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Pool Man, Not a Pool Boy

She seduces a man.

Photo by John Fornander on Unsplash

My life is at a peculiar stage. My husband passed a couple years ago. He was a great guy and I miss him every day. Before he passed, he told me he wanted me to be happy and he wanted me to be with someone whose companionship lifted my spirits. It was difficult to let go of him. I didn’t feel like dating for a long time even though I am young for a widow. Eventually, men started to ask me out and it was okay. A lot of guys think because you are a widow or divorced, you were used to getting it and you miss it. Sure, I miss making love to a man. I just haven’t found a man yet.

I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I know I am attractive. I am a brunette. I keep it shoulder length in a layered shag. My husband always wanted me to have bigger breasts. One Christmas I got breast augmentation surgery as a gift to my husband. They’re not grotesquely huge. I’ve grown to like them. I exercise regularly and do yoga. I feel like I am in good shape and healthy!

They’re basically two groups of men that ask me out. The older gentlemen and younger men. I have a lot in common with the older gentlemen. I mean, we have similar generational experiences. But these guys bore me to tears when they start talking about golf. The younger men can be nice but they seem a bit arrogant for my tastes. They talk about things I can’t relate to and it makes me feel old. They both have one thing in common, they both assume I want to go to bed right away with them. I don’t even like them. I don’t give them any indication that that’s what I want and, before you know it, their hands are all over you. It’s flattering in a way but their behavior is presumptuous!

My husband took care of us and I am blessed with a lovely house in Florida with a nice size pool and patio. It’s great for entertaining. The neighborhood has several parties and I’ve hosted a couple. I don’t know that much about the maintenance of a pool. My husband didn’t know that much either. We contracted with a pool maintenance service. They come out every other week and it works out great. They check the chemicals, add salt or anything else if it needs it, and I occasionally ask them to scrub the pool. I know what you’re thinking, a pool boy? I never really pay much attention to who comes for the service. The turnover in pool techs must be high. Then I started to notice the same pool tech consistently did the maintenance. I liked having the same tech come out because I appreciate continuity of service. I introduced myself to him and I thought it was cute the way he said “Mrs. Mayer,” that’s me. He told me his name was Ronnie. He had a firm grip and I could tell right away he was a muscular guy. I told him what I was looking for in maintenance. He understood and I let him go about his business as I puttered around the decorative potted plants I had on the patio. He wore sandals, long swim trunks, drip-dry muscle t-shirt and sunglasses. He was definitely cute but I also knew I was too old for him. Then it hit me. What was I thinking? It’s not like I could go to the club with him as my date. When he finished checking the salt level, he said goodbye. Later, I wished I had offered him a drink or something. I just wanted to get a better look at him. I couldn’t stop thinking about his strong arms and muscular legs.

I tried to forget about Ronnie and went about my life. Water aerobics, yoga, exercise… I even had a date with a younger man but when he started talking about golf, I thought I was going to scream. One day, I had gone to an early yoga session. It felt great. When I got home, I changed into a swim suit, did a couple laps and rested on a chaise lounge.

“Good morning, Mrs. Mayer.”

Ronnie startled me. I had forgotten that today was a pool day. I felt self-conscious laying out there in my swimsuit. I could barely see him since the sun was glaring.

“Oh. Ronnie go right ahead. Am I in your way?” I knew I wasn’t.

“No not all. I won’t be long.”

“Take your time, Ronnie. Would you like a bottle of water or something?”

“Thanks very much, Mrs. Mayer but I don’t want to put you out or anything.”

“Don’t be silly. It’s just water. I’m going in to get a bottle for myself anyway.” I got up slowly and let him get a good, long look at me. I didn’t readjust the bottom even though I could feel it going up my crack. I got the water and, before I went outside again, I lowered the front of my suit to show off my tits. I looked in the mirror and I thought I looked hot. I slowly walked outside. Despite his sunglasses, I could see Ronnie was checking me out. I liked it.

“Here you go.”

“Thanks. I better get going.”

“Can’t you stay and finish your water?”

“Sorry, ma’am. I got other pools I got to attend to.” I hated that “ma’am” business.

“Next time, Ronnie. You’ll have to take a dip too.” I could tell Ronnie liked the sound of that.

After he left, I lay down on the chaise lounge again. I thought about Ronnie and how he stared at my body. I wanted to see his body too. I wanted him naked so I could check out his cock. I felt my breasts through my swimsuit, squeezing them a little the way a confident man would feel them. I wondered if Ronnie was thinking about me. I wondered if he stroked himself thinking about us. I moved the material of my swimsuit between my legs to the side and spread the moisture from my pussy up and down. I imagined Ronnie between my legs, fucking me. I started to rub my clit and I came thinking about fucking Ronnie.

Over the next two weeks, I couldn’t stop thinking about Ronnie. Sometimes I’d go to bed in the middle of the day just to masturbate thinking about him. Even though I knew he was interested, I also knew I had to be more direct.

When pool day came around again, I watched through the front window to make certain it was Ronnie that had arrived. Then I rushed out back to the pool. I had music going. I lowered a love seat I had out there so it was flat, like a futon. I lay on the chaise lounge again, this time in bikini bottoms and no top. I leaned back and pretended to be surprised by his arrival.

“Good morning…Mrs. Mayer.” He was a little tongue tied by my naked breasts.

“Oh. Hi Ronnie. Is it that day already?” I asked in a low drawl. I slowly reached down and sprayed sun tan lotion on my breasts. Ronnie didn’t say anything as I smoothed the lotion over my breasts. “Am I in your way?”

“Oh…no ma’am.” There was that damn “ma’am” again.

