Interview With Anne Bancroft, The Original Cougar

Filthy Media
in Entertainment

Her iconic role as Mrs. Robinson was an older married woman that tried to seduce the much younger Benjamin Braddock. Her role in The Graduate set the standard for what every cougar would be judged by:...

Inspiring Examples of Erotic Illustrations

Justin Maury
in Beauty

If pornography as a whole exists to satisfy our animalistic, inherently human sexual impulses–a means to an end–then it follows that works of erotic art should be similarly differentiated by the artis...

7 Reasons Feminist Porn Is Better Than Real Porn

Lizzie Boudoir
in Culture

To many people, the idea of “feminist porn” is an oxymoron. Porn is often viewed as degrading towards women and some feminists, like second wave feminist Andrea Dworkin, believe that all porn, regardl...

Shere Hite On the Importance of Masturbation

Alicia Springer
in Science

"Masturbation has helped me to know how to have an orgasm, and to recognize the stages of arousal I go through." My mother recently gave me a book she said changed her life in the late 1970s. Masturba...

What Makes a Man Want To Commit?

Hayley Quinn
in Culture

What makes a man want to commit? This is a common but misguided question that can begin stirring in a woman's mind as early as before the first date, and usually indicates you're approaching dating from the wrong direction. I have seen firsthand how easy it is to have your self-esteem squished to the level that you approach every date thinking that this could be The One. No matter what anyone says about singleness being a time of unbridled adventure and carefree fun (which it can be) it can also...

Why Foreplay is Slowly Becoming a Thing of the Past

Anne St. Marie
in Culture

Foreplay. The word quickly brings to mind a certain couple and situation . . . usually, a man taking a few minutes to ‘warm up’ his lady before the actual act of penetration, perhaps with slow and ind...

The Brass Bed

Mars Benway
in Fiction

“What the hell is this?” Jane ignored the horror in my voice. “It’s a bed. It’s brilliant isn’t it?” She was going to try and win me over with enthusiasm. “It’s interesting,” I conceded. “I’ve certain...

What Is a Sugar Baby?

Frank White
in Buyer’s Guide

High tuition, can be a thing of the past for college graduates. When your parents have had enough of you, there is a new daddy or mommy waiting for willing sugar baby wannabes. Apparently I have been ...

Welcome to the Friend Zone

Hayley Quinn
in Culture

Many men who are physically attracted to a woman end up exactly where they don’t want to be in said woman’s life. Welcome to the friend zone. For the most part, this is a matter of poor communication; Think about it- it’s not that you have a sticker on your forehead that reads ‘FRIEND’ … though it often feels that way. The problems usually stem from the very first interaction with a woman you really like. You like this girl so much but believe that she’s out of your league, so you don’t pursue h...

Wacky Sex Toy of the Week: 'Ovipositor Dildos'

Anne St. Marie
in Humor

This third edition of Wacky Sex Toy of the Week features some truly unique toys...yes, they’ve all been pretty unique so far, but these are uniquer. Uniqueful. Uniquest. Yes, perhaps even more so than...

Call For A Good Time

Beca Sayers
in Entertainment

As a young adult, I can honestly say that being financially stable is quite a dream for myself. And it stays as that, a dream. Now don't cut me down just yet. I work a full time job and pick up overti...