Finding Her Tranquil Spot

Lizzie Boudoir
in Fiction

I am 23 years old, single, and live in a small seashore town in North Carolina. It's a quiet little town, but I enjoy this remote area, where I attend a nearby college. I am 5' 6", with long, sandy-bl...

Best Porn Star Snapchat Stories to Follow

Bea Norton
in Entertainment

If there is any group of entertainers that seem to have gained the most out of social media, it'd have to be porn stars. In many cases, the right tweets, Snapchat stories, and Instagram photos have al...

The Triangle Of Submission: What You Need To Know About Triangle Piercings

Alexa Lovely
in Culture

So I decided to finally get over it and go get what is my last genital piercing. I wanted to write about it because maybe I can offer some insight to others like myself that found little information o...

The 9 Common BDSM Sub Types

Miss Aayden
in Culture

When you think BDSM you think Dom/me type and subtypes, but how many are there really. The most common being sub and slave but there are some more common types that people relate to more then those to...

Six (Sensual) Tips for Happy Lovers

Bettina Zagnoli
in Culture

Fantasy is the answer

How to Orgasm More

Sophie Heller
in Culture

The big O-word, aka orgasm, can illicit uncomfortable reactions as it has long been misunderstood as “unimportant” or “taboo” for many women around the world, but fortunately recent studies have ident...

Panties for Sale!

Kai Storm
in Culture

Previously, I mentioned that I was introduced to a BDSM social site in order to do research for one of my novels. This particular research not only helped me write an awesome story called You Just Don...

Fringe Fetishes: Puppy Play

Miss Aayden
in Culture

Puppy Play is much more common in BDSM then one may think. Yet most people I encounter still respond with, “really?” and genuine surprise that a grown, kinky person would be into this type of play. It...

Ways To Up Your Sex Game

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Culture

Once in a while, you'll hear about someone whose reputation in bed precedes them. Sometimes, the things you'll hear come from a place of envy and jealousy. Other times, you'll hear about their sexual ...

10 Items You Need for a Healthy Alternative 24/7 Sexual Relationship (Or Vanilla Too!)

Miss Aayden
in Culture

The all too overlooked bits.

Bob Guccione's Iconic Penthouse Magazine Original Photography

Dixon Steele
in Buyer’s Guide

Bob Guccione’s efforts to convert his varied and specific interests into something marketable led to his success in the form of Penthouse Magazine. When one flips through the early pages of Penthouse, the images look something like a dream. Limited funding initially meant Guccione spent hours, often days, personally photographing his models in what would become his trademark aesthetic of diffused natural light and warm soft focus. He went on to publish three other magazines including OMNI, which...