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Outdoor Seduction

Jayden Has Her Wicked Way with Bill

Looks like that spillage might need licking up Bill.

If you've followed the "My Dad's Hot Girlfriend" series like I have, you can imagine they can sometimes have trouble thinking up new scenarios. The plan is to make every scene look all fresh and new but at the same time pressing the right buttons. When I say "buttons" I'm talking about arousing the viewer while creating ample entertainment on a creative level. The guys at Naughty America seem to have the right formula and they consistently make good scenes that keep them ahead of the pack. Another key ingredient to that formula is chosen actors and actresses who can consistently deliver. You have to think in porn they are not given a script; merely a motivation and then expected to improvise. People think it's easy to make high quality porn when in reality it probably isn't. It's a relief then that reliable performers like Jayden James and Bill Bailey can be cast to shoot a scene. Both are veterans of the porn business and photogenic enough to easily shoot a good scene.

Live like an Open Book

Jayden James has a controversial blog.

Jayden James is an awesome performer and an OK actress; I've watched quite a lot of her stuff and I've never seen much of a range to her acting. I did a bit of research on her and found she has a successful website complete with a blog where she reveals intimate details of her life. These details include relationships with various celebrities to the dark side of porn about seedy under takings by the industries biggest players. It's enough to make a rich porn baron fear her but she does an excellent job on film. In this scene she plays Bill's father's girlfriend as is typical for the series. Bill is taking her for a day out as her boyfriend is too busy working again and Jayden is sick of being in doors all the time. It appears when Bill's father is at home, all he wants to do is stay there and have sex all day. Jayden is pretty tired of it and is grateful to Bill for taking her to the park for the day. Bill Bailey is a former soldier who served in Iraq and is a really good actor too. He has a certain Texan charisma to him which I think female viewers will like.

"My Neck... my back..."

Jayden displays 'the rump.'

The two are admiring the day and have a picnic prepared to indulge in once they are seated in the park. Jayden is so happy and uplifted she reveals a bit more information to Bill than she should. She reveals how attracted she is to him despite being her boyfriend's son. There's definitely a chemistry between the two although I think Bill is more attracted to Jayden than she is of him. Bill manages to spill water all over Jayden's bikini top soaking her large breasts. The 32-year-old honey with 34DD-26-36 curves starts teasing Bill; she tells him to get them breasts out and suck on them. Bill is hesitant but has to relent; just looking at Jayden could make a gay man straight. The two get down to kissing and groping which makes for a really good scene. Jayden looks phenomenal in that green bikini but she looks even better out of it. 

Rabbits in the Park

You just wouldn't mind kissing anywhere on Jayden's body.

Jayden starts slurping on Bill's big cock to which he groans in ecstasy; looks like he really has a thing for Jayden because I've never seen him enjoy it so much. Jayden then proceeds to sit on his face which she does a lot in this scene. It reminds of that scene in "Deadpool" where his girlfriend says he has a face "she could sit on."

At first Jayden doesn't look as into the scene as some models do but once Bill goes down on her she starts to squeal. For me the bikini doesn't come off quick enough but when it does Jayden looks amazing. I'm not usually a fan of reverse cowgirl but Jayden's curves look delicious as she moves. Her tattoo near her nether region looks nice too; am not sure why she doesn't like it.

Save the Best till Last

More promotional shots for Naughty America.

When Jayden rides Bill's cock on the picnic table it's a thing of beauty. Followers of my articles will know I do like the cowgirl position and the way that rump shakes it could stop time. Another under used position is the fireman's lift which looks fantastic here and I always think it looks attractively "slutty."

It's a good scene but am not sure if Jayden is into it as much as Bill which knocks it down a bit for me. It's good and you'll enjoy it though; I managed to pick it up on but it's available officially at Naughty America. I'll give this a 3 out of 5; it's not bad.

3 out of 5. 

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