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Panties for Sale!

Kai Storm
in Culture

Previously, I mentioned that I was introduced to a BDSM social site in order to do research for one of my novels. This particular research not only helped me write an awesome story called You Just Don...

Fringe Fetishes: Puppy Play

Miss Aayden
in Culture

Puppy Play is much more common in BDSM then one may think. Yet most people I encounter still respond with, “really?” and genuine surprise that a grown, kinky person would be into this type of play. It...

Ways To Up Your Sex Game

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Culture

Once in a while, you'll hear about someone whose reputation in bed precedes them. Sometimes, the things you'll hear come from a place of envy and jealousy. Other times, you'll hear about their sexual ...

10 Items You Need for a Healthy Alternative 24/7 Sexual Relationship (Or Vanilla Too!)

Miss Aayden
in Culture

The all too overlooked bits.

Bob Guccione's Iconic Penthouse Magazine Original Photography

Dixon Steele
in Buyer’s Guide

Bob Guccione’s efforts to convert his varied and specific interests into something marketable led to his success in the form of Penthouse Magazine. When one flips through the early pages of Penthouse, the images look something like a dream. Limited funding initially meant Guccione spent hours, often days, personally photographing his models in what would become his trademark aesthetic of diffused natural light and warm soft focus. He went on to publish three other magazines including OMNI, which...

What’s That I Hear? No Not That Kind of Sound. Sounds The Medical Device.

Miss Aayden
in Culture

A Look at the Medical Sounds Us Kinky People Love

Sex: How Often Is Average?

Mackenzie Kennedy
in Culture

Whether people will admit it or not, everyone has wondered whether they are really having as much sex as most other people they know. Some of us may even wonder if we're having way less sex than every...

7 of the Internet's Most Insanely Viral Photos!

Matt Cates
in Entertainment

Everyone loves viral photographs, which is why they go viral in the first place. And there's an ark full of creatures out there spending resources studying the science of online virality, their mole e...

Magic Wand Massagers

Alexa Lovely
in Buyer’s Guide

If there is one thing that the Hitachi wand is famous for is its ability to bring more women to orgasm them just about any vibrator. At $50-$70 it is a bargain. We have two of them because it is nice ...

The Weird, Sexualized Art of 'Grace and Frankie' by Nancy Rosen

Jeremy Frommer
in Culture

Grace and Frankie is a hilarious, albeit obscure Netflix comedy starring two longtime Hollywood favorites - Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Grace, played by Jane Fonda, is a retired upscale cosmetics mogu...

Destination: Cougar Town

Vera Roja
in Entertainment

Introducing the sexiest cougars in US entertainment- women who will ONLY date hot men, who are young enough to be their sons!