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Playtime Pt 1

A Story for Two

Red Collar

“Come here.”

A simple command. The start of everything I knew she wanted. She looked at me and then looked away as she moved towards me.

“Stop right there.”

She stopped about a foot away from me. I lifted her chin so that we locked eyes. Our lips touched. First sweetly, then harder and more aggressively. Our tongues met each other and danced, every so slightly, before I pulled away. I walked over to my chair and sat down.

“Take your shirt off. Just your shirt.”

My eyes were glued to her every motion. It is during times like these I wonder who was really in control. It always seemed like me. I gave commands and she heeded them. However, it was her that made me do so. She nodded and slowly lifted her shirt over her head. Her beautiful torso was exposed to my eyes. She stood there, shyly avoiding my gaze. Her cheeks became flushed. She dare not hide herself from me. She loved my eyes on her body.

“What do you want me to do now?” her soft voice whispered to me.

“Approach me.” I watched as she took three steps forward, my gaze never leaving hers. She was close to me and her hands were behind her back, just as I had taught her. I slowly reached out to touch her and she closed her eyes in anticipation of my touch. I stopped right before my fingers made contact with her skin. She loved to be teased.

“Keep your eyes closed.”

She nodded and bit her bottom lip. I saw the shivers that ran through her body each time I spoke.

I walked over to my drawer and pulled out a pair of pink furry handcuffs. I went back to her side, my lips planting small kisses on her shoulders, and I handcuffed her hands together. She loved being restrained and this was only the beginning. I ran my fingers down her back and stopped at her leggings. I pulled them, along with her panties, down. She stepped out of them and I threw them to the side, kissing the small of her back as I was on my knees. I worked my way up her spine, reveling in the moans she tried to hide from me. I pulled back.


She obeyed.

I brought out her favorite black bandana from the nightstand and blindfolded her with it. Her favorite collar was there as well. To play or not to play?


I picked up her collar, the chains of her leash clambering against the nightstand wood, and I heard her giggle.

“Anticipating something, are we?” I said, smirking.

“I know what that sound is.”

“Oh, do we now? And what might that be?” I let the leash touch her skin. I dropped it and pulled it back up a few times.

“Mistress please.” Her breathing sped up as she spoke. “Collar me.”

“Being impatient doesn’t give you what you want. But I like to spoil you sometimes.”

I put her red collar around her neck and fastened it. I let her leash hang between her delicious breasts. I backed away putting my own hands behind my back. Behold. Beauty in its rawest form. A beautiful woman, full of life and radiating sexual energy. She was on her knees, collared, submissive, and just waiting to be played with. She was there, wanting to be eaten by a beast. And there I was, her beast. I licked my lips.

“You are beautiful, my dear. Absolutely gorgeous.”

I watched her intensely. I saw her legs begin to widen.

“Mistress please. Please play with me.”

“Maybe I will spoil you tonight.”

I walked over to our bedroom door and closed it. I smiled to myself as I locked the door.


Time to play. 

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Playtime Pt 1
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