'The Mysteries of Conjugal Love Revealed'

Lenny Legman
in Culture

I have heard it said (most recently at the He's Not Here Lounge in Bayonne) that the 17th century was the span of transition from the medieval to the modern world. Indeed, it is lamentable that many o...

The Persecution of Eros' Ralph Ginzburg

Lizzie Boudoir
in Culture

What follows is far more than the personality profile of publisher Ralph Ginzburg. It is the recap of an outrageous incident of governmental persecution, in which Ginzburg ultimately served time in pr...

Virginity in the UK Sucks

Benjamin Wareing
in Culture

The idea of virginity is really a strange thing - psychologically, a very daunting and/ or exciting, and scientifically, not much really. Somehow, along our weird human path of destroying everyone sac...

Guido Argentini's Silver Series

Caesar Finkle
in Beauty

Florence-born photographer, Guido Argentini, studied medicine for three years at the university of Florence before discovering a passion for photography at 23. He turned his hobby into a profession an...

Filthy Gorgeous: The Bob Guccione Story

Dixon Steele
in Entertainment

Filthy Gorgeous tells the story of a self-made billionaire who used his first success, Penthouse, to build a media empire that included over 100 publications. Guccione was a crusader for freedom of sp...

Evolution of The Guccione Collection

George Gott
in Culture

The man behind Penthouse, one most controversial men's magazine of all time, Bob Guccione, was not just a media mogul, but a man of many facets. He was an artist, photographer and avid art collector. ...

Donald Trump’s Favorite Celebrity Sex Tapes

Frank White
in Humor

Recently presidential candidate Donald Trump went on a 3AM twitter rant which included urging his followers to check out a supposed sex tape featuring former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. In addition ...

Hottest Snapchat Girls

Filthy Media
in Entertainment

The guide to the hottest women on Snapchat. Find these girls Snapchat usernames, Snapchat stories and snapcodes. These models, actresses, singers, pornstars, and UFC fighters have graced the glossy pa...

Impotent With His Wife

Dr. Harmon Love
in Science

Patrick, a 29-year-old physician, has been married for three years; and already he is losing desire for his exceptionally good-looking 24-year-old wife. For the several months that they lived together...

How to Be Better in Bed - A Porn Star's Advice

Samantha Bentley
in Entertainment

Kind of a click baity title because I know that everyone, no matter how awesome you think you are at sex, wants to be better. Just double check there isn’t anything they missed off the old check list....

Treating Sexual Paranoia

Dr. Harmon Love
in Culture

Though many of our parents' and grandparents' sex fears hardly affect us any longer, love and sex continue to be uppermost among the anxieties revealed in clinical consultation. Few still think that w...