Sexiest Tumblrs to Follow

Lizzie Boudoir
in Beauty

If you’re the kind of person who wants to see the best sexy images on the internet but doesn’t want to go digging, then what you are looking for are the sexiest Tumblrs to follow. Tumblr has long been...

Let's Talk About Sex

Beca Sayers
in Humor

For those of you younger generations out there, you might want to cover those eyes because this isn't censored. This is just a causal conversation about sex and those hormones that arose us. So grab a...

How to Keep Lust Alive In Your Relationship

Yadim Shmaltz
in Culture

Intimacy and lust in a relationship are topics that should always garner some attention. Some believe that lust is not the most important aspect of a relationship, but few can actually be indifferent ...

The Paul Walker Effect

Matt Swecker
in Humor

I have a theory about attraction. The theory is best illustrated by a scene at the beginning of the original "The Fast and the Furious." Paul Walker (may he rest in peace) plays Brian O'Connor, a man who apparently really enjoys the tuna salad sandwich at the place of employment of his crush, Mia. In the movie, he goes to the diner day after day for the shitty tuna sandwich (on white bread without crust) and because she thinks he's hot stuff, she finds it endearing that he visits her every day a...

Things to Know Before Dating a Girl Who Just Got Out of a Bad Relationship

Lizzie Boudoir
in Culture

Whether he was a cheater, a liar, an abuser, or just an idiot, bad relationships can leave some serious damage. The damage can include but is not limited to major trust issues, feelings of vulnerabili...

The Noises from Next Door

Mars Benway
in Fiction

You're lying in bed with someone you shouldn't be, trying not to listen to the couple next door. *** “There must be some mistake,” Gemma didn’t look happy, her arms were folded across her chest and he...

Benefits of Being In a Relationship

Dr. Harmon Love
in Culture

Have you ever thought about the benefits of being in a relationship? Being in a long term relationship might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Some people might prefer to keep their options open, others ...

Dating App Dangers

Brooke Rose
in Culture

I'm writing this article so dating app users can beware of this scam from now on. A very close friend of mine, we will call him Mike, is on a few dating apps to get his name out there and meet women. ...

Why a Vibrator Should Be the Only Electronic In the Bedroom

Samantha Bentley
in Beauty

Unplug from your network and plug into pleasure.

Save Your Money With These Creative 50 Cheap Date Ideas

Sheera Lee
in Entertainment

Whether it’s your anniversary, sweetheart’s birthday, or just a plain old Tuesday – these 50 cheap date ideas will keep your romance alive (but on a budget). Work on a fun DIY project together. Purcha...

The Death of Playboy

Terry Osterhout
in Culture

So, it isn't news that Playboy magazine abandoned actual nudity a year ago, but it is important that we examine the collateral damage of that decision on our culture. For many of us in the 30-60 year ...