“Do you mind if I get a lap in before you added anything to the water?”

“No. I don’t mind.”

As I walked to one end of the pool, I untied my bikini bottom and let it fall. I stepped into the pool completely naked. Ronnie watched as I slowly swam from one end of the pool and back. I did that one more time and stepped out toward the stretched out love seat.

“Why don’t you take a dip, Ronnie?”

“Okay.” Ronnie took off his shirt and sunglasses. He was everything I wanted. Strong muscles and a sexy ripped abdomen. He kicked off his sandals and started to get in the pool.

“No, no Ronnie. You’re still too dressed.” Ronnie smirked and pulled down his long trunks. Yum, I thought. He walked into the water and swam to the edge where I was and got out. He shook some water off and brushed his hair back with his fingers. His cock wasn’t that long but it was very thick. I couldn’t wait to feel that pulsing inside me.

“Come here, Ronnie,” I said as I raised my arms to him.

He needed no more encouragement. He came to me and took me in his arms. I felt his mouth and lips all over my lips, face, and neck. I felt his strong hands cup my breasts and caress my legs. I grabbed onto his muscular shoulders as I felt his mouth work down my cleavage and suck on one then the other nipple. His tongue encircled my aereola and his hands cradled my breasts worshipping them. It felt so good, I cried out and I didn’t care who heard me. He kept doing that and I loved it. But I wanted more. I spread my legs for him. Ronnie leaned back on his knees and looked at me with hunger in his eyes. My hips arched up and down hoping to feel his touch any way I could. I reached down between us and I stroked his fat cock. I wanted that cock so bad. I pointed it toward my pussy. Ronnie moved my hand away, took his cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down my soaking wet chasm. I cried out again.

“Give it to me,” I said in a low tone. “Fuck me. Fuck me with your cock,” I purred.

Ronnie pushed himself into me. I groaned like an animal as I felt myself stretch open as his warm prick entered me further and further. My hips arched towards him as he filled me. I felt his mouth on my mouth and our tongues swiped at each other wildly. His rough hands held my ass and spread my cheeks apart as he began to move his cock in and out, in and out. I held onto his arms, spread my legs as wide as I could to let this young, virile man take me any way he wanted. I felt his mouth leave mine and he buried his head in my neck. I could feel his hot wet breath on me, kissing my neck, licking my neck.

“Oh fuck me. Fuck me hard. Oh yeah, fuck me!” I screamed.

Neither of us could stop or slow down. I could feel Ronnie’s body tense up.

“Oh yeah, go ahead,” I whimpered. “Cum in me. Give me your hot cum.” That pushed Ronnie over the edge. His whole body jerked and he grunted as he shot his warm cum deep in my pussy. The sensation of his spams inside me and his thick cock ejaculating warm cum sent me skyrocketing towards the heavens as I clawed at his back and shoulders.

Ronnie lay in my arms as our fluids seeped out of me. It took awhile for me to catch my breath. I felt Ronnie arms embrace me. He lifted me up, his cock still inside me. I wrapped my legs around him as he walked us into the pool. What a wonderful way to cool off, I thought. We kissed like that, gently at first but then more energetically. I lifted myself off him and made my way out and back to the love seat. I started to towel off when I felt Ronnie take the towel and toss it aside. I leaned my back against him, resting my head and I felt his arms around me, cupping my breasts again. I felt that thick cock against me. He was getting hard again! I wondered what kind of man is this? He pushed me a little towards the love seat.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he said. I did as he said.

Ronnie stood to the side. I could feel his hands touch me all over, almost like he was examining me. Maybe I should have felt differently but hearing his soft moans of appreciation turned me on. At one point, he had one hand on my ass and another on one of my breasts. We both moaned as he explored me. I turned and sat on the edge. I ran my hands up and down his legs, his cock close to my face. I reached up and caressed his stomach muscles. Then I started stroking his now refreshed, hardening cock. I looked up at him as I took him in my mouth. His girth made it a little difficult but I did my best to stroke his cock with my mouth, cradling his balls in one hand and steadying myself against his leg with the other. Ronnie stroked my hair. I looked up at him to see if he liked it. His head was back and his mouth was wide open. I knew I was doing a good job.

He stepped back and lifted me up by the arms and turned me around again on my hands and knees. I felt him get behind me, then I felt the head of his cock against my lips. He pushed in slightly and my pussy stretched to let him in. I shrieked as his length pushed on and filled me once again. His cock, although not long like I said before, occupied every possible space. I felt so good to have a nice cock in me again. As he began to move in and out, he held my ass in both hands. I turned to look at Ronnie, “Oh yeah Ronnie. Fuck me good Ronnie. I love it!” I cried. I lowered my shoulders to give him more of what he wanted. I tried to reach back to grab hold of his arm or hand but I couldn’t reach him. Instead, I let Ronnie ram that thick cock into me, again and again. I let out a high pitched squeal each time his cock went into me to the hilt.

“God, you are so fucking hot.”

“Yeah Ronnie. I’m hot for you. Fuck me Ronnie.” And he did. I heard his cries become frantic and I could sense his body stiffen again. “Yeah Ronnie. Cum in me!” I screamed as I felt him squirt inside me again. When he was done, he was exhausted and lay back on the love seat. I lowered myself onto his cock. I could tell it was sensitive to him but I had to cum again. I slowly ground my hips into him and I rubbed inside my pussy with his cock. When I felt his hands on my tits, tweaking my nipples, I came so hard. I kept cumming and cumming. I bathed Ronnie’s cock with my fluids and I fucking loved it.

I collapsed on top of Ronnie. We stayed like that for a long time.                   

Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

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Pool Man, Not a Pool Boy
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