I Am Moaning

Samantha James
in Culture

I can see them watching me, it feels good. I let my mind wander, do they imagine what I feel like? What I sound like? What my sweat tastes like? I slow down and bend over to adjust my shoe, maybe they...

Wall of Kiss by Gina Ranalli

Robert Bayley
in Buyer’s Guide

I want to be a wall... Others have described the plot in great detail – woman falls in love with wall. But that doesn't begin to do the story justice. The full relationship arc is in the plot and it's...

Do They Hear Me?

Samantha James
in Culture

Sure, my posts are sexual. Yes, I love my body. Maybe, I do want you to look at me. None of these things make me a bad woman OR irrelevant. As I watch that man watching me walk down the street, I put ...

Must Read Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life

Dr. Harmon Love
in Buyer’s Guide

Sex is messy. Yes, in the physical sense, but perhaps more so in the psychological sense: who do we desire, and why? What are the differences between genders when it comes to sexuality and behavior? T...

Do They See Me?

Samantha James
in Culture

The thoughts always start the same. "Are they looking at me?" "What part of me are they looking at?" "Did they see me?" As I walk down the streets of my downtown, scroll through my Instagram feed, and...

What She's Really Thinking While Watching Porn with Her Man

Jus L'amore
in Humor

What porn is to men, Romcoms are to women. Both involve fantasy, unnaturally proportioned actors, and of course the most unlikely of outcomes. Which is why couples don't always see eye to eye when it ...

How To Have A Threesome

Catherine Charlwood
in Culture

Or How To Have A Threesome And Actually Enjoy It.

21 NSFW Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Sheera Lee
in Culture

"Photographers use their cameras as tools of exploration, passports to inner sanctums, instruments for change. Their images are proof that photography matters—now more than ever." - by Robert Draper

What Is a Multiple Orgasm?

Alicia Springer
in Science

There often, as a woman, seems to be an unconscious rejection of the possibility of having more than one orgasm. If men can only have one, perhaps it seems greedy, aggressive, or challenging to want m...

Desperate for Love

Ioan Nascu
in Culture

Despite my bitterness and cold persona, I am a hopeless romantic. I used to fantasize (and the word is used deliberately) about finding someone and building a loving, monogamous relationship that woul...

Wacky Sex Toy of the Week: 'The Hand-Job Cocksheath'

Anne St. Marie
in Humor

Missing your regular dose of weird and (dubiously) wonderful sex toys? Well, let me assuage your worries, because Wacky Sex Toy of the Week is back, we’re ---- well, sort of beige, really ---- and we’...