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Passion Pt. 6

Apologies & Acceptances

After making a pot of coffee and a few pieces of toast, I go back into the bedroom to let Rosa out of her punishment. I can hear her sniffling as I walk through the door. I sit on the bed and pat my lap, a signal for her to come to me. She stands up and walks over to me. Dropping her towel, she straddles my lap and rests her head on my shoulder. “I’m sorry, Daddy,” she whimpers.


“For not staying in bed and for having an attitude with you.”

“Thank you, Pumpkin. Now, I’ve made you some toast, would you like for me to make you some tea to go with it?

“Sit here for a while?” she asks shyly, nuzzling deeper into my neck.

“Of course, Baby.”


After a few minutes, Ace helps me stand and instructs me to get dressed and come to the kitchen so he can make me some chai tea and give me my toast. I slip one of his shirts on over my underwear and head to the kitchen, where he greets me with a smile. “Come on, Princess. It’s right here.” He places my plate and mug on the kitchen island, and I slide gingerly up onto a barstool, careful of my still sore ass.

“I have to head into work today. I’ve got some investors coming in, and I figure since it’s Friday night, I’ll stick around and make sure things go smoothly,” he informs, before taking a sip of his coffee. Ace owns a club in downtown Phoenix. Rouge was one of the hottest places to be.

“But, I thought we would spend the day together,” I say, a small pout on my face. I was hoping to get to laze around the house all day with Ace; watching movies and cuddling.

“I’m sorry, Love. You’ll have me all day tomorrow. I promise.” He comes over and presses a kiss to my temple before roughly squeezing my breast.

“And, who knows, Daddy might just wake you up for a little fun when he gets home,” he sends me a dirty wink before strolling out of the room with a wicked grin on his face.


After cleaning up around the house for a while and making myself some lunch, I grow bored. I miss Ace. I’ll admit that we had grow apart a bit recently, but I feel like we’re on the path to getting back where we were. We used to be so close. And there was so much passion there. We used to fuck everywhere we could get alone.

An idea sparks in my brain, forcing a smirk to crease my face. I must prepare. My daddy is gonna get a little surprise at work today.


My stilettos click on the concrete as I walk through Rouge’s VIP parking lot. I scan my keycard and stroll in, feeling the bass thump through the floor. Ace’s office is on the second floor at the back, and I make my way up the sleek metal spiral staircase. I tap on of my manicured hands on the frosted glass of Ace’s door and grin at the “Come in,” that follows. Showtime.


I’m just reviewing some investment contracts when someone taps on the door. “Come in,” I call without looking up. I hear the door click shut and the tumbler of the lock turn. I furrow my brow and look to see who’s in my office.

My jaw drops when I see Rosa. “Hi, Kitten. What are you doing here?” I ask, standing to greet her.

“Hi, Daddy,” she breathes. She reaches down to the belt of her Black peacoat and undoes the binding, wriggling her shoulders out of the garment, which pools at her feet. That’s when I take her all in. She’s wearing her “fuck me” shoes, five-inch, black leather peep toes. My eyes travel up her legs, tracing the sheer black stockings, which fasten under her black silky teddy, which she lifts up to show me the lace garter belt and lace cheeky panties. The teddy is formfitting at the top, with straps securing the lace roses that cover her nipples, which I can tell are already hard. Her hair is hanging in loose curls around her shoulders, and her beautiful neck is covered by a black leather collar. Her lips are a seductive red. Put simply, she’s sex incarnate. And my cock is already hard and throbbing.

“Rosa,” I choke. “What are you doing? Are you trying to kill me, Baby?” She smirks.

“No, Daddy. I just missed you so much. I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, Cupcake, that’s a very naughty thing to do to Daddy. Am I supposed to take you here?”

“Yes, Daddy. You’ve done it before. ‘member?” I smile.

“I do. I very well remember. Would you like Daddy to do that to you again?”

“Please, Daddy,” she says, looking out from under her thick lashes. With a low growl, I spin her around, pinning her to the desk.

“Careful what you ask for, Little One…”

Dee Wolfe
Dee Wolfe

I’m a 3 times published author, as well as a blogger and podcaster. I have a bachelors in Criminal Justice. I’m a newlywed, so I’m still trying to grasp the whole married thing. Animal lover. Creative. Reader.

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