust position" because she would be trusted with what most men considered their most prized possession, and she would be trusting to not be choked or suffocated by carelessness. Her hands wandered lovingly over my body, then her right hand brushed back to stroke between my balls and ass. It felt good, and unexpected, and I pushed deeply into her throat a few times on impulse. Amazingly, the shaft of my penis slid easily down her throat, and she worked it, staring up into my face in the dimly lit room. I held off as long as I could, knowing how she loved this, feeling the motion of her pelvis moving, and she climaxed, crying out with her mouth full of me. I came hard then, "Oh, Jesus, Mommy, unghh..."

My moans faded, and I touched her face before climbing off. I stretched out next to Kris, so she would be in the middle, and the three of us wrapped tightly together. We were quiet, and in a couple of minutes, Jenny was sleeping.

My hand found the velvety wetness between Kris' legs, my first time to touch her there. Tenderly, I stroked her until she climaxed, holding her cries of pleasure in my mouth when it happened.

I told her I loved her. One thing was different this time; I think I meant it.

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Promise To Be Tender: Part Four
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