Overdue for Service

Time to Get My Oil Changed

Getting my oil changed is not what I would consider a good time. It's hot and dirty and I typically stand around trying to avoid the other customers. I figured going in ten minutes before closing would mean I would have less people to deal with, and I was right. I could tell he was annoyed when I came in, the annoying bell on the front door ringing. 

"We close in ten minutes," he said. 

"Yea, I know. I just need an oil change," he grabbed my keys and stomped toward the garage. I took a seat and mindlessly flipped through the outdated magazines.  

"Hey, can you help me for a second? I'm the only one here and I need a hand." I agreed, not sure I would be much help, I knew nothing about cars. 

"I just need you to hold the flashlight right here, I think you may have a leak." 

"Great, just what I need right now." We were standing close, his hands were thick and greasy and he was wearing a dirty white undershirt, his coveralls open to his waist. I could tell he was ripped. The veins on his fore arms popped as he worked on my car. He smelled faintly of cologne and a manly musk...sweat and testosterone. I was attracted to him, and the way he grunted while working made my mind wander. I wasn't a shy person, but I wasn't forward enough to proposition him....or so I thought. 

"Yea, it's a leak. I can patch it really quick for you, it'll run you about $75.00 extra."

"Hmmm, I hadn't planned on spending that much today....is there some other way  I could pay for this?" I licked my lips and ran my fingers down my chest, into my cleavage. He studied my face for a minute, did a quick scan of my body and threw down his wrench. His mouth was on mine before I knew it and his hands were grabbing my ass. I pushed him against the tool bench and straddled him, grinding my pussy on his erection. His greasy hands were in my hair and his mouth was all over my neck, biting me and licking down to my chest. He pulled my shirt off and immediately put his mouth on my tits. He wasn't gentle, he was rough and forceful. He pushed me off of him and sat me down on the bench, slipped off his coveralls and pushed my head down to his crotch, to his throbbing erection. I put him in my mouth and instantly began sucking, his dick was salty and big. I took him all the way down my throat, gently tugging his balls as I sucked him fast and hard. He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. Hard and forceful, the tip of his head hitting the back of my throat. My pussy was throbbing, I wanted him inside of me. As if able to read my mind he pulled out of my mouth and bent me over. I felt his lips on my ass, then his tongue. He was licking me from my asshole to my pussy. Circling my asshole with his tongue, he began to rub my pussy. First he was rubbing my clit while eating my ass, then he was fingering me. One finger, then two, in and out hard and fast and so deep. The sensation of his tongue in my asshole and his fingers in my pussy was amazing. I was grinding into him, not wanting him to stop. As I was about to cum on his fingers he stopped and slammed his dick into me. Forceful and with dominance. He grabbed my neck as he fucked me, biting my ear as his dick slid in and out of my pussy. I came instantly, I could feel my cum dripping all over his pussy, throbbing and pulsating over his hard cock as he continued to fuck me. He pulled out of my pussy and fucked my ass, just as hard. Grabbing me by the hips so he could get deeper and deeper into me. I moaned both in pleasure and pain. One final hard and long thrust and he stopped, exploding into my ass. He kept his dick inside of me making sure every last drop of cum was deposited into my asshole. When he finally pulled out of me I could feel his cum spill out of my asshole and over my pussy and down my thighs. My body felt amazing. I was covered in grease and cum and sweat. I went to the bathroom to clean up, when I came out my car was finished and waiting for me. I drove off, thankful I had waited until right before close of business to get my car serviced.

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