Play Time

I’m really amazed in the room I have created, could only imagine the fun I’m going to have.

I’m really amazed in the room I have created, could only imagine the fun I’m going to have. Thinking of who will be my first victim, I have plenty, but only two come to mind, and it brings a smile to my face. This just leads to one question, which one goes first? Who is the one that’s going to get a taste of the chains that's hanging from the ceiling? A bigger smile forms on my face, as I touch them while walking by it, making my way to the other side of the room where the rest of the fun is at. The big black closet is where I hold my precious toys. The closer I get to the closet, the more excited I hear them get.

All four girls dog chained in each corner like pets, just the way I love it. Look around the room, they all have eyes of “Please daddy pick me.” As I look around the dark room at all my beautiful “pleasuring” toys I start to get excited. I go towards the corner to one of my favorite girls Nikki, who could take the pain to a minimum but still takes it crying and all. While walking towards her, I stopped right in my tracks and turned around towards my second favorite, Jenny. She can take almost everything I throw at her and enjoy everything I do, except certain things. That’s when I stand there and try to figure out what moan I want to hear. Everyone takes pain very different, I’m the type of person that loves to put people through pain. I really don't give a care in the world. No matter what cries you do, the more pain I can give the more excited I get.

The third, Ali, who only likes to do certain things on certain days, that's my little play bunny. Then there’s my forth, Mandy, who is down for anything and everything. “Let’s see who I’m going to play with first,” I look around closely. I tie Mandy’s wrist down to the floor and then Ali’s, “I’ll play with you girls later.” They aren't allowed to touch themselves unless I say so; right now I’m the only one that’s going to have fun. I turn and walk to the middle of the room right where my chains hang nice and long. I take Niki and Jenny by their leashes and bring them to the middle of the room. Niki goes on the chair while Jenny gets her hands tied above her head.

Once they're both tied up, I step back and look at them for a minute, then I look at the closet and back at them. I go to the closet, open it up, and look at my toys, so much I don’t know what to choose. I got every toy that a Dom would want. They watch my every move as I reach for the big double dildo they both cry out like they're in a girl group. “No, daddy, not that one, that’s too big please.” It’s like music to my ears. “I promise to behave, please.” The more they cry out, the more I want to do it.

I take the dildo with me and lay Nikki on the floor right under Jenny who is hanging from the ceiling. I put one end in Jenny and the other end in Niki They both start screaming. I look at the other two and I see the excitement in their eyes like they just want to break from their chains. I turn and get two nipple clamps. Put it on each girl, as they cry out in pain. I grab hold of the chain and I pull it. Jenny starts to rise, let it go just a little, she goes down. With every pull, she screams and moans at the same time, “Daddy please stop.” Nikki, who is under her, feels the movement “Please,” I love every minute of it. I stop and get the two vibrating wands that I just got. Turn them on to max put it right on their clits, they both moan, “OH MY GOD,” they both scream. “Daddy, please, oh,” they yell “Not until you cum for Daddy,” I tell them both. Right then and there they both squirt at the same time. I step back and just admire what just happened.

“You happy now,” Nikki said. I walk to her and whisper in her ear “Yes I am my little slut, I’m very freaking happy.” I take the toys out of them, cleaned it and put them back in the closet. I put the girls back in their corner where they belong. “Daddy will be back later to play, got to take care of some stuff,” I walk out the room without saying another word. 

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Play Time